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  1. Hello to all my BLWL peeps! Thanks @cococahpi for tagging me haha. Totally forgot some of you mentioned this board for KJY. I think only those who went through all the way to finish BLWL would understand and also can't always explain how that drama could have made me go all the way for 6 months! Like some of you have continue to discuss here, there were pitfalls to characters and plots so it ain't perfect or pretty throughout or even as easily accepted of a show unlike a lighter or common family drama dynamics. The new drama that took over BLWL slot has a great cast with very known main leads even but somehow I wasn't keen to watch it. And yet, somehow, we made it through for BLWL. But that's also why I like KJY whereby he's impactful as an actor but he's also seem quiet, you don't see him everywhere all the time - he doesn't update his Instagram account for example. Haha. Which is where I will be back when BLWL was airing and some of the cast or crew would update. I certainly hope he would meet-up with the BLWL cast/crew again in the future since it is a memorable and important work he did for his career. I haven't rewatch BLWL...I was planning to rewatch all CA & JH scenes only haha. Take care everyone!
  2. Me too! It's been a while already so I'm looking forward to this and also to watch Lee Jae Wook as the lead ever since I've seen him briefly in Search:WWW to which I remember thinking, he's pretty good acting alongside Lee Da-Hee.
  3. @celebrianna @cococahpi @wildcherry I think if we put JH in the mix, helping out in the restaurant...that'll be so fun! Just put the two cousins together and it'll be a recipe for all sorts of comedy. And put SW helping out in TR's restaurant to give TR more fun too in his working environment. (Yeah I miss these casts already...) Same for me and I would also recommend to watch her in Special Labor Inspector Jo. As for KJY, I like him in Black, that's where I first discover his work. What caught my attention is because he has a dual role/two perspectives to play his character even though it's considered a small role. And overall Black is an interesting drama, even touches a bit on the Sampoong Deparment Store collapse in SK back in 1995 but mentioned it as Mujin Mall disaster in the drama.
  4. @cococahpi Thank you for uploading updates on BLWL's casts interviews. As much as I can't wait to see SIA and KJY's next project...I hope they both get as much rest as possible, just thinking how much they both as leads doing such a touch job to get consistently better at delivering their characters! For the veteran actors, they probably have developed good pacing to deliver their craft for a long drama while SIA is considered an upcoming star so as much as I was cheering for CA, I was also cheering for SIA to do well. As she said, CA's character background is very different hence making the character more complex. As for KJY, this guy was acting in another drama too while filming the start of BLWL so I'm really glad he could dig deep to portray JH's growth in ways that his character became one of the few kdrama male lead characters that's truly memorable. Anyway, I usually would go watch something totally opposite in order to move on nicely haha...so I'm going for action-packed Rugal when the time comes. But if I can suggest a few I find really memorable for me (also I'm not a kdrama addict, just very selective) that you can check out: Miss Hammurabi (2018) - based on a book written by a real judge. Drama script also written by the same judge so the cases and how they're delivered is excellent, showing the cases from the perspective of a judge. The leads are strong-willed and true to themselves which reminds me of CA and JH too. Chicago Typewriter (2017) - the drama is set in 1930s and present day. This one is like a masterpiece when I discovered it probably last year and was blown away by the acting of the leads especially Yoo Ah-In, the cinematography, the plot, the costumes, the settings, the characters's relationships. All tied in with the Japanese occupation so this is historical kdrama done well. (Bridal Mask (2012) was pretty good too; also with Japanese occupation plot) 3 days (2014) - my official first kdrama I ever watched. This one got me guessing what will happen throughout leading me to present day of watching selected kdrama, also it got me fearing for the main lead's life and above all, I find the main lead and the female lead to have a good strong character and worked well together. The main lead is a president's guard while the female lead is a police officer (like CA). Hope my recommendation isn't too much but have something to your liking.
  5. Yeah before, it was JH who's very cautious as he's keeping a secret and after the breakup, it's CA who's keeping one from him and SW too. She did say to HR to grow up in the last episode so I felt like a big sister watching CA, good job CA. But at least we get a glimpse of how they both can be when they're free from secrets. CA & JH's last scene in the small town is too funny that it's such a great setup for another drama. I've got to thank the writer for giving us some unconventional ways of how these two interact for a long drama. They can be unpredictable so that's something I've enjoyed about them. And because they both have a special connection with JG, that makes them quite formidable partners for each other. On another note, anyone can guess what's KSW new name under the Mun family? I had this thought suddenly, probably a funny scene when they do decide a name.
  6. You've said it well, thank you. At least for me too, BLWL's deeper message has been aligned to my thoughts last year...to start healing myself. Perhaps some things are relatable and I think it's a place to find encouragement and for that, CA as a character alone, I was always cheering for her.
