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  1. You know, I know I wasn't wrong asking you. We got pretty similar taste. I'm also interested in handsome siblings but only wanted to watch after Su Ying appears because I can't stand Tie Xin Lan in every version she's just straight annoying for me, probably starting from ep 30. Also I don't like Hu Yi Tian look, I don't know why maybe the stylist fault. You know stylist can do alot, Allen Ren left no impression to me in White Snake and Tang Glory I've found out it's something with the hair, but in UTP wow, his face is so much handsome. You know hair is 70% of your face, not to mention it's classical drama. I'm also interested in Miss Truth, see we got the same taste again. But the problem now is I need sub terribly. I don't understand any words maybe it got something to do with body parts and forensic terms. I gave up, but I'm waiting for the subs, praying everyday someone nice enough to do the subs
  2. Hi, glad this thread is quite alive. Although not too satisfied with the ending though it's much better than sad ending. @40somethingahjumma @angelangie @yueyyo what drama are you guys watching right now? You know to get over UTP fever. @40somethingahjumma
  3. You're right. It's like another level of heartbroken, deep despair when...
  4. I just don't understand why. I saw bits of glory of Tang dynasty and also Fox's Summer. The kiss scenes were good. Why they waste RJL and TSY explosive chemistry. It's so rare to find such a good drama. I'm no longer interested in Korean drama because of this drama.
  5. What I like the most is the comedic bits in this drama despite the romantic bits also good but the nothing beats the comedy for me. Remember when Jin Xia making up stories when they want to infiltrate the entertainment troupe, I still cracked when replaying the scene. She bravely called Boss Lu 'Lu Shi San' and Lu Yi face was priceless. Also when Jin Xia making up sad elope story to earn Dr Lin's sympathy, Lu Yi face falls hearing the part when Jin Xia said they already 'did that'. Really even as an audience, I can say her make-up story is so lame, no one gonna believe. Before, Lu Yi was so convincing when he said he's looking for cure for her wife in hidden village. Despite Boss Lu's bully and scary face, Jin Xia always managed to talk back even just mumbling or rattling in front of Lu Yi. Jin Xia is a street hero saving friends from bullying, from the drama we know she saved Xie Xiao and Yi Lao San. This Romeo Juliet concept is not new but felt so starkingly contrast tragic against lots of comedy bits we've been served earlier in the drama. I think that's why we can shed some tears because the comedic parts was so hilarious the drama balanced them so well. Last but not least I demand KISS in final eps.... Heheheheh..... Anyone with meeee????
  6. OnWow guys finally I watched 49 and 50. That's all from me. Can't wait for tomorrow so we can see Jin Xia get the truth about EVERYTHING.
  7. Are you kidding me? The scene where Jin Xia running towards Lu Yi in the snow outside prison is practically everywhere for weeks at Instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc.... It's the final eps. Yes, agreed with you. Lu Yi is so good on seeing people underneath their bringing and appearances. That's why he's so damn sure Jin Xia loved him, in his devil thoughts he might want Jin Xia to confess her feeling first. But the bridal incident happened and he just realized until then that if he didn't grab this girl tightly she might be gone forever. Jin Xia is too busy focusing on what she see. Boss Lu is hot-cold push-pull methods confusing her only seventeen years old girl mind. This is the longest drama I watched where ML confessed at eps 35 in total 55 eps. But the plot is quite well entertaining so I didn't drop the drama in the middle.
  8. Yes, it's wise if you just stop there because is a pit of misery. I suggest you watch tomorrow morning so you get the next eps right away. Unlike me, I'm practically in the misery pit since Monday. Loved your analytical commentary, I remembered I used to read you at HSDS forum.
  9. Guys, one more days to final week airing. Full of tears and heartbreaking scenes. I just want to share do any of you guys here feel Allen's OST is awful?? Seven OST is much much better. Not that Allen can't sing, he can but why give awful song like that??
  10. For me it was when Jin Xia played the same composition as his mother used to play. That is moment of revelation that she's the one for Lu Yi. Also, Jin Xia is much more intelligent that Lu Yi. Lu Yi got all the best training, facilities and trainings as member of elite family but Jin Xia with limited circumstances can do investigation and sometimes has the same conclusion as Lu Yi that's why she's special and worth to be trained. It's alright. Can you put under spoiler so we can see? Thank you in advance for your kindness But I must say it gives big admiration to Jin Xia character. She doesn't have romantic feelings to Lu Yi yet but after saving her life so many times is enough reason for her to save Lu Yi.
  11. OMG, where on Earth you get this pic??? Can you give me the link??
  12. Envy you so much. I don't have Chinese language skill like you so I can't enjoy the novel like you.
  13. , I'm in the pit of misery. I'm trying to get as much member here as possible to experience the same thing I feel right now....
  14. Just watch it if you are so distracted. You can't do other things anyway with that much level of curiosity.