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  1. @xoxo_yanna98 @mayaa777 Thank you for the kind words I love your videos, and I have never seen anything wrong with it so I don't really get all the hate in the first place. But I guess we can't please everybody. I am a little unsure how to address most of you here since there aren't many who state their age. I am guessing I am older than many of you here. So I will take the initiative because although I do not generally like to be asked my age, I do not have a problem disclosing it should I choose to do so. I turned 35 just five days ago. Please feel free to address me as we do in Kpop/Kdrama world so I will know how to set the tone when I reply to any post. I sound so old-fashioned and formal, most of you probably think I'm in my 60s
  2. Hi everyone (dongsaengs, chingus, sunbaes), It's been a rough past few months (my mom was diagnosed w/ breast cancer) but there are still many things to be thankful for (like family & true friends) and smile at, and one of them are us TaEunians Thank you all for keeping this thread alive, it's really heartwarming that no matter our personal circumstances, we always come back and believe in the power of true--and the giddy experience of first--love. And the incredible respect we have for each other and other fandoms is really nothing short of amazing--this was something I have sorely missed in the past days of what we call now as fangirling. When I attended Westlife's concert at the age of 15 several years back, we were just enjoying the concert as one. No overtly crazy stuff went on, even online people were pretty much laidback (there will always be a few bad apples in the crate of course) and respected other's opinions. When I joined Kpop world last 2015, I never heard of fanwars until the third generation of Kpop came along. I've just recently started browsing again, and I am also happy that there are new faces here who support our Taemin & Na Eun. As our Taeunian experts have passionately followed these two over the years (their findings and what we have seen for ourselves during their WGM stint), we can believe there has always been something special between TaEun. Even if, in some cruel twist of fate, that they will ultimately marry other people, there will always be something special during their time together. Taemin has aptly said on their last episode that the memories will stay with him until he dies. And those memories have indeed stayed with those of us who watched them--whether we became TaEunians or not. True fans will always support their idol in their pursuit of happiness as I have previously stated. I came across the brouhaha recently caused by the 18 year old. Not to generalize today's generation of teens, but more and more of them are increasingly disrespectful in person as well as online. Good riddance. The way she responds to every comment is amusing and annoying at the same time. I used to do that sometimes when I was her age, but it was embarrassing looking back *shudders* No need to impose on us dear regarding your Taemin-Sunmi support, we aren't (at least those of us here) imposing TaEun on other threads or couple fandoms. Just enjoy supporting these idols because at the end of the day, all of them are working hard to make good music and entertain us. Thank you to all of you who have staunchly defended our fandom w/ grace and class I hope everyone will have a meaningful Christmas with their loved ones. To those of us who are experiencing challenges, let us keep a positive outlook and have faith that we will overcome these and shape our characters better. Advanced Merry Christmas to all! P.S. I miss you Jjong. It'll be one year you've been gone in a week's time. Please keep looking out for your members, Shawols & Taeunians.
  3. Hi all *waves* Had to catch up quite a bit since my last post LOL. Lots of stuff in real life and getting hooked watching Legend of Fuyao took up the bulk of recent days. I haven't watched Weekly Idol or Radio Star yet, but many thanks to diligent TaEunians for keeping the rest of us updated. I saw the KMF backstage clip pf SHINee's reaction to Apink's performance and while initially my belief in TaEun wavered just slightly after reading the nonchalance of TaEun during the event, deep down I knew they still care about each other--and so like many (if not all) of you, my TaEun heart pumped with happiness I feel sorry for Hyuna and E Dawn though after reading the news here. I've known for quite a few years now that Korean fans are possessive and obsessive w/ their idols with some sasaengs actually making headlines but good grief. What @chantaljaey and others who have also mentioned was right: idol-idol relationships are the most difficult and where the fans are the most unforgiving. I'm content with the way things are going right now with TaEun. I still believe to this day what Taemin said on WGM: "I think I will love her even in the future." Whether they are in a some sort of