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  1. OT OMG are you a MMM fan too? How small and wonderful this world is? TT.TT Back to topic: Can't wait to see the sneak peak of the DVD next year when the content is allowed to share. Hope they didn't cut too much.
  2. Thought the same when I first heard her answer. Like she is so sure and has got everything planned because she already has someone she trusts her life with.
  3. I too share the the feelings that they had had something before the WWWSK as they look extremely comfortable and familiar with each other, both physically and verbally, that they made the bond between the characters so alive, to the point that sometimes I don't think that were LYJ and KMS being together but PMY and PSJ (this is just my nagging thoughts, esp during the last episodes). One of the significant signs that further supports this in my mind is how comfortable and often PSJ uses banmal with her (that 'Eat Slowly' sentence lol) so no way that they've only known each other for 3 months, let alone being merely colleagues (like they said) in a professional setting. So when 3-year may not be accurate, the long-term company/rs can still hold true. Props for them to bravely act in a drama together (a cute and hot one) if they have ever been in a relationship 'cause they could be fully aware of what'd be ahead for them.
  4. Man can't help but feeling the same. We all wish to have friends/colleagues like Bong Sera, Jin Ah and the VP office workers during those hard times of raging rumours and lies. If PMY and PSJ are dating for real, I really hope that they (and I can see that they are) will get a lot of support from friends, colleagues and family coz the storm is not only limited in Yumyung land but the whole world to see irl. So as much as I am excited to read all speculations and news, their privacy should remain the top priority. When the time comes, things will reveal.
  5. One of my favourite scenes ever from the drama. Everything feels so natural, cute and loving. Gotta agree with heaps of comments on Youtube that it's like PMY and PSJ here, not LYJ and KMS. Man, I'm gonna miss this drama A LOT TT.TT
  6. Man this is iconic. I mean he is the only male actor that appears on her IG in the last 3 years right? They're both super happy to work together I see. And ofc the drama would not be this charming without Director Park. I'm so grateful to have a chance to discover this drama and its awesome cast. Dang. They were sitting REAL close.
  7. Thanks for sharing, friend. It's great to know the Knetz are supporting her since we all know how vicious they usually are.
  8. Such a shame if she's bashed again. The woman has suffered enough non-sensible criticism and jealousy from avid fangirls.
  9. Can you PM me too please? And thanks for the big info. I can't read Chinese so any shared info is much appreciated
  10. You can find it on page 78-80, basically some crew member shared that he massaged her shoulders, brought her food during filming and helped her with a costume error during the faint scene (can't remember which ep lol). Hey bud, it seems like the link is broken. Do you mind sharing it again ?
  11. @parkparkloveu She can speak Chinese right? Then it is possible that she can read it *finger-crossed*. Btw, regarding the Weibo thingie, just wondering if there are any new info or BTS tidbits that have been shared? The shared info about him taking care of her on set still makes me swooned :)) TIA
  12. @luvsjcwpmy Hi yeah this is my first time posting in Soompi. Thanks a lot for your warm welcome
  13. Yeah there is some strong familiarity between them when doing skinship or just even acting in a same frame. Pretty suspicious =))
  14. Hello. I finally found the courage to post here (albeit a bit late) after lurking for long. Really love the drama and excellent chemistry between the two (the best I've seen in K-Drama actually). One of the things I've noticed that makes PMY and PSJ so compatible being in their roles as LYJ and KMS (a beautiful couple) is their vibe and looks when standing in the same frame. Especially in the ep13 selfies, I notice that they actually look alike somehow (I couldn't put my finger on it), which is one of the qualities that makes a good couple. What do you guys think?
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