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  1. I just watched the recorded clip and it was fun to watch Drake saying "shiiiit"... Always crack me up. I made a gif when Frank asked Drake to smile (I'm only guessing lol)
  2. So it's confirmed there will be no My Tee this week. What a bummer. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2205344626407966&id=2124243037851459
  3. I watched episode 2 again last night and how I missed the innocent flirting from Tee They took 3 times saying good bye before parting. Each boy was left with good feelings about their best friend coming back into their life. The chemistry was oozing through the screen. The sound quality was great. Drake's performance was spot on. The way he played with the umbrella while speaking shyly, saying Tee should let P'som wash his hair instead of him. It's so natural and smooth. He brings Mork to life through his acting. I miss all that in episode 10. Looking forward to episode 11.
  4. I agree with all the sentiments and observations regarding the episode so I don't have much to add. I notice Drake had a sniffle in a couple scenes. He seemed nursing a cold so his voice was muffled and he wasn't as expressive. Just a guess. There's one detail I think important between the English sub and the Vietnamese sub. Mama mentioned Tee would go study abroad so it was good to part with Mork early. The English sub didn't make it clear about this point. Au's coming out and admitting his feelings To Mork was a little unclear to me. He mentioned he didn't want to get Mork hurt when he was close to Mork rather than emphasizing his romantic feelings toward Mork. At least we now knew he ordered and received the DVD envelope. It was left in his room. Or at least that's what the show wanted us to assume. It didn't really make that matter any clearer. We've seen Mork's love challenged and Mork was willing to let go of Tee so he wouldn't drag Tee down with him. The end of this episode set up so that it's Tee's turn to be challenged in the same manner. Would Tee value Mork's continuing education and let go of Mork? We shall see. In the end, I didn't feel emotionally connected to this episode as I did with previous ones. I hope it gets great again in the final 2 episodes. There was a notice in Vietnamese sub that the show wouldn't be on next week. I don't know if that's still true.
  5. I found it for sale here https://www.walmart.com/ip/New-Way-849-Men-s-Sleeveless-Smiley-Face-Emoticon-Emoji-Happy-Smile-Medium-White/774860533?variantFieldId=actual_color But it's not 100% match because it doesn't have the word "smile" on it I bought one any way. I really want the correct matching one though. It doesn't have to be autographed. Though if you can get it done for limited amount, or even just one, it could be valuable as a special fan gift or at auction.
  6. It would be cool to have that white sleeveless shirt with the smiley face for sale and autographed. Both Mork and Tee wore it so it's very easy to sell.
  7. This is what I love about the Viet sub. They have been doing a great job keeping it close to Thai as much as possible. They even translated Mork swear words. For example, when talking to P'Lek, Tee asked Mork if he would accept P'Lek as papa and Mork mouthed the word "richard simmons". He has a potty mouth on him hahaha. Such a contrast to Tee's polite language.
  8. "Label" is another frequently used word for this case. But yeah, I also have this same guess after the last episode. I just rewatched all of them today. One other thing that jumped out at me is Mork and Tee conversation on the side of the street after the hospital discharge. Mork mentioned Tee disappeared for a year and they became strangers after that. And it's been established they haven't seen each other for 3 years. So what is the time line here? How would you interpret these statements?
  9. I always thought 2.083 Baht is what left in his account after he withdrew 20.000. So he had a total of 22.083 in his account to begin with.
  10. 6. Mork has a DVD selling business and it pays well according to his intro 7. You're right. It's 2 scenes in 1 episode. I corrected it.
  11. There are only 3 episodes left in the series but some of the early mysteries still remained. 1. Bambi's second(??) phone in Tee's possession. This is from episode 2 when Mork tried to call Bambi for Tee but a black phone was shown ringing in Tee's bag. We have seen several times Bambi has a pink phone. 2. Au made a phone call to "Bambi" from Mork phone and totally ignored the conversation when "Bambi" called back. I still don't know the intention. We don't know if this is real "Bambi" or not. 3. Bambi, Au, Tee relationship. Mama knows Au well and the 2 families are close. So it's certainly Tee and Au know each other, even though they're not friends. Tee must also have know Bambi is Au's sister. And yet Mork is kept in the dark of this circle. 4. Who pulled some strings on the Principal? He changed his mind about Mork's expulsion the next day. 5. Au is in possession of the porn DVDs envelope. Did he order it? Did he receive it or he just didn't mail it? 6. Morn's tuition money and what he has been up to on days he is not having tutoring classes. 7. What happened to P'Som? She showed up 2 times (not 2 --episodes--) and like disappeared. Will she have any more involvement in the story? I leave out Au and Mork pants-down business since it's not quite a *mystery* and next episode seems to resolve it. So what do you guys think about these points? Did I miss anything? Please chime in.
  12. You spoke my mind so a big thank you for putting it so eloquently. Personally, the story resonates with me because I did something like Mork did with my best friend in 10th grade Believe it or not we're still good friends now and I told him about the series hahaha. He's straight and married now. He also got my first kiss. Dude was a saint to me. Didn't disappear from my life after that time so it wasn't as dramatic.
  13. Attention shippers, episodes 1 to 3 already have English sub!!! And the translation of episode 9 teaser last week was a bit misleading. It's so much different from this week translation.
  14. I tried it but it wouldn't finish loading. Where were you connecting from? I'm in California. Tried VPN from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and couldn't get it to work either.
  15. Yeah my connection was lagging at this scene so I rewatched it on youtube and Mork did throw the ring right in front of Tee. Tee got really sad and walked away. We already know Mork is a sucker at seeing Tee's suffering. He couldn't handle it: ep2, pushed Tee to the ground and came right back saying sorry; ep8 where he was under the blanket and heard Tee saying Tee was scared and alone in a quiet street and Mork would change his tone right away. ep9, seeing Tee's sad and dejected face, walking away on the bridge, it's just eating at him inside. You can feel regret from Mork as Tee walked away. So after the robbery, he was just shocked and hungover and went with Tee since he didn't really know what to do next. What Tee said at the shrine reminded how much Tee loved him and how much he loves Tee.
  16. Mork has been under heavy pressure 3 episodes in a row. Poor guy. Every time though, Tee would come around to pull him up. Tee could pack a punch!!! Au'd better watch it. We get to see Frank's acting a bit better in this episode. His body language isn't as dynamic as Drake's for sure. He's too focus on delivering the lines and at times forgetting to emote via hands, shoulders, facial expressions.... Drake is very good at doing this.
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