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  1. I just saw episode 1 and thought it was refreshingly funny, fast paced and overall great. It made me happy for some reason.
  2. Whaaat?! I had no idea this novel is being turned into a drama! I purchased the novels a while back but forgot about it due to crazy work and wanted to read a bit of a creepy story as Halloween approaches. Thus, I am reading book 1 right now and Si Tang is such a great character. The novel so far is good - keeps you guessing and definitely not so predictable. I don’t follow Jing Tian at all and have only seen her in the terrible film with Matt Damon so in my head I can’t imagine her as Si Teng. Bin Bin as Qin Fang is OK I think.
  3. I understand that drama fans wants to see shows in one go but please consider the perspective of perhaps an Asian production company and writers wanting to work a la Western production timeline and schedules where they have paced out filming schedules and time spaced out over multiple seasons. With reports of labour abuse and intense work schedules, maybe it is OK for Asian shows to adapt multi seasons like the West here and there. There is no need for the company to film the entire 59 episodes in one go just because that is the way it has always been done or to appease fans. I think the producers, staff and stars can select how they want to do the format of the show. It seems everyone is still confused if the season 2 news is real or not? Got side tracked with work and still haven’t watched the last episode yet but will do this weekend. Edit 2: Hopeful News re season 2: https://m-en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20190923008500315 Edit 3: I just watched the last episode last night
  4. I haven’t watched the last episode (hopefully for season 1 vs the final end of show) and came here to see if there will be Season 2. After reading the posts, why am I still confused and not sure (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`). Prays for continuation...
  5. @lightbringer06 I admire fans watching so many dramas at once. I want to watch many but won’t be able to watch but one at a time lol. With AC ending soon, I am making a list lol. The teaser clip clip was good. The drama looks fantastic - a rom-com thriller?
  6. OMG ep 17 had me taking to my screen...there IS NO WAY the series ends with tonight’s episode.
  7. @katakwasabi ah it was the stage lighting lol but he looked great in pastel colored suit anyways
  8. @rocher22 my most anticipated scene is the reunion of T and E but Immediately follow by when the twins will meet tooo! I can’t wait and praying that both scenes will happen in the next two episodes or gosh...the wait lol. We will have to come with a coping mechanism if they leave us hanging for 2 years or more lol...
  9. Oh finally news about the Blu-ray and DVD. Hopefully the detail can be shared here too.
  10. Ep. 16 finally focused on Tanya and Eunseom and I used to think they may changed too much to later on be together but this episode actually proved me wrong because fundamentally they are struggling with the same problem: how to gain power and do so in a moral way etc. I also really enjoy Eunseom and Ipsaeng’s scenes in this episode - it finally paid off (what the writers have tried to do to build their relationship to a believable bromance lol). I enjoyed the whole waterfall judgement fiasco. The other key scenes that really stuck with me were: -Tanya realizing her tribe has changed and only her and Doti longed for the old ways. Then her turning the game (against T&T) and continue to gain people power was well done. It was powerfully done. -Saya over hearing the whole sword, bell and mirror and catching his name but not fully understanding and also knowing that Tanya is hiding something. Oh wait does Saya know yet that she can read minds (I don’t think so yah?)
  11. With so little episodes left, I will be sooooooo crushed if there is no reunion of Tanya and Euensom. I can’t ship either of them with any other but I do agree that the chances of them ending up together seem slim for all the things they have to do etc. I do feel for Saya having the one sided love though. I don’t mind the focus on Tagon as I do think the story will eventually give focus to Euensom soon enough. Just that things have to go according to plot order. Besides, Euensom and Ips scenes together - although slow and a bit redundant - is striving towards his power consolidation and I am looking forward to how it plays out.
  12. Episode 15 was very good. Time flew by and again the writers have done an excellent job. I love love how strong all the female characters are in their awesome ways.
  13. I just caught up and ep 14 was slower than I thought pacing wise but it went by faster in the second half. Better than last episode and it looks like things are about to get interesting lol. @Raquel Bastian I am of the opposite view. The writing for this show is very strong and it is NOT that things are left hanging but the writers try to portray a multidimensional and realistic characters. In life, many good people do bad things out of a combination of their desires and being shaped by life. Tagon is such a character. Power corrupts and while Tagon isn’t a evil person, he had done many evil things to keep his secret and attain power. He even struggles with his own bad deeds but he justifies it in thinking it is for the greater good. History has so many cases of good intentions causing great harm instead. I appreciate that Tagon isn’t a stereotypical, flat villain.
  14. I only saw half of ep 13 and haven't had a chance to watch 14 yet (it's a crazy work week in the real world) so I'll be back eventually. Glad to see many positive comments.
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