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  1. Please someone gives me a link to watch this please! Can’t watch on YouTube, they blocked my country for this video
  2. DID THE DRAMA SERIOUSLY END LIKE THIS????????????? And wtf... like how many people died in like a few seconds... YL DS HER BRO MRF DFS AND THE GIRL I forgot her name tho... and they don’t fking tell us how CY survived... while watching last episode I kept looking at the minutes and I was like what only 30 20 10 minutes left and we’re still at their fight etc... rip. After done watching this episode, I kept wondering if there’s any episodes left????? Lol
  3. I’M NOT FKING READY FOR THE END... gonna watch the last two episodes in a few hours omg.
  4. Right, I just watched it until the end. Lmao, made me laugh at the end when they asked if her husband was watching the drama and if he was jealous loooool and then she answered she made so many dramas alrdy, why would he even be jealous lol
  5. Yes lol I was like but isn’t Ariel married already lol okok now things are clarified! Thank you! I just watched a bit of the video lol and at a moment they took each other hand, I didn’t really pay attention and didn’t watch the full video thooo also I’m not a fan of DFS so I don’t ship them irl lmao, I’m more like into a CY/BQ irl hahahaha. Not gonna happen tho.
  6. If you mean Xiao Xia it’s starting at 19:41 and if you mean CY/BQ it’s at 38:26! also... my friend sent me this few days ago and said they were together irl lol. Is it true? Omg
  7. Cried so bad at episode 48 when Xiao Xia died and confessed herself to Yuan Chong... And when CY told BQ to forget him... my heart...
  8. Bai Jiang Fei brought her in. Do you remember when LQW tried to sell BQ to a brothel but then BQ hurt her and managed to escape and then BJF found her. I don’t remember all but I think she told BJF that she knows who’s the BiLuoTian’s 圣女 so she wants to meet the King etc and then that’s how she ended up in the palace lol. And then you know, she kinda seduced him and became one of his concubine.
  9. HOW DISGUSTING IS IT TO WATCH LQW TALKING W/ THE KING... ACTUALLY HER WHOLE VOICE IS ANNOYING AS FK LMAO. (i'm just done watching episode 45, i'm sooooo far away)
  10. WOW, this thread has been very active lately but not me! Lol... I’m so late, I mean I’m just done watching episode 44 lol wtf... rip! Real life catching me and I have no fking time... everytime I’m starting to watch and then I fell asleep lol. ANYWAYS, all the scenes of CY and BQ in episode 44 are so sweet as fk. They look like a married couple omg love that. And finally, we got that scene when omgggggg CY saying “you’re playing with fire” hahahaha omggggg my heart hahahaha! Pls make babies already hahahahaha. Ok, back to the drama! Gogo episode 45 hihi.
  12. I cried... when they finally reunited after she thought CY died... omg. I’m just done watching episode 43 and now I understand why in the opening song we see LQW in a queen suit cause she prob slept w/ the King.
  13. YAAAAAAAAAAAS! Lmao even him asked “if I looked like this would you like me” hahahahahaha
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