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  1. So I normally gif a couple of my fave moments from each episode. Here's two of them below from episode 16. Full post here. Full post here. But I also did something a little different this week cause I feel like Dong Mae's screen time was cut way short. The story has ventured into territory idgaf about, so I did a round up of some of my fave DM moments from both episodes. I think it's pretty funny. See here. If anyone has a request, just hmu.
  2. This moment between Dong Mae and Hina was my absolute fave. No words were needed. Check out my other stuff here!
  3. More of my fave moments from the show this week. They are all from episode 14 but I edited some stuff from 13 too if people want to check it out. Full post here. Full post here. Full post here.
  4. @mistergenie I think the struggle is certainly there and it's very interesting for me to see. But this isn't a rom-com or a slice-of-life drama, so any of the mains choosing to leave Joseon for their own happiness (while human and understandable), takes away from the epic hero story that I personally am still expecting. It'd be like if I went into Harry Potter series expecting one thing and instead got a boy who ran away in the final battle at Hogwarts cause he really wanted to live happily with Ginny. I get it but my expectations are just different. Maybe that's not what KES intended after all. And I do think the drama has veered somewhat in focus since the original teasers and promos came out. But I would be very letdown if my 'rebel' heroes decided to abandon the cause.
  5. @tzupi That's a very good point in your interpretation. I went back to watch the full sequence in episode 7 and it does look like he's taking the coin instead of returning it so it's more likely that this is one of their future monthly meetings and not my original hope. Her face is also very closed off in that brief moment so I suspect their "business" relationship does not change much going forward. This also makes me sad but in a completely different way now. .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. @charray Assuming that it is a glimpse of the future, and she does go to America with Eugene, I keep wondering how that will work story wise. She's been all about the Rebel cause for ten+ years, so for her to abandon Joseon takes away from what we liked about her resolve in the first place. I know love makes you do crazy things, and I do want to see her struggle with the idea of running away with him and just being able to be happy without worrying about class differences but if she really did that, would we still be able to call her our heroine? Especially with the Japanese occupation just 6-8 years away?
  6. I can't remember if I shared these pictures before or if I just linked them. But some of you may remember it from episode seven when DM, HS, and EG all gather outside the hotel. At the time, lots of people (including myself) were saying that it was likely wishful thinking on Dong Mae's part because of what the other two were picturing. But then today's episode (13) aired, and I noticed that Dong Mae only took one coin from Ae Shin after they talked. You can see him turning the coin over near the end of the episode. That made me think of the scene pictured below, which now gives me hope that maybe it wasn't wishful thinking and is instead a glimpse of the future? A future where they are on good enough terms that he returns the coin to her because he no longer wants to keep her in debt to him. On a side note, if this is a glimpse of the future, that means the other two scenes are as well and I'm just ASAKSDOFKSE at the possibilities.
  7. This will be long. I apologize. If there's a way to put it under a cut, please help me out admins. There's a lot of theories floating around about potential endings and I just wanted to share my piece about what I would like to see. A lot of this will be based on my personal preferences in fiction/drama since I'm not very familiar with KES dramas. I only finished Goblin, and that was merely a casual watch for me. But I would assume, and hope, that a writer of her caliber would follow up on the themes and motifs that she's sprinkled out for us thus far. So I keep coming back to two things. 1. Guns, glory, and sad endings. 2. The tag line in the highlight video that says something along the lines of "History has forgotten them and that is why we must remember. The nameless righteous army who wanted only the sovereignty of their country." AGAIN, PARAPHRASING. Historically, we all know the Japanese occupation will be coming. Whether we will see it happen in the drama is up in the air. But either way, we know the future is bleak for our characters, thus the sad ending is pretty inevitable, even if some of our main characters escape Joseon (I actually don't want that to happen but more on that later). We've seen the guns/action parts. Hopefully some of the glory/strengthening of the rebel team, is coming soon now that the stakes have been set up. So the question on a lot of people's minds is what will that sad ending look like? That's why I keep going back to the tag line. The last few shots in the highlight video talk about how history didn't record the nameless army. But that we need to remember them. We're now half way through the series and except for Ae Shin, none of our other four main characters are officially part of the army. Even if they have interacted/inadvertently helped the rebels. So if we assume that the tag line wasn't just for show, that means we can expect to see the righteous army grow in numbers and strength as they gear up for the upcoming conflict in this second half. That's why I don't want ANY of our main characters to "escape" Joseon at the end of the drama. Cause honestly, narratively, that would be a huge waste. I love these characters. Truly, I do. And in an AU, I would write them a BIG FAT HAPPY ENDING where everyone loves someone who loves them back. But I signed up for a moving story about a righteous army who fought valiantly for their country only to be forgotten in the history books cause that's