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  1. I don’t think we really need to be too worried about PMY. It has been so many years since that ‘unfortunate incident’ and she is now in her 30s. She definitely can handle it much better and more maturely than in her 20s. (Those of you here in your 30s should know this ) and I see her glowing and so happy so I think she is fine. Those teary eyes - probably disappointment in that everyone put in so much effort and were not recognised coupled with media going round bombarding her co-actors/actresses, being such a nice person, she likely feels bad and apologetic. Plus if they are dating then I would say she has found a good man, so what is there to worry about? This thing will die down soon if either nobody continues digging or something bigger comes out. It will die down, just takes time and people are forgetful, even at normal rate, give it a few more months, things will go back to norm. It has happened again and again in korean showbiz. Bashers will be bashers. No matter they admit or not, they will be bashed. PSJ and PMY have probably seen what they need to and experienced a lot in this circle and given their age, they know what they want. So whatever it is, it is a conscious choice. For now, I don’t think they will be forced by circumstances that much. Anyway about the IG posts, just stop bringing it up. Reading from the start of this blame game, some of us here also have a part in feeding these ‘twisted shippers’ ego - those who brought those pictures in and/or quoted them. So who are we to blame? Let’s just move on and pray hard for our couple. If you see any nonsensical postings on these IGs, just report. If you are still following, just unfollow. No need to bring it up anymore. When their followers drop and they continually get reported, they will stop overtime especially when this craze dies down (Personally I think the comparison should stop because PSJ has already clarified and looking at the removed PMY’s interview, she echoed his words that they were just coincidences. We should just accept this because if even supporters don’t accept, who are we supporting? It’s ok if deep down in your heart you still believe that they have been together for a long while, we can get back to that when the ship officially sails!)
  2. I totally 100% agree on this especially the underlined paragraph (so I had to quote to make sure it is repeated on the thread , please excuse me). I got so tired of reading those ‘coincidence’ investigation until I had to unfollow some accounts because I really felt so mentally exhausted and ridiculous at their thoughts. (I don’t understand why it cannot be just coincidences like sponsored items? Likings for certain countries? Oh well, in fact, my husband and I have mobile numbers just 1 number different and we keep bumping into each other in our paths in lives previously but it was totally coincidental!) I will just take those as coincidences where they just have destined compatibility and likings until they themselves let out any confirmation. Afterall, we feel that the are meant for each other due to all these similarities. Otherwise any spazzing is detrimental to them at this point. If there is a spark, it may just kill it. Even if they are friends only, it will lessen the meetings in such controversial situation and do us shippers no good in our hopes.
  3. Seriously, after reading so many pages since the morning, I find that I totally agree with what @luvspsjpmy said to let the matter rest. No point talking about this issue and comparing even their agencies statements, instagram posts and everything. Nobody has an actual answer except the two of them. I somehow feel that the news started all because of shippers finding the coincidences and suspected they were dating long ago. Then some reporter just read all these and copied and pasted stuff to some extent. If we really love them, give them a break for now (including the people around them). The more we try to speculate stuff and dissect irregularities out of the statements, the more we are feeding people who love to post everything and anything wrong on instagram, including the bashers (those instagram posts really irk me, sorry because they are drawing too much unnecessary attention and some even tag psj and pmy!). If the ship is meant to sail, IT WILL SAIL regardless but getting negative comments is what we don’t want at this point in time, right? Anyway the agencies have to deny no matter dating or not, because the damage made by admitting is far too great for anyone to bear. So let’s just let this pass first and stop speculating will be the greatest love we can have for them
  4. That’s why it is supposed to be only a private sharing. Oh well. Some people just cannot understand that they are causing more trouble than doing this ship good. This just made me decide that I shall never share or translate anymore weibo posts. I think it is better that it remains there. The sharing and chatgroups there seem more private from what I see. No point sharing happiness when people do not know how to draw the line. Happy shipping everyone and hopefully love blossoms and things come true for us. I guess I will return to being a lurking shipper again! Bye!
