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  1. @kur4p1k4 thank you kurapika for the information. ZM and ZWJ are indeed the best couple beating all the odds. I think they are representing most of us people so we can feel the love. Imagine you're a man secretly harbors some forbidden desire to a girl which her status is very very high. In this case ZM is a princess while ZWJ just a rebel leader, he's not just a lowly peasant but someone with a death sentence in his name. They are so much different yet the man quickly extinguished even the slightest hope in him in having her. But to his surprise, the girl does not give up easily, she keep pushing even only a bit of hope she's more than ready to bet with everything she has although it almost costs her, her life. ZWJ scared to death that ZM could die under pressure from both sides. He keep asking her to go back home and live her splendid life, but she just persistent and his wall of defense just broken down. After that there's no turning back, he went ballistic on the world, and hell yeah he got the girl. It's like a man got his favorite idol/actress/model/princess as wife. For us ladies, ZM is the bravest one we could never be. From the moment she got swayed by him, she let herself openly although risking her life on it. She refused to bow down to anyone, she asked everyone to accept her as who she is. She know what she wants and ready to snatch it from everyone although she might face the worst outcome. Even in modern world, we ladies tend to choose the 'safest choice' for man, man in our league. ZM dared to choose ZWJ with his reputations, he is orphan with no wealth, demonic cult leader, womanizer, rebel leader with mysterious personality, his family and friends scorned her. But she sticked firmly to her choice and she got her man. She believed this man is the one for her and will cherish her as much she cherishes him. How many of us can do or dare the same? I bet not many. In level of braveness, ZM is a dragon and i as a bee look up to in an awe. ZM and ZWJ are the representation of our craziest, darkest, naughtiest, deepest dream but they made it possible that's why so many people love this couple. Sorry for the long post, everytime i visit this forum everyone here inspired me by new POVs and news.
  2. Careful... You might hate ZWJ if you read the novel. ZM is much more enchanting in the novel.
  3. I still haven't found new wuxia/classic chiness drama to replace HSDS. Yukee and Joseph chemistry is very strong in my heart i just see new shows OTP and found them quite meh... Currently watching game of thrones but only 2 eps left so i don't know what to do if it ends too.
  4. Yes, agreed i don't think he matched well with GJ. He is much better as ZWJ love his starry starry eyes when gazing at ZM. The couple from LOCH 2017 are already well casted. I think director Jiang had a good eye in casting the actors. I hoped new ROCH will be good also so we got the trilogy we can appreciate together.
  5. Amazing.... You are so deep in the gutter of HSDS. You even managed to find this. Man, you gotta asked XZ about how to remove the blood stain. I bet WJ asked XZ to do it that's why XZ quite certain about how deep WJ had crush on our princess. XZ also the one who take care of ZM to heal the stab wound. Kudos for you @jackieusa I have managed to heal from this drama. I no longer rewatch the eps. Only sometimes still take a glimpse of wedding crash arc. But i still find our forum exciting because you guys still updating new stuff like Joseph new video about how he got the role. Thank you guys for our fruitful discussion on HSDS for the months. I'm so lucky i found you guys otherwise i got a lot to say in my heart when i watched the show but i don't know where to pour them.
  6. @LaurenPanna @kur4p1k4 I don't feel bothered at all also, but i just don't want to know the timeline also. Just consider like a bug in software you have. That's the beauty of Jin yong works, he made opposite attraction complemented each other so well we just undermine everything. Especially when they can find the right actors for the role, everything sparkling. I guess it happens to every show also with the right cast but Jin yong works have complexity and diversity in each characters, they have their own charms. Unlike Gu long and others they tend to emphasize on the final duel which is also good but the journey of the characters are sometime neglected.
