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  1. I watched this drama until episode 34 and it's like a drug and I'm dying for more. I try to stay away from spoilers so I'm avoiding the thread but hnnggg I'm DYING !!! Chen Chang and Ni Ni have such a good chemistry together . You know I often find it difficult to watch more than 24 episodes but it didn't happen to me here and I'm really happy. I know I'll watch this drama until the end.
  2. I finished the drama this afternoon (I'm late I know) but I wanted to say some words : this was a moving drama for me who will stay in my heart and on my mind for a long time. And the ost + the visual Though I almost rage quitted at the end when I thought a certain character was dead, I thought this was too much after everything that happened but thankfully the ending was good and I felt at peace and glad and sad at the same time to say goodbye to all these wonderful characters.
  3. I just finished Different Dreams and I liked the ending, I was surprised (but glad) that the 4 main characters survived. It was overall a nice drama for me, with a good ost and a great cast. Kudos to the crew
  4. I saw the movie last night and I don't regret it. This is the kind of movie that keeps you on your toes because you don't know what'll happen next.
  5. The bridge scene was great indeed . I knew we would get one kiss and I was happy but then we got two and and the second one was even better than the first (he took one glove off to touch her face ahhhh my heart) !
  6. Episode 2 was great and the ending was intense, it even made me cry during the forced separation between Eun Seom and Tan Ya . Tan Ya : " Dream ! That's your name. Because you're my dream as well as Wahan's. " I mean how beautiful is that And yes I fear they won't end up together because it's a sad habit of the writers...
  7. Could you hear me scream when I watched the preview for the next episode because I did XD. Why do I have to wait one week *screaming*. No but one character nursing another character back to health is one of my favorite trope :3 Ahem besides that, the scenes between Miki and her "dad", that was chilling. I'm glad this monster is dead and Miki is free of him. But I wonder what's in store for her next. Her and Fukuda are really interesting characters and I'm glad because there are many dramas with useless secondary characters (useless in the sense that the writers don't know what to do with them).
  8. I just saw the first episode and I really liked it ! I don't understand all the criticism, it's just the first episode, for me it was a world building episode and it was even a little bit too fast for my taste. Then again people trash talk the drama before it even aired. I'm glad this drama is something different from what we're used to watch. If this drama isn't for you then good, there's many other dramas out there for you ! Also the GoT comparison need to stop please.
  9. @titania1000 I love this vidder and I hope they'll do another video with these two because like you said this video is so good I can't help wanting more It's the kind of video I'll show my friends to make them want to watch the drama.
  10. Thank you for putting this fanvid here @titania1000, it truly highlights how badass this character is. Yoo JI Tae is truly a handsome man . I wanted to share this fanvid about the main ship Kim Won Bong and Lee Young Jin too (I don't remember if it was already shared here but kuddos to the vidder anyway) :
  11. I agree with you @choco milo, we should watch the drama first then judge it. I saw the negative comments too and I'm a bit sad because I love the writers' dramas. I know they're skilled and I trust them to create an interesting world with multidimentional characters. June 1st can't come fast enough for me !
  12. I really like the characters' posters, thank you @kimino for posting them here. Does someone know the meaning of the throne with the three bears in Ta Gon's poster ? And what kind of animal represent the satues in Tae Al Ha's poster ? Is there a meaning here too ?
  13. Ta Gon and Taeilha are the characters I'm the most curious about but I'm sure they're all interesting in their own ways. I need to watch the drama to know if my first impression was the right one ^^. And you, which are the characters you're the most interested in?
  14. I don't want to bring negativity but I wish people would stop comparing any new heroic fantasy tv shows with Game of Thrones. It's a popularity thing but popular isn't equal to good. For me it seems more similar to the Legend from MBC aka The Story of the First King's Four Gods.
  15. I really enjoyed the first episode, the ending was intense, it was like watching the finale of a tv show but it was only the first episode !Can't wait to watch the characters development !
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