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  1. I found this recaps of Miss Hammurabi by chance and it gives a valuable, thoughtful recap and review of this beautiful drama. Reading this reminded me of certain details or perspective that I have loved about it or might have missed. https://marymekpop.com/2018/06/28/miss-hammurabi-episode-1-recap/ Read on via link
  2. @jl08 Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate it. Episode 3 is a stood-out for me because for once I am able to watch a kdrama written to address sexual/work harassment straight to the point and able to get different point of views, especially from the 3 judges. Leading to the stories that made Episode 4 & 5 equally important. Same here, I got hooked from the moment each of the characters were being introduced and even the side characters. They each have reasons for their actions and perspective that I could find relatable or have met such a person. Like the case of the child custody speaks close to home for me. The first time I've watched a kdrama that carries so much truth and issues that sometimes I feel like I was watching a semi-documentary not realising a full hour has passed in every episode. At the same time, I appreciate those lighter moments of funny scenes and the first love storyline because without those, I think I will take a longer time to recover from heart ache or puffy eyes from each episode. I find both Im Ba-reun and Park Cha Oh-reum so relatable. Watching these two characters made me realised they both reminded me of how in each situation life put you, there is always something to learn from both failure and success. I've watched MH twice so far and it is definitely a drama I would watch again when the time calls for it. The ending scene of Episode 5 when OR gave her closing speech is a must to replay, followed by the ending scene of Episode 15 when Judge Han voiced out for his younger judges and then of course complete it with the Im-Ba reun Tour. Although a scene I don't wish to replay but it does play in my mind often too is when OR hugged her mum who recovered and remembers her. I've been in similar experience before so it made me feel thankful for my mum's health these days. I sincerely hope everyone who has watched Miss Hammurabi can find lessons and moments that can put you in the light of positivity while living in this life. MS is truly one of those special dramas that can bring about an awareness and I love it for that.
  3. Here's some questions for anyone who still has Miss Hammurabi in his/her mind: Answer whichever works for you. 1. Which episode has been a stand-out for you? 2. At which point in the drama, got you hooked, to follow through all the way? 3. Which character is the most relatable to you? 4. How many times have you watched MH? 5. Name 3 scenes you would replay and reflect upon.
  4. Since Go Ara doesn't go on variety show as much (she's awesome in Running Man), and in the short time they both had, I appreciate that she displayed a lot of relatable scene/theme found in MH during the Knowing Brother episode. I watched it twice to realised she pointed out things like her first love story (Im Ba-Reun throughout MH), ice-cream penalty (them eating in ep15), her magic tricks (Ga On's magic tricks in ep 11 & 15) and sharing their own regrettable moments to learn from; just as we've seen through the stories found in MH.
  5. I came across the link to this forum after watching the cast on Knowing Brother. Thank you Julia, wherever you are. I spent some time to read all the discussions here and I'm very grateful for all the contributions as I found a good personal closure for the drama as well as a great personal continuation of thoughts. I've only been watching kdrama selectively in recent years so when a gem like Miss Hammurabi came along, it is worth the discussion. Knowing that kdrama is not widely known to give heavy dose of legal dramas like Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Judging Amy or Suits, I'm always happy to chance upon one. Going into the first episode, I managed to watch one trailer and read on the Code of Hammurabi, and I didn't think much about any of the characters or plots. Somehow, from that very episode, I felt MH is special. BR and OR set the tone well at the start. As more of these stories unfold, a lot of things tucked into my mind especially about child custody battle, BR's dad and OR's mum where these matters are next to me everyday. In many ways, I could understand both BR's and OR's situations and their growth in work/personal relationships. A slice of life indeed. Someone mentioned about OR's coat being her armour. In fashion theory, her coat can serve as a metaphor hence as much as it annoyed some audience, I find it purposeful for her character too. Even Bruce Wayne is known for two main outfits - fine suits and cape. Like everyone, there will be work/projects we do, that are not our best but we had the right intention therefore I understand why some reserved second thoughts on Go Ara's projects; say after watching Hwarang, where the writing (and makeup) did not do much justice to the main casts. Therefore it's great to see her in this role, supported by an excellent writing, casts and crew. My MVP in MH is Kim Myung Soo because I have almost no knowledge of his work so to watch his BR lead and support Go Ara's OR with conviction, made me grateful for his work. I will definitely come back to rewatch MH whenever I need it. Here's a quote by author E.B. White that made me think of BR, OR and MH: "As long as there is one upright man, as long as there is one compassionate woman, the contagion may spread and the scene is not desolate. Hope is the thing that is left to us, in a bad time." Good day to all.
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