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  1. Xie Xiang/Xie Lancheng (played Bai Lu) Xie Xiang she started out in the drama as someone who was physically strong with her kungful (martial art...whatever you call them) so we never got any scenes of her actually being type cast as the super weak female in disguise. She can beat some of the boys at the Academy and has fantastic fighting scene as good as both leading men. Her bravely was consistent from beginning to end. In fact, she rescued her friend and escape from her own kidnapping without any assistant. She may have wanted to enter the Academy for her brother but she stayed because she wanted to make good for the better of her country. Above all, she cared for those that needed it and those that cared for her as well (especially Huang Song and SJS; GYZ basically can take care of himself). Gu Yanzheng (played by Xu Kai) As a character, GYZ is probably one of the most satisfyingly written male lead character. He was a rebellious kid from a very powerful rich family and couldn't care about about his future plans as it seems he is pretty set. Once forced into the Academy, he met XX and his whole world turned upside down. No matter how powerful his dad is, it wasn't enough to fight the unjust/corrupted outside force (the Japaneses, British, and other higher up ). He was stuck feeling hopeless and have always resort to hiding under his dad's wings. But when he couldn't let go of the girl he love and the need to protect her, he finally took matters into his own hands and face all situation bravely. His teacher once stated to just ignore him at the Academy as he is a lost cause, but in the end GHZ became the student they strive to have. XX and GYZ's love story XX had an ideal type in SJS and it all derive from the types of men she grow up ( in this case, her brother and father). GYZ the opposite of her ideal type, but she did fell for him quite early into the drama. During episode 16, GYZ went to visit her in her hometown. We see that she was bored and he was the perfect person to take her out of the place that was full of memories of her deceased brother. He also takes her to his home and tells her of the childhood he had. He asked her to take care of the only picture he has of his mother and him and she gladly accept ( a sign of accepting his love). However, that acceptance was short lived upon their short separation and his pending marriage. By the time he returned back to her, she no longer care for him (in a romantic sense). He still kept his persistent pursued abide 2 instance. GYZ did tried to give up on her twice (when he tries to leave town with his father and when she stated she did not like all the rumors about him and her around the campus). She had so many opportunities to tell him straight out that they could never be, but she never did. ( I believe if she told him straight out, he would have given up hope already. It's as if she was holding onto him unconsciously but consciously walking toward SJS.). SJS knew of XX favor towards him as well which was why he never felt threaten by GYZ, but when what was suppose to be a romantic night for both of them at the dance event, she was actually caught off guard and ran off. In that moment of uncertainty, she saw GYZ waiting for her and there was a genuine smile from her toward GYZ for the first time, a perhaps great relieve that he is the only one she can relay on. SJS saw that little interaction between them and realized that there's more to their bickering than meets the eyes. His next move forever ended his hope with XX as he tries to separate them from the same room. XX sees right through SJS's intention, but now she misses GYZ. SJS never got any straight out rejection. XX never find the need to reject him as he never ask for an answer. As for GYZ, he never need an answer from her because as long as she is willing to be by his side that is all the answer he need. Interesting fact: People said that XX and SJS spent alot of time together towards the middle (around ep 18-30ish), but in those ep SJS starts to develop feelings for her and was actually trying to avoid her as well. By ep 30, GYZ told her he was leaving and that's when XX's feeling for him starts to creep out. Yu Zheng (Baliu and XuKai's boss who produced the drama) said that about 90mins worth of material were cut off. Most of which were romantic scenes especially scenes at the Academy. Fans had begged for those scene to be release, but Yu Zheng made it clear stating that "The scenes that had been modified due to regulations can not be re-release. Please understand that it is not appropriate for any military personnel to shot intimate. They will pay more attention in the future and strictly following the guidelines from the general administration" (per his weibo dated 9/9/19). When I reflect back I didn't understand why GYZ love XX so much even in the earlier episodes. By 6 he knows her identity and by 8, I swear that boy could die for her. Now, it makes sense due to the cut scenes. <cry me a river>
  2. A lasting impression from the drama The Closure My XX and GYX will be post tomorrow. I need to put more thought into it.
  3. English sub to the 3rd trailer of just Bailu and XuKai. I'm loving this bickering relation.
  4. I wasn’t able to download the Openload 2 for the 54. It could just be me then. Thank you again!
  5. Thank so much for the edit. You did such a wonderful job and the scenes transition smoothing. I had to be honest and say that I did not watch the last couple of episodes of the original due to people's complaints about the editing, so I couldn't compare the 2 versions. I'm actually waiting for all the sub videos from Viki to rewatch everything again. Your edit made me continue to love this drama. My only bitterness is we never got to see them together, the ending is just the an implication that MoQing survived. If you have time can you re-edit link to Ep54, it's not working? @aprincessofmars
  6. MoQing never really change does he? The first person that really made him see good in this world is ZY. Hence when she is gone he becomes indifferent to the world and only when she returns that he becomes his old puppy self again (of course only in front of ZY). As for the so call change in ZY personality, I believe it's important to take the novel version of ZY out and see ZY (the drama version) on its own. I actually feel like she hasn't change but instead goes back to who she is originally. Lets not forget the happy and friendly ZY at the beginning when her grandpa was alive. She even was willing to drop everything and follow LMX and it is only after the tough lesson she learned from LMX about the reality of life that she becomes that tough and careless ZY we see. Hence, now that she has a real family in MoQing, its only rightfully normal that she lets loose and soften up again.
