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  1. Reading all of our discussions here, I don't know if anyone notice PMY's hand during the slicing of the cake on their wrap up party. She was unconsciously trying to hold PSJ's hand instead of PDNIM. It was as if an automatic response from her. Then boom, she snapped and realize it was PSJ's hand that she was trying to hold and she immediately hold PDNIM's hand instead. As we all shippers here say, their action/reaction towards each other is like from a couple.

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  2. 23 minutes ago, evaemix said:

    I’m crying, you guys speak English so good . 

    I wish I could be as good as you guys :bawling:.

    my english is sucks

    To be honest I’m so happy to read all of these threads , beside getting info bout my OTP ,i can also learn english .  ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

    Have a nice day 

    It's ok. We'll help each other here. If you want to clearly understand something here, don't hesitate to ask. :D

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  3. 1 hour ago, saved2K said:



    ChanSung is the most affected here maybe because he knows something  :glasses:....an excerpt from his interview. 


    He said ..... "and I was personally acquainted with [Park] Seo Joon, so the script reading was so exciting. It was my first time experiencing something like this. The set was also really comfortable.” 


    I wonder how personal is the personally acquainted here lol



    MY's reaction is like Miso's reaction to LYJ at Yoomis restaus. Jealous bulldozer face. Haha

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  4. 6 minutes ago, saved2K said:

    I think if this lady will see this footage now she would be doubly embarassed....7DQ was aired after FFMW  which was a big hit so obviously she's fangirling but still very inappropriate.  

    :rolleyes: with MY ang Chang sung's reaction. I'm starting to believe that they have something before wwsk. Something is fishy betweeen them. Iaughed hard with Changsung's reaction.

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  5. 6 hours ago, parkparkloveu said:

    Park Seo Joon was randomly mentioned by MC during Queen for 7 Days press.  Look at PMY's reaction ^_^ :glasses:




    Very shocking!!!! Can't decipher MY reaction. She seems very bothered and as if she caught off guard. And look at changsung reaction, he was like panicking and worried!!! Haha  can someone tell me what do you guys think bout the vid. Haha #coincidence




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  6. 18 minutes ago, potatohacker said:

    LOL Even before it was released I truly definitely honestly expected that her answer would be like this so I'm not really surprised. Plus the fact that we all know that it took them like 24 hrs to edit that out. What surprised me was PSJ's answer. Ever since I heard his answer I decided to either ship them or go down with this ship. My only options :D In PSJ we should trust! 

    l'm really thankful that PSJ was the first one to be interviewed (maybe they talked abt this) his answer is like the foundation that we should not worry that much. If he outright denied it like before I don't think I'll be able to hold on but ofc I would forever be thankful that I have seen this drama bc it made my heart happy. 

    I agree with you. This drama made the last 2 months of our wednesdays and thursdays very happy. It's like falling in love again. And I like what you said reg PSJ. In PSJ we trust!!! Haha

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  7. 8 minutes ago, MillyR said:


    Rough translation  I need to double check some of the words - she even shed tears during the interview. Hopefully those people who so proud and gloating about their skill on the internet finally realized the extent of their 'unintentional malicious' actions.



    Actually. I saw their IG post and they are still one proud son of a bi*ch... they are very inconsiderate and think very highly of themselves. 

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  8. As actors, we all know that their  job is to entertain us and give us a show on screen or on bts. We may not know what they truly feel towards each other during shooting. But that hug at the end specially how PSJ hugged PMYgave me a peace of mind.... regardless if our ship sails or not, I will always remember this couple for giving me something very wonderful and true...

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  9. 40 minutes ago, saved2K said:

    Message to everyone...PPC shippers, media and news agencies..... let's all slow down a bit.   Park Min Young is just starting warm up to this song....let's give her sometime to digest everything LOL



    Wow! The hug! I'm married and when a man hugs someone like that.... that man is in love. KUDOS to Wwsk and its' cast. I have always been amazed at PSJ as a person. And the latest interview and last part of bts showed how great of a person he really is...... to be smart and brave in confessing his feelings and by giving it all to his job... thank you WWSK.

