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  1. hey hey my hottie doc zhong is topless https://www.instagram.com/p/BnC6U2Ln57y/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=paep2wtigvjc
  2. @furu.vu217 yes no chemistry I'm just not convinced by nini and Chen kun and the pace is so so slow.....and those princes are like uncle osan. no hottie doc eye candies zhang sun wuji has forever ruined prince for me lolol @mrsj3n the English translation of the novel by trackest is too literal... when I read the novel I can't get the imagery flowing in my head. that or my Chinese is too nub the novel had really ugly crass language that made fuyao a instant turn off to me. can't understand why wuji will like novel FY. edit: I gave yanxi a go and gosh I can no longer stand harem drama and richard simmons cat fights and dirty scheming with no martial art skill lol omg. i love FY too much. harem drama always have the default make the consort miscarry baby plot yawn. staph. lift ladies up alrdy and stop fighting.
  3. yeah @Wotad oh god look at that jawline nope it's from his new drama一身孤注掷温柔 .... in which he plays a young officer who met and fell in love with bami. he'll chase her while protecting his country. hero type show again....not gintama not shinsengumi. aw man.
  4. I just finished watching TROP ep 3. it was flimed so beautifully...gentle natural lighting to counteract the politics in this show . Chen kun is intense. also TROP Chinese is on another scale! it's quite difficult to understand wo subs quite interesting but too heavy a show to escape rl. costume and drama was shot so prettily bt their romance is set for tragic ending i concur. still in a limbo fm fuyao. fantasy gets me. #thisbreakupistough @Liting1 Ethan is now into cosplay lol so hot in a uniform. he ruined wuxia for me. cannot break out of his spell.
  5. @mrsj3n I will try 1 ep of rise of Phoenixes and see if I like it hahaha. i don't like watching too political stuff. @lovecarnation don't feel bad we are all obviously still hung up on #wufu too. this place just dispel work stress away for me! so im lurking
  6. defo yes!!! smexy doc can examine me any time rofl and he is gonna cosplay into a nubby char as bao zi (Chinese bun) in that anime. i watched the whole anime and ovas hahahahaha. fuyao entourage gonna be in King's avatar below: Jiang feng!!! I don't think he can show abs here though. yang yang was great in love020 as a hot gamer CEO lol. i digress but he's gonna be the main god char as ye xiu! #gawd i loved World of Warcraft go gaming go!! #tankmehealmeneverdpsme @mrsj3n wanna throw me in water alrdy. @furu.vu217 @lovecarnation wuji to Qi Zhen: u can go now lol ps: I laughed so hard at first.....copy avatar water bender skill! fire nation is xuanji
  7. @mrsj3n all i felt from ep 64 to 66 was 哭坏宝宝了 (wuji cried so bad) poorly explained ending but I'm too invested to complain they gave a HE so I'll just accept. re: It's ok to go wo spoiler tag right? #stillnotoverwuji this is why I'm single af
  8. i don't wanna post but oh gawd, still not over this drama and #wufu the struggle is real!! bringing u guys back to the initial handsome stranger jerk that is wuji
  9. sharing a final post of cute modern day prince Aragon lol! #dont hate me pls thank you and goodbye!
  10. let's pretend yuan bao saved them hehehehe somehow I'm not willing to watch 65 and 66 yet. in not ready to end this and have nth to look fwd to.
  11. hahaha yes I also stalk that ig acc hehehe @lovecarnation hahahaa nah my Chinese isn't great either! I learnt heaps from fuyao lolol
  12. @phoenixfire25 omg champion! thank you for taking time to post the OTP major moments and all the gifs!!! @Liting1 and @mrsj3n and @furu.vu217 for always sharing!!!
  13. omg fellow ig stalker i found u hahahahahaha is there? I went to see bt didn't see any voting
  14. @phoenixfire25 yes I'm highly delusional for #wufu. even hottie doc cannot save me hehe! a happily delulu bcos this forum indulged me way too much gah love u all! @celebrianna oh yesh ....wanna burst out laughing is totes high lvl acting skills of our wufu and the handmaiden!
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