what I was told I would be getting. To not give us that in some way, shape or form, is....deceitful. So to have any of the main leads leave Joseon at the end, in whatever capacity, feels cheap to me. Cause it removes them from the conflict that we are being led to care about. Now someone will probably die in the last week. Likely, many of the players in our righteous army. But also probably some of our main characters. I'm guessing Dong Mae and/or Hee Sung for maximum pain. And though it would hurt cause I love them both so much, I think it could be a potentially beautiful way to close this chapter. To have two people who didn't care about the struggle and ideals of the righteous army, albeit in different ways, to give up their lives in the fight, and therefore inspire the others to continue on. That's not to say that we wouldn't get the same effect if EG, AS or Hina died in the process but EG is the male lead and this isn't a makjang so I don't think he will die, at least not on screen. And I'd rather not see AS or Hina die cause women have suffered enough in this drama. So here's what I want to see. 1. The righteous army building up its ranks with our mains at the forefront in some capacity. Preferably for a better reason than "I love Ae Shin and want to stay by her side". As awesome as she may be, that's a hollow reason for them to join the rebels. I want KES to be able to answer the question "Why would/do people who have been abused by Joseon's archaic system, want to fight for it?" 2. Someone major dies. Maybe it's the gunner, maybe it's Dong Mae or Hee Sung. Please show, stop killing women. Whoever it is, they will have died as a crucial member of the army, thereby giving everyone the kick in the pants they need to continue the fight even in such depressing odds. 3. Continuation of my last thought - the last few scenes are of the pending Japanese occupation. It's still the sad ending that's been foreshadowed cause we (the audience and now our heroes) know what's coming. But it's also a little hopeful cause while our heroes are tired and a little broken, they're not ready to give up. 4. If KES really wanted to give us a happy ending, I would want it to be a flash forward epilogue where we see most of our heroes alive but with some battle scars, witnessing the end of the Japanese occupation, knowing that all their hard work for the past 40-some odd years were worth it. As always, check me out on tumblr for updates: I post gifs of the show, gifs of the bts, the occasional teasers, and my own commentary on what's happening on the show/my wishes for it, etc. Really enjoying what others are coming up with!
  8. I screencapped and edited stills of Hina in episodes 11-12 cause she was serving some major looks. The three below are my favorites but there's more here. I also went back to the highlight video to see what's coming our way this week (and possibly next). You can check out the stills here.
  9. @Emily Wong When the long trailer dropped in..late June?...they had already filmed most scenes up to episode 12. You can tell cause a lot of the teasers we saw in the trailer are still playing out. Since 13-14 aren't out yet, I'm not sure if any scenes will be familiar. But I suspect so cause there's a scene with Dong Mae and Hotaru from the trailer that I haven't seen yet. So either it's going to be in this coming week or they cut it. And as of last week, they were still filming some stuff cause YYS mentioned how it's been really hot for them filming in the summer now. How far they are in the story filming wise, I'm not too sure. My friend pointed out to me that Ae Shin also had a moment where she was talking with her late parents (episode 10) so I went back and watched the scene and made a gifset of the parallel between her moment and Dong Mae's scene at the temple (episode 12). You can see the full thing here. I actually giffed the temple scene a few times cause I love it that much.
  10. @blademan Thanks for liking my gifs and I don't mind reposts on other sites but please do credit my personal tumblr or offer a link to the original post. "Creds. Tumblr" is extremely vague and gives no indication as to who the actual creator is. There's a lot of users and posts on Tumblr. Giving credit where it is due helps keep fandom alive otherwise we'd all just be talking into the wind cause creators are afraid to share their work.
  11. @qwenli I am such angsty trash, so I've been all about Dong Mae's one sided love for Ae Shin. BUT YES. Dong Mae and Hina have such chemistry, you kinda have to wonder how nothing happened between them before this. I mean, it genuinely BAFFLES my mind. I'm posting someone else's gif with permission cause LOOK AT THE AESTHETICS.
  12. @chickfactor In the YYS's vlive, he talked about how 'Dong Mae' most likely stood for "plum blossoms that bloom in winter". Dong 'winter' Mae 'plum blossoms' A more detailed breakdown can be found here. This tumblr user has a lot of interesting posts on Gu Dong Mae and the show for those that are interested.
  13. So these were obviously some of my favorite scenes. See here. See here. See here. You can check out some other amazing scenes here. Can't wait for tomorrow!
  14. @loversbridge thank you! and yes, it's vlive so they usually upload it later with subs, the timeframe depends on the fandom tho. some subbers are faster with subs.
  15. I had to remind myself that it's still Thursday (in the states) and there's still two days till we get this: Also, I need more Ae Shin and Hee Sung moments You can always check out more on my tumblr. ALSO. I don't recall seeing anyone else post it on the forum but YYS is hosting a vlive at 11AM KST on Friday (I've also heard 9AM but I'm not entirely sure how true that is). That's in like 9 and a half hours. Whether you are a GU DONG MAE fan or not, please go check out the broadcast to support the show. The broadcast will be here whenever it actually starts. I don't think there will be eng subs since it's real time live but vlive in general is pretty good about getting subs up within 48 hours. Anyway, GO LOVE THIS SHOW.
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