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  1. I stopped at episode 30 for this drama and maybe i'll continue when subs are released 'til about episode 50, maybe by then MSS is out of the picture. But the book is my lifesaver, it's so much better but the drama is still doing a pretty good job depicting the gist of the chapters. I'm at ch 621 and the cliffhangers per chapter are killing me. I really love NQ's no bull**** attitude and how much he loves SS even though he's very weird in expressing them. Ughh.. I love them both! And I miss Master Yan Se.
  2. @angelangie oooohhh.. i'm excited to read that. just the title itself excites me. The English translation is only up to ch 616 Two Autumns.. i just have to wait and i'll be able to read it in two more days.. so thirsty for the translations!
  3. i skimmed through ep 37-38 just to see where we're at.. one of my favorite scenes is in ep 37 and I think they're close to going home already, so hopefully by 40 or 41 NQ and Ss will meet again! (can't wait for that!)
  4. I skimmed through ep 36 and compared it to the previews released. The preview of 41-42 is the last scene in episode 36, (if we adjust that), hopefully by episode 40 NQ should be going home to SS already. @angelangie I love Jun Mo's character, he's like the older version of NQ but more stiff and arrogant. (and I love his crown!!) @pad-hari
  5. i think Ning Que won't be going home until episode 47. So i'll skip watching for now and wait . until he can be reunited with SS. good thing I'm reading the novel so it can supplement the drama. I'm halfway in the novel, still waiting for translations but it's getting so exciting. I can't imagine waiting for season 2 of this drama where all the action starts.
  6. This is so addicting.. I read the 500+ chapters of the novel and I just couldn't stop reading. Now I'm frustrated because half on the novel isn't yet translated. Most scenes got the gist of the novel even if some scenes are not exactly the same. (I still love it).
  7. how many chapters does the novel have? is there a book 2 for the 2nd season? will it still be about NQ and SS?
  8. If I read the novel, what chapter would we be in right now? is the flow same as the drama? Are there english translations of the novel?
  9. ooohhhh... i love that spoiler about SS, MSS, and NQ. i haven't read the novel so i have no clue what's gonna happen but i have a feeling that it's going to be tragic.. the action scenes and cgi on this drama are amazing. ( I love the scene with CHao Xiao Shu). so will the first season have 75 episodes? i'm so curious about SS real identity, and it's only the first 10 episodes..
  10. yes, it seems like the plot is different, it's just season 2 would not be happening until next year or longer.. did Xiao Yan and Yao Lao already devised a plan against Han Feng??
  11. How come there was another spatial ring? or was that the one taken by Han Feng? How can Xun Er just leave him there?? I wanted to read the novel, but i think the flow is a bit different..
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