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  1. The only thing that matters to me is, they both have been credited for their amazing acting in wwwsk. They deserve the win and I'm patiently waiting to see them in another project, if not in a drama or movie, then at least at an event in the near future. May my Parks be always this healthy and happy
  2. So the captain sang a lullaby and the co-captain uri KMSsshi posted cheers on her ig...oh my fellow shippers why are you not getting it? It's so obvious that they're missing each other so much for which one of them (read uri LYJsshi) had to take an initiative to fill the distance up and had to make a sudden travel plan to join his secretary overseas...all this time they were just sending signals to each other and ta da finally the captain decided to jump forward with this sudden travel plan of his... *being delulu at its best*
  3. My heart is exploding with happiness ...every time they do something like this, I feel like inviting all of you at my place and dancing all night long which I know is not possible ...whatever, Cheers to all of you from my side of the world
  4. You can google about PSJ's response regarding dating KJW...yes, he denied it. On the other hand, we all know when he was asked about dating uri Kim Miso and he said something like he doesn't know what the future holds... he is known as one of the captains of this ship because he didn't straightforwardly deny his dating chances with PMY just like he did before for his other costars.
  5. @mimixemix that's the point...he doesn't want to be on the news with KJW but, he can give open-ended answers regarding his and PMY's relationship and can tolerate all the negative comments of those moronic knetziens we shippers are not fools, we can see how head over heels he is for our secretary Kim
  6. Well, even PMY's childhood pic shows how amazingly beautiful she was no matter what type of eyelids she had. Now I truly wish someday to have a daughter like her (for which I need to get married 1st and then to recreate Wwwsk's ep 13 scene with my future husband lol).
  7. Why am I having this gut feeling that very soon the truth will be in front of us...though I am all prepared to wait for them to open up when the time is right but even after their denials people are still investigating (I mean everyone, not just we shippers) and their suspicious actions sort of leading us to have a resolution on their relationship...I just wish them to have as much love and support as possible from everyone..if they've really been dating in secret, I salute their resilience, devotion and respect for each other since both of them could preserve something precious even after being all busy and fried up with numerous projects...too many coincidences create facts and if the fact of love is true for them then they deserve to be together and people should always support them no matter what...
  8. Yes, I also agree that she looks like she slept late...she has bright, beautiful eyes and in that above pic her eyes are not shining the way it has always been which signifies that she's partied hard with someone and couldn't get enough sleep
  9. Absolutely my reason to ship these two as well...I mean I have seen a lot of btss in kdramas and have observed much closeness among costars but the two parks have had a different aura in their reactions to each other...that aura appeared beautifully during their press conference and viki interview...the way psj looked at pmy...the reflection of respect, admiration and love for her in his eyes could not be overlooked...quite the same happened with pmy...she was shy around him and sort of tried to restrain herself which made things more fishy... these are my points to ship these parks...hope their ninja love will flourish more with time
  10. Some people would always post moronic comments because they have no life at all and they get fun by mocking others. These people get envious of others happiness and their hatred, distaste or whatever it is they have against the well being of people feed them with loathings, dissatisfaction, unhappiness and all things negative. So, do not put too much attention to this sort of people and try to keep your inner positivity alive all the time...wish good, see good and say good...Psj and Pmy are celebrities so it is quite obvious for them to have at least a bunch of negative fans because the yin and yang scenario will always be dominating our lives...I am a normal person yet a lot of people do not like me and say stuffs about me and there are tons of people who adore me...that's why we should ignore things and sayings that do not value us...as a shipper I respect and love my Otp a lot and I'd always wish the best for them ignoring what their anti-fans say or preach about them...they will always be protected in my heart and I also know it won't be any good to protest against those morons because they will keep on saying what they want to say...I guess Psj himself has commented once that some would always believe what they want to believe so let's just cherish the positivity that we have in our honest hearts for them and let's not correct those who are all matured and do not want to be corrected at all
  11. I've never been this happy to be trolled by someone in my life (not even by my bf) lol... keep on doing it Psjsshi, my delulu mind explodes whenever you or our Pmysshi tease us
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