  7. @YongZura⁷ Thanks for sharing this! I love that SIA shared her farewell through a letter, fitting to how she likes writing her goals, as shown on Happy Together episode that the incomplete casts made an appearance to promote the drama. One of her goals were to act in a weekend drama so BLWL fits that goal. Now I wish the complete main casts will be on a show together again especially because KJY couldn't join them at the time. LOL. I had this thought since the beginning of the day, after watching the last episode...like how do I say my "farewell" to all of you at this board! Too many things and people to thank for...too many thoughts to say...perhaps equally sounding as long as the drama's length. With that, I hope I can give my "farewell" to this drama and the board the best way I can. I know I probably will miss a few points here and there because BLWL has given all of us a lot to think about, thank about, laugh about and definitely cry about. Even KJY and SIA weren't spared for the last episode, for their last stretch of work. As casts and crew celebrated, I'm glad they all ended the filming in good spirits and health despite the long journey and challenges. Like some of you, I have never been active in discussing for a drama so I'm really thankful that we're all encouraging each other here to share thoughts, ideas and appreciate the translations and creative exploration for the drama throughout the months. (I didn't even count!) @triplem @stroppyse @Ameera Ali @sal2 @cococahpi @Roomay_ht @tiMadam @watzdiz @ck1Oz @Rufus @ktcjdrama Even to those I failed to mention, hope to see all of you again some time...I'm taking a break from long-length kdrama for sure. I'll probably will rewatch BLWL and mainly for an uninterrupted journey of CA & JH featuring his funny cousin JW. Haha. If I do pop up at Soompi forum, it's probably for the upcoming Rugal. Need some action drama next to move on nicely for me. Here's some of BLWL scenes/moments I thought about: Wedding OST: Destiny by NIA. Truly fitting of CA & JH's beginning and ending. Let's pretend the drama poster with all the casts, is their wedding scene. Breakthrough scene: When CA tried saving JG, seeing the reality that hits her hard. This scene, this heavy topic, their decision were the compelling reasons I was sure I will see this through. Worst scene: SA berate her family and specifically CA for ruining her chance to get married to a rich guy then the dad told CA to leave the house, her mum leaving and being quiet about it. This scene being so early in the drama and being so sick to me gotta hit your gut if you're human. Dating scene: CA & JH at the comic bookstore cafe. Them being funny...in a comic backdrop. Also, I don't even need a date to be there, I just love that place's setup. So fun! (we all know they have the best series of date scenes) Best bedroom: JH's for sure. I love his neat shelving and storage. And he has a mystery door leading to whatever you want it to be. Worst bedroom: HR's. That step is a hazard. Each time anyone enters that room, I'm looking at their feet. Is that supposed to be her stage to rehearse her evil ideas? Best guy still: BR! He may not have much scenes as the drama progressed but he was important from the beginning. If he wasn't written to ask CA to cover him for that job, she may not meet JH at the right moment. Let's not forget he literally helped JH to look at CA closely to see her beauty. The rest is history isn't it. Scenes I wish there were: BR - CA - JH hanging out together. Scenes I'm glad there wasn't: HR - CA - SW hanging out together. Best parents: In the near future, CA and JH. About the ending: I may have miss something. What punishment did the judge actually received? That scene of Siwol reading English...for a moment I imagined he was the one who'd someday write about these people he met and called his story BLWL and in a way we were all watching his drama. Of course, writer did a nice touch to have a character saying the title when many were debating why on earth is this drama named so. I didn't expect much, did feel a bit rush to me too but I'm actually ok with it still because as main leads who carried the story along, CA and JH's ending is fitting for them, being funny and loving at the same time. Lastly, I love the growth of CA and JH, to me above all, they were the pillar for everyone around them to change, for they themselves had to face their fears to see a change. IRL, it is going to be difficult but I would like to think we all might have such a person for each of us for moments we face difficulties. Be it your sibling, cousin, friend, colleague or even stranger. We're never truly alone. I had someone who's already in her 60s and she had to change jobs, she was having a harder time to adjust to it so I ensure she knows I'm cheering for her. I hope that ease her day today. I think that's what beautiful about love and life. CA's growth from Episode 4 and her on Episode 50 JH's growth from Episode 4 and him on Episode 50
  8. Also thanks to SW who still like CA more than just a friend or a kind police officer who has helped him...HR finds more reason to add salt onto people's wounds while going on and on about her conspiracy theory. That scene of her with SW, was my last straw of patience with her character. Seriously, she needs counselling. So I hope SW is on the way to talk to CA and set things clear about who he should really be listening to because I've looked past his other scene involving HR, when he overheard JW talking harshly to her...and his sharp ears picked up everything except for the part when CA was mentioned being bullied by HR. Not cool dude, in my books.
  9. JW isn't my fav character however even I cannot deny OMS high calibre performance. As much as people can point fingers at infidelity therefore branded sinners for life; the root of it all starts with the breakdown of communication, therefore not helping each other, like many problems people face. I have an uncle who went through it and accepted my aunt back, this happened many years ago too and often, I hardly think about what she did, I just find her a little strange anyway since I was a kid. I know of others too who went through it and again their children involved, so that's another factor. There are just different forms of it, and that's what I hope viewers can be open to instead of thinking the writer is supporting a wrongdoing. I find the film Last Night (2010) written and directed by Massy Tadjedin, a good example of allowing viewers to give a quality thought about this issue.
