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  1. I just realized from watching episode 6 again, Bambi reminded Mork of Tee's birthday and that he might act needy. This explains why Tee left the hospital and wanted Mork to pick him up. Just being a birthday boy
  2. Sometimes I wish Mork could have kissed Tee this way.... But then he would have also fainted from blood loss.
  3. That's so lovely. Great clip. It must be very painful for Au to have that unrequited love. We've all been there Loving someone enough to let them go, doing everything you can to help them and make them happy is the main theme of the show and it's really shining through with Au. KHAOTUNG plays his part very well for a first time actor.
  4. The many ways of how Tee loves Mork: * Buying Mork treats and feeding him: * Hugging and kissing Mork * Taking care of Mork, tutoring Mork and encouraging Mork: * Proclaiming his love to Mork: * Missing Mork and chasing after Mork:
  5. Mork has changed because his love for Tee and Tee's love for him. He used to be a lazy student, couldn't careless about school. Now Mork is trying to study with Tee to get into the same school and even pursuing medicine degree to become a doctor. We can't deny Tee is biggest motivation in Mork's life. Tee, with all the flaws and mysteries, is a caring person: tutoring Mork, tucking him in for bed, showering him... which I believe is one of the reasons Mork fell in love with Tee, apart from Tee's striking good look. He felt the tender love and care he no longer had from his mom. (Does this ring a bell with Oat from What The Duck the Series?) The author has mentioned the series is told through Mork's perspective so it has that skew and bias angle. I tried to find this post when he explained Mork's name and mentioned this detail but that post is no longer on his Facebook page. People in Mork's life sometimes don't make sense to him. No one seems to give him a direct answer, not Au, not Bam and certainly not Tee. We as an audience witness this, experience this but it might or might not be the truth. What we know for sure is Mork loves Tee deeply. From episode 1 to 6, we have seen the boys have gone through the 2 phases of passion and intimacy of "Triangular theory of love". Episode 7 and 8 we have witnessed their commitment to stay true to their love, staying loyal and working hard to protect each other. The journey is bumpy. It's testing both characters. Whether the challenges comes from outside, society or school, from their past, or from each other's quirks and temperament, they have to endure and get through them together. From the author's tweets and hints, we might see Mork facing 2 choices: letting Tee go as suggested by Mama or staying with each other and fight. Both options are from loving Tee. So frustrated as we might have felt through out the show, more so in episode 8, I would choose to keep this in mind. There are so many unanswered questions. I won't be surprised when we finally get to see Tee's true side soon.
  6. Well, most of what needed to be said already been said so we just have to wait and see how the story unfolds next week. To lighten up the mood, I find it cute as hell when Tee tried to wake Mork up. Is it a common gesture among Thai kids since Ching did the same dance
  7. This post says his nickname is "Oh". https://www.sirinyas-thailand.de/2015/06/18/thai-german-actor-mario-maurer/
  8. Haha, the interview I posted early has been subbed. Now we know Drake's real nickname. https://www.facebook.com/MyTeeInterFan/videos/278621192854653/
  9. It's taken offline when it was chosen for the series. It used to live here https://my.dek-d.com/caffe-ine/writer/view.php?id=874526 The author did some live readings for some chapters. There's no English version anywhere that I could find.
  10. Great summary. Ton has been the most open minded guy and a great friend to Mork. When the fake relationship started, he wanted Mork to know lovers come and go but friends stay forever. And he kept his words. He insisted Mork to eat some food after the fainting and that was a much needed boost of physical strength for Mork before going into battles with Lieutenant and MamaBoss. I believe Ton knows or at least got suspicious at Au's involvement in the "viral news" episode. He tried to divert Mork's attention away from Au when Mork pressed Au regarding his knowledge of the matter. Au annoyed me too though I could feel his pain. He was so hurt inside he let it all out at Mork, relentlessly. But he still cared for Mork by reminding Ton of Mork's dislike of cilantros, and let Mork take a much needed nap in his car after the meal. I think he didn't have the heart to wake Mork up. There are 2 funny moments I noticed with Neo (Gord) and Phuwin (Morn). 1. After Phuwin finished the phone conversation with this Dad, he was supposed to hand over the phone to Neo. But I think he forgot the script and Neo had to hand gestures Phuwin to get the phone back so he could start his next lines https://youtu.be/HTL1gGwN4nw?t=8m16s 2. When Phuwin finished the line "Not everyone thinks so", Neo raised his right eyebrow to signal the next line "Let's go home". https://youtu.be/HTL1gGwN4nw?t=9m34s
  11. I'm with you at this scene. Mork must have felt tremendous guilt and helplessness. He was so quick with his temper at Tee's actions twice in 2 days. Then later just to find out Tee's intention of hiding his allergies, eating the shrimp shiumai, came from loving Mork. Tee has great patience. He didn't answer a lot of Mork questions, granted, but he didn't get angry either. Au was jealous of Tee thinking Tee didn't deserve Mork's love. Had only Au known the trials and sacrifice Tee had endured from his family and from Mork's tests and temperament just to get to this point.... To Mork, seeing his lover lying unconsciously on the floor, is a defining moment of his love toward Tee. He's reminded by his ring. He's reminded by the lovely notebook. He had resolves when he came head to head with his Dad and Tee's Mama. When I put all that in context and re-watch episode 7, the emotions were overwhelmed.  Mork defended his love. Mork spoke for all of us who had gone through the same social and family prejudice. The love in our heart is just the same as everyone's else. We're not aliens.
  12. I started crying just by looking at the picture. Thank you! I really needed it after seeing episode 7 for so many times.
  13. Yeah. I cried every time I rewatched the scenes between Mork and his dad and Mork and Mama. Mork went into battle alone fighting for his love. But Tee was there with him the whole time.
  14. Oh yeah I watched it after someone here said it was the movie Mork and Tee were watching in episode 3 Thanks for the suggestion anyway.
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