  7. My suggestion is not to count the timeline in Jinyong works. He kinda messed up the whole things with lots of loopholes. You might even suspect XZ is older than ZWJ. Ever since i found out HR is older than GJ, i just stopped. I mean i just enjoy the characterization, the philosophy behind the martial arts he created, the history mixed with fictious character and events. FY in this version is not pathetic at all. He knows exactly from the very beginning that his ultimate loyalty is to the Ming Sect. It goes beyond his love to the country, to his disciple ZM, his love PRDG, his leader YDT, or even himself. He scratched his face to be the perfect spy. He did save ZM from beheading but after that he got hidden agenda of his own. He also colluded with other to kill RYW, without YX if you can get FY to say yes then it's 90 percent of success on your hand. I think he must have some soft spot for ZM but not so significant.
  8. @kur4p1k4 @AppleBanana That's right. It was supposed to be Yellow Dress Maiden role to give ZZR a lesson. Just a slap or two will satisfy me but this show urrghhhh they killed me, they just treat YDM as fashion show models. I'm so pissed because we can't expect ZWJ to do that as he got too much guilt for taking ZZR this far. Nobody else on the show is stronger than ZZR other than those two.
  9. LOL too. WJ is so damn 'caveman' he need rock sized hint to find out the truth. How on earth he could be leader at this point, i am completely speechless.
  10. I think ZR must thank ZM actually for crashing the wedding. If they got married, ZYZ must toppled this couple easily. ZR and WJ will be easily manipulated by others, they are puppet rulers. After successful coup by ZYZ, their descendants would be targeted closely by ZYZ. He will make them suffer to the lowest level to make sure they couldn't rise to the top ever. Girls would go to brothel and boys to do hard labor at the borders. MJST curses will be fulfilled. Well, ZZR is better be a nun for rest of her life than becoming ZWJ wife.
  11. Yes, and the idiot gave her princess carry and shoulder to sleep on.... Until wudang uncles ruined everything....
  12. Yup, i'm with you guys.... If you don't like him then don't watch. I wonder why they watch the show just to mock him. HSDS is all about the chemistry because it depicts a lot of personal relationship, master-disciple, husband-wife, cousins, brothers, enemies, father-daughter, siblings, boss-subordinates,etc. If you can't convey these emotions, the show will be downright boring and blah. ZWJ is already no.1 in wulin after saving Wudang from ZM. The only one who can beat him is Yellow Dress Maiden but i don't think she's interested to fight him. Joseph did a wonderful job for 20 years old actor.
  13. @kur4p1k4 @chipz03 Guys, i told you it's all on MJST about ZZR crossing to the dark side. I told you guys before, Er mei is not some mismanagement of 3rd generation chaebol, they are ISIS in our real world. ZZR saw MJST as mother figure she never had in her life. That's why she worshipped her like no other plus MJST did 'specialize' her more than her other disciples so the connection had been there all along. MJST has JXF to remind her all the time not to lose this prodigy again. Parents are higher than anything in Han's culture, same as ZWJ leaving his wedding ritual to save his godfather. ZZR is so jealous at ZM because she's been playing 'good obedient girl' persona all her life but once 'sassy bratty' princess come to the picture everything ZR stands for all her life is nothing and WJ is drawn to ZM more and more. ZR has no understanding that love is about meeting 'the one' despite 'the one' has some many contradicting factors they can not prevent the love from happening, on the contrary they attracts love more.
  14. Totally can not blame the girls for getting wrong impression. ZWJ in ah niu persona even promised to marry YL and protect her a lifetime. ZWJ also starring ridiculously in an awe when XZ sung. When i look at your gifs above, no wonder ZZR ignored the oath she sworn to MJST, ZWJ gave her the gaze of admiring. Guys... This ZWJ is a caveman, he totally lost and failed in how to make proper human social relationships, even as a leader. It's jin yong world, opposite attraction... The Caveman and Royal Princess tale....
  15. Man.... Their leader literally catered to her needs, including her meals and medication. So how to poison her? They also stay in the same room day and nights, where is the opportunity?
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