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  1. I am ISH fan but for some reason I do not like her character here. I like Jisoo a lot from Angry Mom but thus far the bigger brother stole the show...I like his manly attitude. I will continue to watch this show regardless. We shall find out where the writer takes us.
  2. I can feel the chemistry between ISH and HSJ in the first episode already but not so much for Jisoo and ISH because he's currently a student. I so hope that Jisoo is the lead here.
  3. I really love this drama. The reason he can't reveal what happened 12 years ago is because he wants to protect his sister....just a thought though.
  4. Thank you. I will check out Life on Mars.
  5. This drama is very good to my liking and I am hooked. Can someone please recommend to any other similar genre that is good for me to watch while I am patiently waiting for new episode every week?
  6. I am really enjoying this show very much. I look forward to every Friday and Saturday. LOVE both leads.
  7. I really like this drama. I watched this for LHY but fall in love with the main lead actress. They have great chemistry.
  8. . She might have family backing in the industry or maybe she's so good that people keep casting her. If you don't like her drama you don't have to watch it period. There are plenty of other dramas with other actresses that might suit your liking. I happen to like here silliness style. Most of her shows made me laugh and I really enjoy her dramas. I am glad that she has a lot of works in the pipeline cuz I am looking forward to her projects.
  9. I was laughing literally out loud watching this drama. I love both the leads. I am looking forward for next week episodes.
  10. I found my new favorite after the world of marriage ended. I really enjoyed the first two episodes. I cried along with Ha Ri.
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