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  1. I saw this part of the interview too and I am pretty sure he was asked about his ideal type. The thing that stood out to me was he said their "code should match/fit well". Didn't someone say earlier that Min young denied possibility of dating her previous co-star because she thinks their "code" didn't match well? This is suspicious to me lol but it might just be a word that koreans like to use? He definitely said "code" because the romanization said "Kodeudo" which I believe is how code would be pronounced in Korean.
  2. Lol I remember when there was news of them dating but didn't know he confessed to her like that! I agree with you on the outed romance thing, especially in Korean entertainment it seems to be the case, though there are some exceptions. I think I started that drama when it was airing but one reason or another didn't finish. I did like YIN in Goblin though so I may go back and watch it.
  3. Humans lie, just because we love them and wish for them to be happy doesn't mean we have to blindly trust them. And for me, even if they were lying, I don't see it as a bad thing because I can see that they are doing it to protect what they love. Also, it's not really that we are accusing them of lying, it's just that we can see why they might do it and sympathize with their situation.
  4. Like everyone else, I also felt a little sad reading PMY completely deny the dating news but a part of me still thinks they are dating and there may still be some truth to the whole 3 year thing. A lot of people have been saying that the news sources only use shipper evidence to back up their claim but we don't know for sure that it was what they used, especially that first one that claimed the 3 years dating thing. Everyone else after the first one started using the instagram evidence because there was nothing else they could find to link them other than word of mouth. But rumors usually start somewhere and there may be some truth behind it. The reason I think both of them denied it is that 1. They do not want the rumor to overshadow the work they did in the drama, 2. They have both said in previous interviews that they want to date in secret so why reveal it when there is no evidence physically linking them even if they are dating, 3. Revealing that they have dated for so long will put PMY in a bad light with the whole Lee Jun Ki and MEC thing, 4. Now that they have both left the future open-ended, when it does come out later that they are involved, they can just say they got involved after the drama and bonded through the difficult times together. There was just so much chemistry and comfort between the two that I want to believe that they have been involved before the drama. Also some of their answers to the interview questions are the exact same especially with the "I'll show my plane tickets" thing that makes me think they have rehearsed what they will say with each other beforehand to make sure everything they say will match up. Of course this could also just be my delulu mind holding onto my own hope but like PSJ said, only time will tell.
  5. Lol I actually did ship her with him too after I saw Queen for 7 days but it was no where near the level that I ship her with Park Seo Joon now. When I initially heard of PMY and PSJ pairing up, I was already super excited and now after WWWSK, idk if I can ever ship her with anyone else. Let's hope this is our last ship for her because she deserves to be happy and loved.
  6. Was reading the article on Naver through google translate and looking at the comments and then got this message "This article was deleted at the request of the press." Did this happen to anyone else?
  7. Random question, but why did he change clothes 3 times in the same day? Is it a thing to change clothes for each interview?
  8. Them "rehearsing" a lot definitely paid off though because it was for sure the hottest/most realistic bed scene I have ever seen in a Kdrama and this includes the scene he did in Witch's Love which I watched for reference hahahaha
  9. Oh how I wish there was a video of the whole interview, then we can see his body language and tone of voice when answering the questions. Can't wait to see how Min Young will answer the questions as well.
  10. I might be super delulu with this thought but the first thing I noticed when I saw the two pictures of him from the interview is the light blue bracelet he is wearing on his right hand. This was his first public event since the dating rumors came out and at Min Young's first public appearance with Stonehenge she wore a light blue dress. Remember how they also wore light blue to the screening of the first episode? I wonder if light blue is like a secret couple color for them lol. I'm probably just super delulu right now hahaha
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