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  1. I support PSJ if he and MY is secretly dating. disapointed with Knetz more and more. I think I am PSJ fan now bcs he acts very well one ẻvery projects. After this drama I have watched She is pretty, FFMY and MR. He acted so wonderfully
  2. It’s clearly that PSJ did not want to look at LJK while they are talking and LJK look at him as normal ppl who are chatting. maybe you are right @Hannah Banana
  3. Poor our couple I think they can smell something and careful about their actions. You can see SJ feels a little shy and he does not look at MY face. However he naturally accept the invitation of MY to PD nim, and show no hesitation to invite him to the middle without any question about her decision. I know this actions, this feeling. He may be familiar to follow her choice PS1: I can see they almost don't say anything in that time PS2: I know this can be too much about my analyze in this serious time, so I can delete it if necessary
  4. On the pic yesterday we all see them sitting opposite. Now after moving for watching the eps, they sit together and PSJ, again, what’s wrong with your watching style, lol always facing PMY although everyone looks streight. haha it’s enough for me. It’s better than the rumors.
  5. When You say PSJ recommend PMY and dont join without her you refuse all her works without any clues like 2 girls in the WC in the drama. If you love them please stop it and become Bong Se Ra and Kim Ji Ah. They really need us this time
  6. I agree if u want at least erase her sis name and edit your post. I think we also should not follow her sis
  7. I think we are all agree with this case, PSJ is the key. I think he is the 1st person who has the feeling and finding way to reach MY heart. So with the challenge with fans and media, I hope SJ can do successfully as SJK
  8. We dont need any dating confirmation just Wedding confirmation lols. Believe in PSJ protecting our PMY
  9. Yo it’s sad when u know u wont see them together more (if our ship is not successful). I know we all support them with their career and life even they are not together. But its still hurting omg. its hard to move on and see other couples in next drama.
  10. It'll take us a long time. After August we hardly see them together again if they have no feeling now. It's sad but true. If one of them, PSJ or PMY has the feeling with each other, I hope they can catch this chance.
  11. Omg I am ready to cry. Is it finish unbelievavle? I still cant believe that its end. Oh no. Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young, oh please never seen any Wedding scene which can be more beautiful. if you too dont love each other I can not believe it
  12. OMG, i love this ep. Maybe I dont like some thing too much dramatically. These last eps are so real. I love it! I never have seen any couple like this before in any film, so I just hope they will be real. However, this is real life. Maybe we can keep going on to talk in this thread for a while, but with me, I will stop work on here after the last BTS of the drama. So I am glad to meet everyone here, thank you ParkPark couple gave us a good time. OMG I am very exciting crazy if they get married (no need dating lol). I notice this, his action is too natural, and PMY is natural too. Yo if this just act, they are unbelievable. I can not imagine they can act like this with anyone else. See these pic, unbelievable it's acts, it's so real
  13. https://mnews.sbs.co.kr/news/endPage.do?newsId=N1004858716 hey guys, i think both of them have confirmed they will head to Phuket with the team too much hints for toda Edited: Sorry i think its just a rumour bcs the news does not mention who confirm it
  14. I have seen another angle of the pic maybe so we can cf that they lean each other however I love the way he hided bad comment about PMY. Yo it’s great
  15. I notice this too. He is with PMY is totally different with YM. He maybe afraid of making PMY sad or jealous and want to pull her into his joke with YM.
  16. It’s not your fault, If you cant send to me it’s ok. I cannot find other easier way to help you make it without post a public link here. So dont feel bad about this its not your fault
  17. TvN has focused very carefully to make a natural with nothing to watch these BTS. Hope someone can find something interesting lol It’s very good job guy
  18. OMG unbelievable that someone can say PMY ugly, OMG. I am not fan of both but come to this drama and create an acount on scoombi bcs of PMY. My personal thought is also about their jealous with MY I know every one has their pov. However I have found some comments of Korean netizen here ab PMY https://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2018/07/park-min-young-shows-off-her-lovely.html?m=1
  19. OMG how can they blame PMY. It’s really unfair with a woman like her. In the end I think PJS is the one who tease her the most. I also dont want to blame PSJ but it’s so cruel to bash MY like this. i think that guy were afraid of a war here bcs the video is about comparing woth other ship
  20. I also want too or you can give some more clue to search it bcs I dont use weibo. @superfangermany_stv
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