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  1. Well, most of us knows that Korea entertainment is quite aggressive. The haters usually attack with nasty comment. I guess those who loves JHI can feel that he tries to smile everytime, even when he looks tired cause he is trying not to be rude. Such behaviour should be applauded instead of criticized. I sincerely hope he can ignores those nasty comments and just be himself. Fighting!!
  2. Me too extremely dissapointed that Noona is not there. Even if there is no romance between them, hope she can support as a co-star.
  3. Actually, on the day JHI went to Japan (16 Jul), I saw someone repost a photo in airport on IG , but then the post mentioned the owner of the photo requested the repost taken out. It was deleted within seconds. It mentioned that it was a private trip. Thats why yesterday when I saw JHI came back from Japan, I was not surprised. Wonder why the post was taken out so immediately.
  4. The more they don't click like of each other IG picture, the more it shows they trying not to attract people's attention. hehe
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