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  1. @gracebkk This is what i read about ratings https://mobile.twitter.com/Moonsto26644583/status/1153928511507369984
  2. HSY before and after falling in love haha https://twitter.com/i/status/1153931296273362944
  3. I just read that the drama was leaked, i don't understand exactly what happened !!! Do they mean all episodes were leaked?!!! anyone knows about it?? https://mobile.twitter.com/Moonsto26644583/status/1153245059200032768
  4. The best part for me too is when Xiao Mi tell TN that HSY likes her, The way he said it is special haha , HSY is thinking that he can hold out the situation but for sure, he is losing control and his jealousy is here to prouve it, even he didn't notice himself haha, that moment when he push Xiao Mi head haha so lovely and funny .
  5. ohh!! me too i didn't notice it, wow!!! Dimash Kudaibergen!!! one of the greatest voice in the world!! Beautiful song indeed.
  6. Thanks @darkphoenix123 Ahh!!! Haha, Can't wait to see this scene , i was afraid it was a dream!!!
  7. https://twitter.com/midnightbliss01/status/1152780230722932736 I am wondering now, do you think it's a dream or real???
  8. Thank you very much, ohh poor TN the last scene is heart wrenching !!i am wondering what HSY Told her ??!!
  9. Ah!!! I didn't find anywhere this preview, can you post the preview link please !!!
  10. @chloevstkawaii Ahh, I see, thank you very much. Can't wait to see next episodes, i am sure they will reunite and have a real relationship
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