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  10. 7 minutes ago, strymeek said:

    I managed to read PSJ's latest article on soompi. Thanks for sharing the link.


    DEABAK that's the 4th one in a day! Reading the latest one, i quite feel his frustration and disappointment but can't help but have my shipper heart deflated quite a bit.  Unlike the other three articles, in this one he seems to be clearly insistent on squashing the rumours linking him and PMY including all the different coincidences.


    With him being this annoyed, it sounded like it's not true and it will look awful if he were to reveal that they are actually dating in future - so i'm quite confused now. I understand why some shippers will be disappointed as well. The BTS doesn't show much in terms of off-screen chemistry (unless you look hard at the hidden signs, but even that can be subjective), which is why they rely a lot on this little 'evidences'. If he denies them completely then there's nothing left to feed our delusions.


    Someone even said that he's never been this annoyed and that it sounded like he has something protect. If it's not PMY now then there's even a chance that either party is secretly dating someone else.


    Lol it's going to be quite tough to recover from this but it's their private lives and I respect that. 

    What article are we talking about? Ca n you post link. Thanks.

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  11. 7 hours ago, mcdc said:

    After rereading what PSJ said in the Soompi article by using this example I think he was trying to say that since he gets caught up in the character he is portraying he naturally while in character develops feelings with his love interest.  He didn't shut the door on his real life feelings though since he said "I can't say anything about what is possible..(.me interpreting here).....I think only time will tell if what I felt in character translates for us as something real....only time will tell.   

    I agree. Well said. Makes more sense. Just like the situation in "Because this is my 1st life". Atleast we are assured of one thing, he really likes her so much. It"s as if he just want to know if he's in love with the character which is Miso or her co actor MY. I'm sure  he likes MY. You can see it on how he looks at her at AAA17 and their act 1st interview together. I think as they progress thru their shooting, he has fallen in love with Miso and as the drama ends would looks to see if the feeling will not change for MinYoung. Just my 2cents. 

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  12. 6 minutes ago, eva21 said:

    PSJ say those instagram photo on the same items (same travel place, same styles of accessories) are not true, I have already stated my travel date and I have done nothing wrong, actually I do not need to be that specific at all. As for the baseball attire , I just chose the no. 34 as there are alot of professional player wearing that number nothing particular.


    Like what we have discussed before, those IG post are irrelevant and are malicious. I find it really hard to believe it myself and if they did go together, it might be really hard not to recognize them. As they all say, action speaks louder than words so I must say those BTS and interviews are more relevant and interesting than those coincidental IG post.

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  13. 22 minutes ago, Cheryl295 said:



    I am also embarrassed that H is a SongSong Shipper like me. I think she is impatient to have another ship marry. She does not understand that SSC were on that age and stage in their life ready for marriage. ParkPark is not yet ready for that. She must respect it.

    Maybe we can tell them to make their account atleast private. I dont think they care for PPC but rather enjoying their temporal fame so they are trying really hard to gain more followers to gsin more fame. 

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  14. I used to follow those accounts in IG but recently deleted them after the show ended. I find them too much on their speculations. I think there 3 of them. At first it was fun, but I noticed they became to obsessed after their post got in the newspaper. They were the one who posted the compa video between the other PSJ ship. The H account is around her late 30s while while I have no idea with the other 2. But they speak indo coz ive been translating some of their convos online. And it was very invasive of PSJ and PMY privacy. I dont know of the SSC experience such fand before.

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  15. Hi Chinggus,

    Thank you for your great investigating skills. It's really hard to tell who he's with on the pic. Hopefully it's our parkpark couple. Anyway, I've noticed something while browsing their IG. Remember that small Yeezy shoes that was shown in PSJ video last feb 12, 2017 while he was in las vegas, I saw a pic of PMY last feb 11, 2017 wearing the yeezy shoes that we are talking about. I also noticed that she was wearing a fur coat so reaserched LasVegas'weather that time and discovered that during February the weather in las Vegas is 6celcius.l so it is cold and it is rational to wear a coat atleast. my only concern is I think PMY was in japan that time while PSJ was in Lasvegas. Huhu. But they do post coincidental pictures in different time line. 

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