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  1. @xoxo_yanna98 @mayaa777 Thank you for the kind words I love your videos, and I have never seen anything wrong with it so I don't really get all the hate in the first place. But I guess we can't please everybody. I am a little unsure how to address most of you here since there aren't many who state their age. I am guessing I am older than many of you here. So I will take the initiative because although I do not generally like to be asked my age, I do not have a problem disclosing it should I choose to do so. I turned 35 just five days ago. Please feel free to address me as we do in Kpop/Kdrama world so I will know how to set the tone when I reply to any post. I sound so old-fashioned and formal, most of you probably think I'm in my 60s
  2. Hi everyone (dongsaengs, chingus, sunbaes), It's been a rough past few months (my mom was diagnosed w/ breast cancer) but there are still many things to be thankful for (like family & true friends) and smile at, and one of them are us TaEunians Thank you all for keeping this thread alive, it's really heartwarming that no matter our personal circumstances, we always come back and believe in the power of true--and the giddy experience of first--love. And the incredible respect we have for each other and other fandoms is really nothing short of amazing--this was something I have sorely missed in the past days of what we call now as fangirling. When I attended Westlife's concert at the age of 15 several years back, we were just enjoying the concert as one. No overtly crazy stuff went on, even online people were pretty much laidback (there will always be a few bad apples in the crate of course) and respected other's opinions. When I joined Kpop world last 2015, I never heard of fanwars until the third generation of Kpop came along. I've just recently started browsing again, and I am also happy that there are new faces here who support our Taemin & Na Eun. As our Taeunian experts have passionately followed these two over the years (their findings and what we have seen for ourselves during their WGM stint), we can believe there has always been something special between TaEun. Even if, in some cruel twist of fate, that they will ultimately marry other people, there will always be something special during their time together. Taemin has aptly said on their last episode that the memories will stay with him until he dies. And those memories have indeed stayed with those of us who watched them--whether we became TaEunians or not. True fans will always support their idol in their pursuit of happiness as I have previously stated. I came across the brouhaha recently caused by the 18 year old. Not to generalize today's generation of teens, but more and more of them are increasingly disrespectful in person as well as online. Good riddance. The way she responds to every comment is amusing and annoying at the same time. I used to do that sometimes when I was her age, but it was embarrassing looking back *shudders* No need to impose on us dear regarding your Taemin-Sunmi support, we aren't (at least those of us here) imposing TaEun on other threads or couple fandoms. Just enjoy supporting these idols because at the end of the day, all of them are working hard to make good music and entertain us. Thank you to all of you who have staunchly defended our fandom w/ grace and class I hope everyone will have a meaningful Christmas with their loved ones. To those of us who are experiencing challenges, let us keep a positive outlook and have faith that we will overcome these and shape our characters better. Advanced Merry Christmas to all! P.S. I miss you Jjong. It'll be one year you've been gone in a week's time. Please keep looking out for your members, Shawols & Taeunians.
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