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  1. it's quite likely ... I do not have access to YouKu because I do not know if the drama is available again - but it seems to me that during the checking of the drama the actors could not show themselves together in the interviews ... I do not know exactly how it is in this moment. Generally it is strange to me how much is forbidden in China ... it's about politics, music and cinema / TV. Recently I lost the desire to watch Chinese dramas because I know that most of them can end sadly, especially when it comes to the BL motif changed in bromance ..
  2. Thanks You:)! If it's not a problem, I wanted to ask something more. Usually, I translate the lyrics by the sentence itself - in order to improve my English language. I do not, however, have time and copy the text to the translator, but here you can not do it? Is it just a problem for me? Maybe it's about copyright..? ? I don t know:(
  3. For me it works on the basis of admiration :) I already have my family, but I really like the culture of culture - including drama, short stories or anime, manga. I admire ZYL or Yu Bai for acting talent, for character - of course for the look too. I already have my beloved man, that's why my heart does not beat faster if I see his pictures :) I know it was already a topic, but I can not find ... can anyone share it again, where you can read the current parts of the novella in English? I still have to translate it into my language :) thank you!
  4. ZYL s very modest and nice person, Yu Bai is nice too, but apparently it comes from a wealthy family - it certainly helped him to some extent. However, social status probably did not affect his behavior.My parents have money - but I never thought that it would make me better than others or make school easier for me. Yes, I could buy all the scientific aids - but the money "do not put knowledge in my head: it should be done by myself :) That's why I am full of appreciation for those who work hard because I know how much effort it costs :)
  5. In high school, I attended classes that started at 6am several times a week. I had a bus at 5.20 am so I had to get up around 4 am. After school, I also had some extra classes there ... I studied at home at 1 am ... I do not know why, but I liked that way of life even it was useful for me later in college the fact that he got up so early and attended a very good school testifies to his perseverance
  6. Borrowed from intagram:) fans are wondering if they have the same touches or lend themselves I did not want to add a photo, that's why I'm pasting the link https://tinypic.pl/lv78aqvkgg1v
  7. Can I ask a few questions? 1. Where can I read a novel in English?...so far I know only about the facts that someone mentioned to me 2. how many parts (chapters) has a novel? 3. Can you write how the novel ends? I heard that he has a happy ending? it's true? what does it look like? maybe it will comfort me, thanks for all!
  8. Hello all! I apologize in advance for mistakes, my english is not the best. I'm a fan of this drama, I've watched all episodes - including the last one. I'm watching now with engsub. After the last episode, however, I feel sad. However, I have a way to this sadness: the end of the drama gives each of us the opportunity to interpret it. That's why I think that if Wei said they would meet one day, that's how it will be. why should he lie? - he could just say the end, we will not meet again. But he gave me hope and that's why I prefer to think that one day they will meet. In addition, for consolation I watched joint interviews of actors and feel better at once. I just wanted to write it, thanks to that I feel better. Hope You understand something and that I have not made much mistakes
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