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  1. I'm on vacation and this really brings my mood down. Good thing my bf is with me. There is a stark contrast between Moo and Mama. They're both worrying about their own sons but Moo wanted to make sure his son understands the hardship and heartache of the path Mork would be on. "Ashamed" and worried as Moo might be, he would be a father to Mork and see them through. Mama with all that "expertise" and "knowledges" let her own experiences and prejudice clouded her.
  2. I don't know Thai but I heard this "Mork rak Tee jing jing": Mork loves Tee for real. You tell her Mork. What an emotional scene. Mork facial expressions were so dynamic, from worrying, to fierce, to sadness, then resigned.... He's such a good actor.
  3. yeah I do miss Phun and Noh and the director did a good job to bring back some good moments through Tee and Mork. Love Sick was the trail blazer of Thai BL series and it helped me through some personal times. I was nursing a broken heart for 10 months Now My Tee is making heart happy again.
  4. Official sub has this new interesting dialog regarding the nosebleed and faint episode, which the fan sub wasn't clear on. What do you guys make of it?
  5. There is a split second of Slam Dance homage at Snow Town. Mork taught Tee how to wrestle http://i.imgur.com/J2qCneK.jpg
  6. Thank you for the explanation. I replayed a couple conversations and noticed Tee always uses "Tee" and "Mork" in his speech. Mork, however, sticks to his informal "goo" ("I") and "meung" ("you"). This is the case for most of their conversations between the 2 of them. In the doctor exam scene, Tee switched to "phohm" ("I") and "kun" ("you"). Mork was playing along with these pronouns maybe that's why Tee complimented him being polite and cute? These pronouns have equivalent translations in Vietnamese. Sorry it has nothing to do with the plot. I just thought it was interesting when comparing the subs.
  7. I didn't notice anything different. Did you? When I was watching Vietnamese sub, during the doctor exam scene, both Mork and Tee were using a different pronouns to address each other and themselves. The pronouns were more formal and loving in context. This nuance is lost in English sub. Wouldn't you say so for those who speak Thai?
  8. The Viet subber was super fast this time and just finished it 3hrs ago. I woke up at 5am to watch it. Here is what Tee said about the allergy :
  9. I found the karaoke song Tee and Mork were singing. It has a nice melody. Too bad Tee wasn't doing it justice
  10. I remember seeing him sticking out his tongue out 3 times. One instance I remember is in ep5 when he lied down Tee's bed pretending to be sleeping and stuck out his tongue when Tee propped him up and nagged him to take a shower I don't remember the second time I saw it though.
  11. Part 4/4 has English subtitle now. During the shower scene, according to the new sub, Mork said "You are proud of strange things. If I were you, I would be proud of being born in a rich family, or that I were hung." Then he stared intensely at Tee's bulge.
  12. Guys, If you are on laptop or desktop, watch the shower scene with Portuguese CC, then click the setting icon (gear icon), select auto translate and choose English and voila, Mork wasn't talking about his big penis but rather Tee's. And it's hella cute in that context.
  13. So I watched ep4 again tonight and started to wonder if the sub was correct when Mork asked Tee's mom "What if a guy likes another guy, how do they... each other?" along with a humming motion. Did Mork really ask how 2 guys have sex? Shouldn't he know from all the gay porn he's been selling? I am watching Pete Kao BL cut from LazySubber. The story is getting boring honestly. Slow progress and thin on substance. I am curious to see how the dad reacts next episode though.
  14. From what she told Mork in the market (she tried to take care of Tee as a girlfriend but Tee loved Mork a lot) and her demeanor, she seems to resign to the idea of being Tee's girlfriend. But they're still on bad terms. Maybe that's why she expected Tee to make up with her. Yet Tee went looking for Mork instead. So I do think Bambi just meant she was waiting for Tee to reconcile their friendship.
  15. Speaking of BL cut of Slam Dance, I found them on Daiymotion Is the Angel gang a recurring gag among these BL series? They're everywhere and cute as hell Drake was so buff in this one. He looks cute with long haircut too.
  16. I totally agree about Drake's performance in this scene. His expression and his voice was so touching. I *listened* to the scene in the car (not looking at the screen, just the sound) and his throbbing voice was too emotional it made me cry. You could feel his fear of losing Tee here. The scene was accompanied by a soft guitar soundtrack that carried out through to Morn and Gord room and back. It was really nicely done.
  17. Yeah. It's like they're trying to tame down the joke for wider audience or something. Does anyone know what did Tee and Mork originally talk about before it went to condom?
  18. I just watched these clips (probably the 10th times for this episode). The caption finally showed up. What cool is the cut scenes are also included: Au borrowed Mork's phone and called Bambi scene, condom purchase scene. I have to admit I enjoyed this sub a little bit better.
  19. Tee sometimes doesn't give a direct answer to Mork's questions and Mork can't take his eyes of Tee's exposed skin. It's all in one scene.
  20. Since My Tee international page went dark, it's been kinda sad. The community was so lively on the page. I found another group created less than a day ago "My Tee The Series International Fans" https://www.facebook.com/groups/1584481745011561/about/ Hopefully, this group could engage the international fans. The one annoying thing so far is you have to request to join instead of just liking and following a page.
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