  7. Someone had asked why XuKai hit Bailu here. The reason was that, BaiLu's Zhao Yao is gravely weak, but she react a little too fast. So XuKai hits her warming her that "You move quickly won't do." To me, he actually is very attentive to his and BaiLu's character. He keeps tap of both of them here. I quite like his and her acting on this scene. Well, to be honest, both of their chemistry are quite possibly one of the best I've seem.
  8. Agree on this. XuKai nails it ever time when memories of ZY comes to the front line. I can name some of my favorite reaction of him: 1st time: When ZY return in ZY’s body and frist met MQ. She tried to kill him, but he is too strong for her. She had to resort to giving up and end up using a memorable technique she taught MQ. The memories of ZY starts flooding in and he gave such a shock expression. 2nd time: when ZY returns back to her tomb, which enrage MQ. She had to use ZY again stating she wants to come back for revenge. MQ turns around and gave a very sad face. 3rd time: When MQ realize ZY was indeed using ZY’s body. 4th time: When MQ goes and assist/save ZY during the resurrection and realized ZY is finally back. 5th time: when ZY finally returns to him (which will be feature this week). I am positive there are more to come as we have seen that ZY will be gone again. May I also add that I love it that our girl ZY returns back all on her own to MoQing despite MoQing going crazy trying to find her. Thank you @DontEatMyKimchi for the translation and sharing. I nearly lost it when ZY appears. I though ZY would returns only to find that MQ was taken away and she’ll have To go save him, but I guess it’s that not where it’s going.
  9. Where there is smoke there is fire! I wouldn’t be surprise if they are. Their chemistry off screen is beyond colleague. The Majority of netizen believe that are. When asked, XK gave a pause then smile and did not deny but instead diverge the subject and both of their agency never follow up on the rumor. The biggest news that got attention was XK supposedly stay over night at BL’s place (only burry images were available). At least that’s the news I’ve come across. Feel free to update us. Anyhow, it doesn’t even matter, I feel like young lovers in showbiz never last anyways.
  10. ZhaoYao’s character is very interesting. She steps away from the typical female lead norm. Yet, the way BaiLu protrays it, makes her very likable. One quality that is always consistent with ZY is her determination (which I love). Once she is set on it, it is Impossible to change her mind. She was so flat on in love with LMX, that she abandoned the only person(grandpa)/ place she knows and follow LMX. As soon as LMX’s true colors comes to light and kills her only family, she set out toward her next focus (revenge) and in the process she abandoned all other attachment (our poor MoQing). When she thought she finally killed LMX, I can’t help but sense a great deal of sadness as well. She wasn’t really celebrating, she was trying to let LMX go finally; hence the passionate kiss with MoQing. Now that that we are at another arc, where she falls in love with MoQing simply because of his true/devoted love towards her, I feel it is a continuation from what could have been earlier if she did not abandoned MoQing. She was so proud and happy to see all MoQing’s grievance through the mirror, she rushed out eager to see him. Unfortunately, she can no longer return and finally she sets out to her next determination.... which is to “return to MoQing” while he tries to go into her world (finally a path that is converging). Thank You to @frostflower14 for your hard work at translating. I do look forward to them!!!
  11. Wow, Li Chen Lan has got some of the best romantic quotes out there!! I need to gather a list of them!! @frostflower14 Thank you so much for translating the song! This is my favorite OST for this drama. By any chance, you can translate what the song Title means in English? We have been pamper too much the last 26 eps, and now we are left with 2 episode that barely have our 2 main leads in it. I feel like I would of care soooo much more for episode 27-28 if all those supporting characters were introduce more in dept earlier on.
  12. I actually think that his reaction is really appropriated for their relationship, though it might not be the reaction you wanted/feel. She basically doesn't even know he exist after becoming the leader of the sec, while he only see her in passing by. They don't have any sort of personal affection. The dubbing kind off throw it off here, but I do like this voice actor.
  13. @arcchidus Thank you for your recaps. It is greatly appreciated!! I really love watching Ep 14 and the fighting sequence between the 2 leads. I sense a little brief frustration from MO when ZY was really going to stab him (as it reminisce of his prior illusion); however, it quickly dissipated. I am sure we'll get a more equal force dual between the 2 in the near future episodes. Sharing some video that I quite enjoy! Can't wait for next week's ep!!
  14. Agree Wallace Chung need to gain some meat. He looks better and healthier. About Sunyi. I thought it was weird. There were a couple of times I've seen her with triple eyelid (it's not small & quite big too). They don't look fake, because when up close it would be obvious ( this is my personal opinion). Also @leah8 you said there's a version with both lead dying. I still don't understand why JS chose death. Is it really logic?
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