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  1. ok but PMY's vote just increased rapidly like.. the gap is now nearly 80k... i mean HOW.. absolutely not a hater here lol.
  2. i was shook when i saw that 8k gap i mean what? how can he gain massive amount of votes within a few hours? smh.
  3. both are still leading, but the gap between are not that huge i guess.. PMY and IU difference is 27k while PSJ and JHI is 16k. for sure is, they're catching up super fast.
  4. its a combination of the korean word 'boo jang' (vice president) and the word 'bi so' (secretary) welcome to the thread!
  5. yo at this rate i'll be right here 'patiently' waiting for the wedding bells. this ship may has turn into a rocket and all of us will get to party at the moon.
  6. HERE'S A LONGER VIDEO OF PSJ SINGING. and i suggest to lower down the volume if you're wearing headphone bc the fan is screaming so loud at the end lmao. (id scream too if i were her tho) btw, @seratward01 im not sure why but maybe he did it voluntarily as to express his gratitude for the award or the fans ask him to. EDITED: the MC asked him to sing.
  7. OHMYGOSH THE LULLABY HE SANG FOR MISO. AWWW THIS IS SO PURE! PS; congratulations our captain just won best actor award! ayye so proud of him
  8. nahh, its fine. we are all given the FREEDOM OF SPEECH. and i don't see any harm from your question. i personally think that people here are actually pretty chill and cool though. just try to read their explanations/reply in the most positive way. ALSO, it's nice to keep this thread going. so continue to share your thoughts with us. its a forum after all. (although i also rarely post here)
  9. OK JUST SLIDE TO THE NEXT PHOTO FIRST. i know WE'VE DISCUSSED about this picture, but this post really caught my attention lol. THIS COULD BE ANOTHER PURE COINCIDENCE as the second photo of PMY was posted when she was in Thailand. while PSJ posted this picture with a caption 'bye HK' . but the hairstyle and the top seems the same to me. JUST FOR FUN THO, don't take this seriously. (:
  10. i've seen this picture a few years ago in facebook. you can see clearly that her eyes are monolid and the nose are slightly different. but SHE STILL LOOKS PRETTY ASF.
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