relationship right now or not, what they shared they will surely never forget for the rest of their lives. There are many ways to love a person, if he cannot love her as his woman by his side (sorry I've just been watching too many period dramas this year ), he can still love her from afar by supporting her any way he can, he can love her as a friend, he can love her as an industry dongsaeng. And Naeun? Her heart, I believe, has never changed to this day. She will remember Lee Taemin for the rest of her life--whether she ultimately ends up marrying him or not. I will support her whoever she marries, but I will always feel sorry if she will marry another man. Taemin has etched himself in her heart and all TaEunians know this, however some people may call us delusional. I know the feeling; there was someone in my life who stood out from other guys and we got along so well on so many things, it's just that life happened and what I was hoping for did not happen--so the what-could-have-been thoughts don't hurt anymore, but still linger from time to time; I will remember him for the rest of my life but wish him happiness in his life. While Shawols and Pandas dread the day their idols will go their separate ways, (I certainly do, but hopefully we will see them together making good music and enjoying what they're doing for a long time) I think for as long SHINee and Apink are performing together respectively, this will continue to play a huge factor in their relationship revelation (if there is anything to reveal in the first place, which many of us agree there is) because TaEun love their members so much...and the backlash may also affect their loved ones. I certainly hope one day, they will be ready to claim that happiness that they deserve so much. Have a blessed weekend to all! P.S. Let's not mind the trolls. I will be happy for Taemin and NaEun and support them whoever they will pursue relationships with if not with each other. Until then, this ship will continue to be the "unsinkable" Titanic of our hearts
  4. @chantaljaey You must be my dongsaeng am I right? LOL. It's a little hard to address people here without knowing their ages, I actually find the Koreans' way (not sure if North Koreans are also like their Southern counterparts) of addressing each other by finding out how old they are very comfortable--once the initial awkwardness of using the generic -sshi is out of the way. Yes the image has disappeared now so I'm posting the link of the screenshot I got below. I've finished WGM last night and all the things you guys have mentioned here made a lot more sense (some of the links to the episode were dead so I'll hunt down for more sources where I can watch those I've missed out). @Stephanie Lim Thanks chingu for the tip! I just tried it out, but after typing the url that's it. I'll just put up the link LOL: https://postimg.cc/image/bqdadm6a5/99ec20ad/ It really got me thinking for a moment: if TaEun aren't in a relationship, why bother hide it in the first place? I just saw a video on YT w/ compilations of friendship between male and female idols and I didn't notice any bashing comments on there (or maybe I just didn't have time to check all the comments), even on Somi (who I heard had gotten bullied a lot due to her dual heritage). There were idols who just met on variety shows (aside from those who have known each other or trained together for a long time) and it wasn't a big deal. I just miss their interaction I guess. On the other hand, after reading someone's comment (can't remember sorry) of the joint Reebok/Adidas that TaEun attended and I couldn't find any circulating pics online (someone said Taem requested it?), why would Taem go to such lengths, if it's true he requested it? [It's a good strategy advertising-wise, attending those events and circulating pics which would even be better advertisement for both brands since Taemin & Naeun are popular in their own right. What's even more curious for me (disregrading TaEun as endorsers)is that why would two famous sports brands hold a combined event? Are joint events like this actually common? LOL.] Obviously Naeun is the main answer, but he could have been thinking of their respective careers as well as their fans. Bless these two kind souls, who have always loved their fans despite what happened. If they will be able to pull off what Joong Ki and Hye Kyo did (I seriously didn't see it coming LOL), it will be a field day for all TaEunians. I think for me it's important for them to have a church wedding given them being devout Catholics (it'll be a security nightmare obviously), but they will also prefer an intimate wedding like what Rain/Tae Hee & Taeyang/Hyorin did. If they can't get that kind of privacy and security in SK, they can probably wed in another country (ehem, Spain?). Just my wishful thinking, LOL. Until then let's pray that they will continue to be healthy and enjoy their careers...and enjoy whatever kind of relationship they have as private citizens.
