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  1. I just watched Let's eat dinner together raw...I liked it a lot. I must say that ISH has such a beautiful heart.
  2. What show are you guys talking about...is it running man that will be broadcast on 10/14?
  3. Sorry for taking forever to respond. I just got back from work as I work far away from home and I have to freaking travel almost 3 hours round trip to/from Boston. Back to our topic: I watched the raw version from this site: https://www5.dramacool9.io/drama-detail/romance-package And no I do not speak Korean though I am learning it now (beginner level).
  4. Thanks @icyphoenix for the good news. I can't wait for this and while I'm waiting for her new show I'm watching Romance Package now.
  5. I don't mind if CEW and JWR dating in real life...but i doubted that they are. I'm more of ISH fan so I'm hoping that i can see her soon in another project. Though I'm a hard core DoRea fan!!!!
  6. Anyone here know how we can start a forum for actors and actresses? I'm not seeing one for Im Soo Hyang or CEW.
  7. I too agree that CEW has the eye acting chop for sure....for newbie he's good. I see that if he really takes acting seriously he'll become super star someday... he won't be labeled as IDOL star who can't act.
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