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  1. Okay, thanks a lot for sharing man! You were very helpful! Will scan realself from now on
  2. Thanks a lot! How did you deal with pain? What kind of restrictions I’ll have to follow? Were there lots of limitations after the surgery?
  3. Not necessarily, I’m just gathering some information about this operation. So, which hospital did you go to? I also figured out that before proceeding a plastic surgery, it’s more important to choose a surgeon not place (?)
  4. Wow! Good results! Did your surgeon only shave your jaws or you got some other procedures as well? How much did you pay for jaw surgery?
  5. Hey there! I’m looking for a place to proceed two-jaw. Considering Seoul but have no idea which hospital to go to. I’ve started my search recently and would really appreciate if someone can share reliable sources. Tnx!
  6. cool bear and bunch of crispy chicken... or bbq chicken would be ok as well, good tv show and no one around
  7. do you know about styles and the schemes? dude, just google it!
  8. well... on own experience and being kind of toxic as well... most ppl tend to avoid me... sometimes it helps and sometimes not
  9. right now??? it's called silence.... I think the best ever
  10. watching through imgur for some funny staff and since I couldn't find it there, just decided to drop some lines here lol
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