  5. @chantaljaey Thank you for the red carpet welcome, as well as the others. I've only been gone a couple of days and there are already 3 pages to read LOL. I was able to check out Na Eun's adidas cake instastory before it disappeared...and I took a shot of the cake w/ Na Eun's finger heart included But I don't know how to insert the screenshot though, any tips? I'm supposed to upload it here but there's no button to click on aside from the attachment/url. And we all can pretty much deduce 99.9% Taemin has something to do with the cake...because if it wasn't, she'd actually post it as a post on her feed, not as something that disappears within 24 hrs. I'm honestly feeling a little giddy just thinking about it as I read your posts (I'm becoming childish like those two what the???) Like all of you who also share the same thoughts, Taemin was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the cake I've started watching WGM again in its entirety after 2 years just the other day, so I'm reliving all the feels...and I am convinced more than ever that TaEun shared a beautiful friendship that blossomed into love, aigoo. And noticed the latest shinee official insta post of short clip of Taem on his birthday? His eyes were positively twinkling it's adorable! I've watched him in many shows over the last three years since joining SHINee world, and this is one of the few instances I can tell he is really really happy. I am hoping that, among the many reasons he was happy during his special day, Na Eun is one of them. He looks like a person who is in love, or at least has someone he considers very special in his life. Someone said awhile back not to flood all our opinions on other sites so as to avoid aggravating other fans. I respectfully agree and have refrained even saying anything TaEun-related on Na Eun's insta (just followed her a few days ago) or SHINee's. Youtube is another story, but I have hardly posted anything outright aggressive or rude. I do think a lot before I post, so when posting something rest assured I have mulled on it a lot. But I also think we are entitled here to post our opinions, so long as it complies with the general guidelines of this forum. We probably have young lurkers here, and it is my hope that these young people will use this forum to good use (I'm looking at you teenagers and people in their early twenties who are some, and not all, of the most aggressive fans out there who have started fanwars that are still prevalent today which is sad). I miss those days where fans just get together and gush over their idols and everybody respects everybody's opinion. I remember as a former WWE fan (formerly WWF) in its golden age--that's during the late 90s for me)--I got together with fans who loved the sport as I did, from gushing over ringside matches to sharing and reading each other's fanfictions, it was really fun.
  6. Hello everyone, I've been a TaEunian shortly after becoming a Shawol in late 2015. Not a totally diehard fan, but I like to think I am loyal enough to cheer them on and stick around to see what happens. I don't know if I actually have any friends who ship these two, but as an older fan (I am 10 years older than Taemin), I tend to simply keep to myself and just show support for fandoms or things I love. Needless to say, I've long outgrown petty fanwars (I don't even remember starting one, and I was a big Backstreet Boy fan in my teens). I have a healthy respect for others' opinions, but I recently called out TaEun critics who have nothing to do but bully NaEun especially. I's been five years since they were paired up, and it's frustrating that certain individuals can't put their time online to better use. I started reading this thread (part 1) on this last 15-20 pages just 2 days ago (unfortunately I don't have time to read them all as I'm working and have a lot of things to do outside virtual reality), and I salute my senior TaEunians for spotting those little things. Thanks for sharing all these things with us. It's nice to speculate and analyze the things they're doing...these things do relieve my stress even for just a while so many thanks I am in love with their confidence which has been increasingly evident these past few years. Taemin especially has changed, he has begun appreciating little things in life and has become even more vocal with his opinions (Shawols know SHINee has always been opinionated, w/ Jjong and Key taking the lead). And on Taemin's special day, I also join legions of fans greeting him on his birthday today: Stay healthy and be happy, my precious Taeminnie. I too, believe in fate like you. I am one of the many who believe that you and NaEun shared something special while on WGM. I pray that fate will smile kindly upon you and NaEun, whose hearts are so pure as your story of first love unfolded on screen--which captivated the hearts of many. It is also my prayer that those who criticized your relationship with NaEun have grown up and seen the error of their ways, for in my opinion, a successful fan goes beyond attending fanmeetings, sending coffee trucks/rice/supporting their idol's worthy causes, streaming music or watching their drama--it is to ultimately support the idol as he pursues his personal happiness. I want all my SHINee boys to settle down one day, with Jjong always watching over them. I am also supportive of the low-key things you and NaEun do to support in each other, as do TaEunians the world over think. If you two are in a relationship right now and choose to maintain it private, we will support you all the way Thank you for creating this thread, and I hope many more TaEunian lurkers will come forward. Old or new, it's not too late to ship these two. The original youngest couple experiencing the stirrings of first love--doesn't it remind us all of our first love, LOL. Even I, who has grown cynical, was convinced by TaEun once again to believe that there is such a thing as forever love.
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