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  1. or Maybe I don't have life that is why I am responding to you....I guess I only saw PMY's name on it....Yep I got lost. Let me leave the forum before you guys kill me ... I'll go do something meaningful like studying.
  2. My apologies....I'm PMY fan and not any particular crazy about co star of hers....I just want express my opinion that she is great....that is why we are here talking and fighting over where or when we should be expressing our thought. Fighting people...I will go get a life!!!! Peace out my Friends!!! Don't get stress out too much Zashi23.
  3. I have to disagree....PMY has super duper great chemistry with all her leading men....PPC was great but her chemistry with all her other leading partners were great too. I do love PPC but that was last year....this year is her CHEMISTRY with KJW. Sorry guys...I am not a faithful couple fan...
  4. Not sure why this forum isn't as active.....I have to say this show is really really funny. KJW is such a hotties and PMY is great as usual. Just finished E4...oh man really love the leads' chemistry. I like this drama more than her last drama. Healer is still my #1...maybe this will become my #2 of PMY's works....because of this show....I've re watched KJW's movie called " Antique Bakery"....he was such hotties there as well...this guy can do kiss scene with anyone ( even gay kisses). I will try watching Voice I before this show finishes airing.
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