  10. Thank you for mentioning this! I was peeping through that small phone screen each time they take photos because I know those are more candids and natural than what the editor will pan on the full screen for viewers. Probably my fave scene of this episode because reminds me much of how my family, being 7 of us (with 4 sisters!), can take so much space and talked about the smallest thing. The simple times before one by one got married, with kids...and I became the aunt the little ones tend to hang out with. And I prefer to have these gatherings at home now...too chaotic. Haha. Looking at CA-SA-YA in the dinner scene, I definitely love when the camera focused on them, reminding me of my own sisters, even when we have our differences, we learn to have each other's back at this point of our lives. Also, I know this scene so tiny but welcome back BR! I miss seeing him interacting with CA. He's sure a keeper, to have a friend like him.
  11. Same here, based on the preview, I didn't think SW would jump to become brotherly protective when he himself got a bad taste of HR from her last visit to his house. Will see if this mode of his is before or after the DNA confirmation otherwise there's no compelling reason for him to respond to JW for HR unlike say if it was a situation involving CA (who doesn't have blood ties) who has helped and believed in him from the beginning. LOL. I knew JH's fashion supporters will spot this right away. I do tend to screen costumes in drama and film due to my fashion study background but for this part, as a sports fan perspective, I would actually think he would put his heavy coat aside instead to make that shot. Like it's more natural for me to take off my heavy coat if I want to serve a tennis ball across the court, given a similar situation.
  12. @cococahpi @mizv @Rufus Thanks for rounding up most of what's left to be uncovered with 2 weekends left! My favourite character has been CA (although I started liking other characters like BR, JH and Papa Mum along the way) since the beginning because of how she gripped my attention with her decision, reasons and interaction with JG. Their short arc together is itself a good story on its own. Because she lives on, she set the catalyst for the people around her to change eventually, for better or worse. Kinda reminds me of Harry Potter, the boy who lives. haha. If you know of HP series and the lengths he went through to show love conquers all, I think that should set you to understand the kind of mess you're going to see through BLWL before the sun shines again. You're right because it is after all a long drama they are writing and for viewership to stay. Can't expect neatly packed storyline and pace that shorter drama or movie can usually deliver. When it comes to BLWL, I've watched far worse characters written in another long drama hence I don't have much criticism for some of its flawed characters' development. When the time comes, with the ending of the drama, I hope someone who's patient and great at editing videos with a good eye, can collate scenes of CA & JH in different scenarios since they are the rock in the drama. To recap the number of times CA & JH tease each other, their funny dates, their funny misunderstandings, helping each other, fair arguments and of course heartwarming ones. That birthday lunch scene was so satisfying whenever I put myself in CA's shoes.
  13. I started watching BLWL with the intention to see more of SIA and KJY's work, them together is a bonus. Never did I think as I follow through the drama, some matters do relate for me too in my own life. I'm glad the drama has given you much thought process the way it did for me. I don't watch many kdramas but enough to pick certain storylines that certainly speaks to me. The recent one I watched is Stove League, as a sports fan, it was deep and meaningful to me. So many lessons of sports and life intertwined. I cried a lot for a short drama. This drama is just a slice of representation to elevate various life's decisions and open for discussion (even with myself) and places like this forum is one way to think about life in a way. If we are to create a safe place to discuss, we can learn to agree to disagree with respect so we can understand each other instead of spreading negativity. Especially for those who have been here to discuss and contribute since the beginning such as @stroppyse @triplem @Ameera Ali and many others.
  14. Me too! But for me because I love watching soccer and tennis, knowing there will be tension in ways I foresee, I want to watch it steadily knowing all episodes are available haha. Without much knowledge of baseball especially how they managed it, Stove League is extremely well-paced and delivered that it's a must for sports fan and why non-sports fan would surely enjoy it too.
  15. Same here. He deserves the warmth of CA's family who are all trying to move on and learning to be there for each other. Each time I see JH scenes at his home or room, it feels suffocating at this point, I can't wait for him to get out for a fresh air which makes watching his crying scene hard. The one scene from the latest episode that I find needed was the mention of the case file and SW's sister during the awkward dinner between the Judge, SW, JH and CA. It's quite a clever way to put them together that brings out the two main points viewers are wondering when or how will those be resolved with so little episodes left. I take this scene as a point made by the writer that these matters are coming to a conclusion. With that, I hope viewers are making a point to the writer that CA and JH better get a well-deserved amount of scenes in the end for how they have kept most of us hopeful and positive, bring out laughs and smiles. They are like the good news you want to find each day to inspire you. Also, thank you to everyone who keep the contributions here meaningful, positive and fun!
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