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  1. I've never been this sad when drama ends. And never have i cried because of it. But WWWSK did this to me. This drama is everything! I will really miss the feeling of waiting for weds and thurs for updates and of course, our cast. Im so thankful they are the ones portraying these roles coz i really cant imagine other actors doing it. To the crew, they did a wonderful job and they deserve to be awarded for it. (Especially the effects they were using) I hope to see them shine more in their future projects P.s. Can someone make an expectation vs. Reality of the bed scene of YJ and MS and YS and his wife? Coz it would be hilarious really
  2. Aaaaw i was expecting the bts of the morning after the hot scene, their oppa oppa moments and especially their photo moments but this still will do... i guess
  3. Just wanna ask. Are there any english translation of WSK novel? And is it available?
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