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  1. I just saw episode 5 and I thought it started out really strong re the hostage situation. They did this scene really well. Overall, I am enjoying the show and can’t wait for the episodes. @Kokokrunch they haven’t shown us yet what happened to the baby. I think soon and I think it is that guy with the covered face in Tagon’s Squad.
  2. Cute romantic scenes aside, I am so frustrated with this show. It keeps going in circles and so many urggggh moments. Worries about the last 4 episodes as the pacing has been quite slow and plot going no where. I am ready for the ending now.
  3. Square Enix announced FF8 Remastered for release later this year (on all platforms) and on today - my birthday! It’s been 20 years since I played the original and while I wish they would remake it like for FF7, I will take this new version too. I have played all the FF games and this one stuck with me the most and it did have the best soundtrack. So happy - just wanted to see if any other fans lurked here.
  4. Just Saw episode 4 and it totally deserved the highest rating to date. It was sooooo good! All of Tanya/White Wolf scenes literally gave me goosebumps.
  5. I really like episode 3 because it finally brings the story to the main plot and towards future conflicts and developments. Episode 1 and 2 was to introduce the world, characters and sets up the foundations and episode 3 hints at the potential of the main story. Glad that we learned more about the Union and why the Wahan clan spoke the same language. I like the T and T teaming up to take his father down. Kanmoreu keeps stealing the show and I like the scenes. Also, I really like the small details embedded in the story. It’s awesome (especially when so many dramas have soooo many plot holes and aren’t as tight quality wise). So happy little Doti survived. The scene where Tanya sees Helper by the river gave me chills for some reason.
  6. Same. I kept thinking that they dragged out and kept going in circles on every aspect of the main plot with the bad guys. What I found odd is that while I really enjoy the romantic scenes, Min’s story with his dad and the funny scene with his mom on the phone, these scenes didn’t go well with the rest of the drama some how. This is what I meant about tone. Anyways, I hope they will surprise us in a good way since we still have like 6 more episodes!
  7. I enjoy the last two episodes (9&10) but still admit that it was all over the place re plot progression, tone, and pacing. Thank goodness for strong acting and me liking the cast or else I would have dropped this.
  8. Just caught up to episode 8. Happy that the love story has progress but the plot is a bit dragged out Re our villains etc. 8 more episodes so I hope things picks up again.
  9. Just watched episode 1 and thought it was a solid, strong start to the series. The script/plot wasn’t confusing at all and I like the embedded themes of identity and the sub-theme of humanity. I also didn’t have any problems with the production. Compared to other historical-fantasy K-dramas, this is show clearly has a stronger production. Ragaz and the kid who played teenage Tagon did very well and stole every scene they were in. Young boy Eunsoem is a cutie and good too. KOB is so pretty, JDG looking good - the second leads left a strong impression from the get go. Despite some stylistic similarity to GOT - which is surprisingly minimal, especially for all the comparisons online. I am also not seeing any similarity or that this show is trying to be like a Korean GOT etc. On this note, I do think that this kind of thinking is why so many people dislike the show and find many faults. Like someone said - it was the same when Scarlet Heart - Moon Lovers came out. Someone also said that this show may not be popular with the older gen.; I disagree. I am 42 and didn’t find the show too young for my taste at all.
  10. @angelangie FB has demonstrated over and over that they only care about making a profit; when situations arise — they do not do the right thing. They continue to sell user data without always informing users, allow for fake, harmful content, sell ads w/o due diligence e.g. Cambridge Analytica, and they don’t care to really change. I don’t want to support an unethical company like this in any way.
  11. Thanks @Zhen Huan - unfortunately I am no longer using FB (T.T).
  12. Watching episode 5: a bit confusing but ohhh unexpected twist at the end was good. I only dislike
  13. Yey finally MGY is back. She left such a great impressing on me since Painter of the Wind and its excellent OST. It's good to see her back on the small screen. As for KS, he totally caught my eye since 100 Days Husband and I'm glad to see his quick rise to being the male lead. I'm looking forward to this pairing and hope it has a little bit of spooky lol.
  14. The new trailers looks very good. I was reading comments elsewhere that were sooooooo negative about the new poster and trailers (too much comparing to GoT). I don't want to watch anymore trailers thought - will just wait for the show on Netflix. Looking forward to watchingc the part 1 and deciding for myself. Excited.
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