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  1. That Idol performance in front of the palace, in hanbok fusion outfits and with the huge autumn moon was amazing! It fits in the Asian mid-autumn festivities and a great way to promote Korean culture to the US audience via Fallon. As an Asian person that grew up in the US, this kind of performance was non existent when I was growing up and on American TV. So I am incredibly proud to see it happen and so well done!
  2. I do hope there is a part 2 because of this quote: “The ending of season 1 will leave people wondering what kind of adventure awaits? What is the story between Eun-young and In-pyo that left untold? I want these questions to linger in the mind and remain in the heart of our viewers. “ Because this is me - wondering and wishing for just a few more episodes lol like I will be happy with just six more episodes where we see EY and IP team up to really fight the jelly and see their relationship deepen.
  3. In gearing up for the ONE online concert, I have been searching hi and low for an Army Bomb to make it more fun. And last week, Cokodive finally got a hold of some and I ordered it so fast before it sold out again. It just came today - within 5 days!! But I have no triple A batteries lol! So when I get some, I will take some photos.
  4. True true. I will probably ask Yes Asia like I did for the London Blu-Ray. Update: I didn't have to ask - it's already up on their store for fans to pre-order too. I've been a long long long time customer of theirs. So I'm happy.
  5. I was asleep last night lol so woke up and see Twitter panic re the album and going into lockdown! Ahhhh November is around the corner and now I am thinking how to get the album preorder because Weverse won’t ship yet to my country! So happppppppppy for new music tho.
  6. Oh filming has wrapped already?!? The BTS short video was nice, always in awe of the sets and costumes. Overall looks good; I hope we get a trailer soon.
  7. I didn’t realize Netflix would drop all 6 episodes in one go. Is this a short series?!? I am now on episode 3 and it’s def not for everyone! I like quirky originals so it’s def my cup of tea. I was surprise at the mix of quirky yes - but also dark comedy, surprisingly creeeeepy and it is a bit sweet. The jelly visuals are innovative too. Jung Yumi is gorgeous as Eun Young and her chemistry with NJH is solid. It reminds me of Japan’s TRICK a series a tiny bit but of course no slap stick humor nor is it focusing on solving scams and fighting cults. But the overall originality of mixing genre with good acting, stories and message. Ep5 made me cried. Ep 1 and 5 were the strongest by far. Just finished ep 6 and Oh it ended!?!? I feel like the story just got started with our heroine coming to terms and our OTP starting to realllly bond and then it ended! There’s so much potential left unexplored. Besides the first few episodes, our heroine didn’t really fight that many jellies but more with herself and accepting her fate. I would have loved more OTP scenes too. Still it was funny, cute, creepy and def original show.
  8. The last episode was really good! Melodramatic with the amnesia but it was saved by the really strong acting by LJK and MCW - like they are soooo great at conveying their emotions. I really felt what they were feeling etc. It was also quite realistic for the trial and how HS had to doubt himself too. He has been through a lot and hiding his real self all these years. In all, an excellent drama. LJK has not disappointed me with his drama choices! I do hope he and MCW will collab again in the future - I want a Sageuk!
  9. So much content; can’t keep up so will catch up on the weekend. Have so looking forward to BTSweek on Fallon!
  10. I think people is mixing up kissing as in what is acceptable on TV vs kiss as practiced in reality in history. For TV - of course - Asian countries have been conservative and the kissing being shown on TV have come a long way like many have said. I agree. However, if you are thinking that in Asian history - there was no deep kissing at all until the Western people bought it; this is where we disagree. Deep kissing or open mouth kissing was like documented in the Kama Sutra going back to like the 4th Century in India. I think it would be silly to assume that Asian people back then did not know how to deep kiss. I think they did but it wasn’t something they were openly talking about because it was seen as a private act and need not be coined in a public word. Kisu is a ‘loan word’ is a reflection of public and private and not that the act itself didn’t exist. Geisha in Japan were highly trained entertainers (not courtesans until much later - so of course kissing was not encouraged). Yes not all societies do deep kissing but as an Asian and one that studies Asian history for her undergrad studies, I am confident to say that it was practiced in Asia. Ok time for bed!!! Maybe I will have kissing dreams now lol
  11. I reallllly love it when they sing with a LIVE band and I think I watched this Tiny Desk performance 20 times in the last 3.5 hours lol. I loved it alll and it is getting them new fans too (in the comments section over at YT of NPR) New Army!!!
  12. Hmmm I think it is total BS that people in history doesn’t do deep kissing and the implication that it only came about because of Westerners. Yes, they made it more acceptable in modern society and back in the Middle Ages, they would not have done it in public but there’s been plenty of erotic books and bed manuals since ancient times across all civilizations, including India and China. As Korea is influenced heavily back in G and J dynasty, I am sure they had access to those manuals too and plenty of deep kissing in reality but in private spaces. Having conservative societal rules that put in place strict and minimal displays of affection is one thing but then to say there was such a behavior at all is odd. Sexual activity is human nature and so just because it was a private activity doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
  13. I voted and hope we get a new sageuk that is epic in 2021 too
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