  5. I don’t know why I can’t add a photo but weibo users are so cute. They actually photoshopped off PDnim from PSJ’s picture. https://m.weibo.cn/1946865204/4265352697371106 Honestly, the more those shippers try to bring down PMY, if PSJ is serious about her, I think the more their actions will backfire. Plus, I don’t know if it is just me, I feel more and more irritated with these nuisance and ridiculous attacks. Personally, I believe the level of shippers and fans behaviour is somehow reflective of the idol. Haha somehow. That’s why I always thought whoever we ship, we must do so with style and class.
  6. I think it is crazy how that one comment about marrying PMY sparked off the shipping wars again. Some shippers really cannot keep cool. They had to even bring up the plastic surgery issue, I really cannot figure out what is their problem. I don’t even think there is a problem with a minor surgery (except that hers is so well done, I need her surgeon!!! Plus, if she never had a pretty foundation to start off with, no matter who does it, she will not look as pretty as this. I saw on one youtube commentary that she had the perfect facial ratio and thats why she can look so good!) Actually i am kind of glad that comment is no longer around because if you read the whole instagram post comments now, it is all from parkpark shippers! Haha! Feels so positive now.
  7. Sorry to everyone who requested for the link for my late reply. There are so many requests that I cannot reply on time plus soompi doesn’t allow me to cut and paste fast enough and I spend really a lot of time waiting for the lapse before I can send it to all so I might not be able to send it to everyone. My apologies.
  8. @luvspsjpmy it says (translated from chinese) Hi weibo fans, I am PSJ. These days I am busy with finishing up the last few scenes of WWWSK. I understand that a lot of fans from China love this drama, thank you for your support. I will work harder for the remaining episodes to portray a better role and drama. I will continue to update my weibo, thank you for your support!
  9. @Vincent Polo Yes yes, I think they are shooting the wedding scene or perhaps have shot? At least I saw PSJ in a wedding suit! but that means the show is coming to an end!!! No....
  10. Just a note for those who have the weibo link for the shipper’s video - if you would like the chinese words translation and since I have done it for a mate in this forum, just PM me won’t post it here to avoid shipping wars and because some weibo users are not too keen to have it on other public forums.
  11. @samkay I feel bad for MY for bearing the brunt of the anger too. Other shippers are saying that she is ugly, old and blah blah blah on top of their claims of PSJ not responding positively to her. Oh well, different people see different things from the same bts, I guess. Unfortunately the majority people that build up the fan base are fan girls who go crazy over actors rather than actresses so it is inevitable that actresses get more hate. I think it also depends on the fan age of the actresses? MY is in her 30s now so her shippers now should be generally of the age group around this who are more mature, rational and want her to be happy, I believe so. Hence the attacks on other ships are less compared to some crazy immature fan girls of PSJ and shippers of him and another actress? Personal thought.
  12. Video cannot be posted because it is a comparison with another ship so it will be moderated and creates another fan war here in soompi but we parkpark shippers love peace more as we adore our parkpark couple so we shall not post it in public
  13. @Cheryl295 yes I agree. I think this craze of shipping parkpark is very similar to songsong. I agree fan wars have always existed, I just don’t understand why like shippers of other ships just keep visiting parkpark’s thread to create commotion. Super childish. They can just stay in their own ship, in my opinion, because they will definitely see what they do not like in other threads! And ultimately shippers watch with some sort of tinted lenses perhaps except the really rational ones. Only actors and actresses themselves know at the end of the day.
  14. @saved2K honestly, the fan war has been going on eversince so many people have been shipping parkpark. I guess the hate is only going to grow with more evident signs but will die down eventually. I have read it a lot and in the shipping chats as well so don’t worry too much about it. Somehow parkpark shippers are still quite sane for now. They just mostly report or ask the oher party to get out of the chat. It is quite similar to songsong’s case actually.
  15. Actually there are many analysis posts on weibo. So many that it is almost impossible to translate everything. It is kind of like a daily increment in the people who feel the extraordinary vibes between Parkpark. I read till I am a bit lost to which article I have read and which I haven’t but it is still very enjoyable to read.
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