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  1. I didn’t expect this first episode to be this good lol, I almost wished they stayed in that modern life hahahaha. Just done watching episode 2 and getting confused now... yet enjoying! Gotta love the change between the first and second season, we can clearly see they put more budget into this one! Also, gotta love that they put the best music of season 1 in here again!
  2. I’m just done watching this... to be honest, everything was fine until episode 21, I’m not sure if I got it all lol (if anyone wants to help me understand what was going on, I’m in!)... gonna start season 2 hehehehe. I’m glad I came here after YAMD, wouldn’t have I watch it otherwise! Might be a low budgeted drama but yet a good one. Haha, I’m finally starting to like XZL and LJ
  3. I randomly went on iQIYI today and saw the poster of this drama and was like DAMN this is out?! I’ve been crying after done binge watching XU KAI’S dramas LOOOOOOOOOL and couldn’t wait for another drama of him and now this is out hehehehehe. I haven’t seen the preview until now, I can only say that Xu Kai in this reminds me of him in Once Upon A Time In Lingjian Mountain lol. Also, I’m not sure about him and the female lead... they were def not a ship in Arsenal Military Academy haha so here I don’t know if I’ll ship them. Let’s see when I’ll start this drama if I’ll change my mind.
  4. I used to love the original version of this drama so when this came out I was like damnnnn needa watch it even though I wasn’t really a fan of the main leads (never finished any of XZL’s dramas sadly and about LJ, never started any) but after finishing watching this, I got convinced by their acting skills haha so I’m gonna give a try to the other drama where they’re pairing!
  5. IT'S OUT! I've just seen the first two episodes available on iQiyi! Gonna try it cause Dilireba looks damn fine in this!
  6. I'm surprised this drama is so overrated, I liked them in TMOPB and I was so glad when I heard they'll make a drama just for their love story but when this came out, I've watched it and dropped it and months later I came back to it after watching some premieres of episode 50+ and it caught my attention so I wanted to try it again and days later I've dropped it again LMAO idk but why 731 pages of replies LMAO damn. Did I miss something?
  7. I'm just done with it... I need medicines LMAOOOOOOOO. NOT EVEN ONE KISS SCENE OF OUR OTP JESUUUUUUUUUS.
  8. I live for Xu Kai! Can we talk about how good he looks in this drama...
  9. Why am I so late? LMAO, I've found out about this drama like 4 days ago? Happened to randomly watched a video of it on YouTube and it got me hook up so I've instantly started watching it. I'm just done watching it today, yh didn't sleep much these last few days hahaha. I'm kinda picky in Chinese dramas, it's either watching them in a rush or never finish them at all. I gotta say this one got me hooked up, mainly because of the actor Xu Kai who's someone I've never seen or heard before this. His smirk is everything! I love that actress as well, I'm pretty sure I saw her in another drama but I can't recall. I love that character she's playing, and she looks so nice when she's the supreme leader! I got confused in the last episodes so after I was done watching, I started to look for explanations and I got here so I gotta leave a comment on this :p it's been longtime since my last ch drama that I really loved, I can't even remember which one it was lol. This one is one the best ch dramas I've ever watched though!
  10. Can someone help me? What is this instrumental song playing at episode 46 around 14:55 plsssss
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