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  1. Who can tease them better than HongKi who saw the beginning of their LAAAV Only the Hwayugi cast and their closest friends can do that
  2. @sugohesso Sorry for the late reply I'm happy that you too feel that tvN was playing some fishy things with the BTS. Luckily you found the thread. Any news hints like some PINK or shiny things? I add some vitamins gifs here because I miss Hwayugi and seeing them together :
  3. Welcome Don't restrain yourself, just share everything you want about this beautiful couple. We just have to be patiente and good news will come. I really want to know what you think about Hwayugi and their chemistry ?
  4. I loved your explanations, thank you. Like you said I think that it's for Vagabond good publicity too, its all media play. Because from what I've heard SZ is not as her top of popularity in Korea even if she is the Nation First Love after the broke up with LMH, the pictures of her and LDW dating when nothing was serious (the Lee thing start with that) and then the broke up too + the petition against her etc. She is not in good position. But beside her we have our charming friend who is truly loved and cherish in Korea without a shade of hate or scandal around him. So LSG is good for SZ image too. I think if LSG is about to be in a dating scandal or marriage thing during Vagabond, that will be a risk to ruin the drama before even he start. So revealing something about is love life is not good for now. But patience my friends it's just a question of time.
  5. Hey guys! I'm back, I'm sorry for being away for so long I'm glad to see the ship sailing so much and seeing the thread moving so fast. I'm so happy to see that their friends support them @hj04 Welcome to the thread! I hope you will enjoy the ship sailing itself! The chemistry is amazing because this is something between them that can't be act! Don't hesitate to come and talk about this couple whenever you want @digi223 I know you welcomed me a long time ago but thank you very much
  6. In the BTS of Hwayugi they just look like a family. Prediction of the future? Of course! Submarine ship? It's another level of ship that we reach
  7. @intrariver Thank you very much for your help I edited my post, I think the gifs works now @missirina No it's never to late, thank you. So much 503 couple vitamins in your gifs, they make my heart flutters. The first gif, this how you react when your crush look at you. LSG said his personality was 86% like SOG , they are so much alike.
  8. @iffahmm Thank you so much, don't worry better late than never . Ohh thank you "bulkkoch" mean flame/spark in korean and I was talking about what? The spark in their eyes obviously . JSM deserve better, she fight all her life alone and when she finally has someone by her side who care for her, they kill her. This is so unfair but SOG will find her and make them pay. @ritausma Thanks for welcomed me and for this gifs of this beautiful scene of our OTP. @intrariver I'm so glad we share the same passion for this couple. (And OMG LSG and his kinks!) LSG is a very good actor but when it comes to OYS their have times LSG doesn't act anymore, this happens just for few seconds but it defenitly happens like some of you have already notice but I will try to make more exemples beside all the kiss scenes. - Look at his smile: - Here it's a little bit of the two of them, it's all about eyes + his facial's expressions : - His eyebrows: - His stare ( this is a picture because I can't find a gif of that scene): - The stare again and again: - For this scene I can't find a gif so watch the video around 1:30 look at his eyes this is full of sweetness that you normally have for someone you care not for your enemy: https://youtu.be/G9bbQrUB0h4 - because he is not alone and it can happen to her too : I think my delusional side take control of me. (I do not own this gifs)
  9. @muishami @kopikosong @intrariver Thanks all for welcomed me so well. I love to see that you are as crazy as me about this ship. ❤ I have great hopes that it going to happen and faster that we think. Especially that they want both to get married in the next few years. My heart is going to explodes when they will announce their wedding. I really want to see in the future their beautiful children. Yeah I'm so glad that THIS SHIP SAIL ITSELF. When you don't know them their relationship is not that obvious but when you pay attention their love for each other become so obvious. I already finish the drama and I'm going to rewatch it. About the episode 19, I will say one thing is really really really obvious : HIS EYES! This is not just twinkles in his eyes this is literally fire. At the first episode it was twinkles but with the progress of the episodes the twinkles in his eyes become fire, as expected from the The Great Sage Equal to Heaven. The bed scene in the episode 19 I was not ready at all I just fangirl so much: the look, the kiss, the skinship + the back hug with him shirtless. (Too much things for my mind to analyze) For the first kiss I have to admit I laugh a little because he was supposed to be surprised by the kiss but he lean on, that was so cute like if Lee Seunggi wanted to kiss her and it was not Son Oh Gong anymore . Beside the episode 19 kiss scene my favorite kiss scene will be the kiss in episode 10 (like Lee Seunggi), the look he give her between the kiss was so sweet. My favorite scene will be the scene when he destroy a whole world for saving her, she was so beautiful I loved her style, and then she wake up in the theater with all the thing she love like if it was just a nightmare. (My favorite scene like Oh Yeon Seo) I was a little disappointed in the last episode because there was not action anymore. The scene when he gave her is eye I cried so much like when she died but I can understand her death and this ending, they prepared us all along since the death bell it was not a surprise even if I hoped a happy ending. I will gladly go to the 50 pages right now. I became an adult this year. Coincidence ? I don't think! I wanted to share with you guys an amazing video Sorry for this long post... when I talk about them I can stop
  10. Hello! I'm a delulu shipper of the Seungyeon couple for weeks since I saw the first episode of Hwayugi. I was a silent shipper since I discovered this thread weeks ago, I had to restrain my delulu side because I had exams to do and now that I passed I can let my delulu mind ship Lee Seunggi and Oh Yeon Seo freely. So I create this account today. I was not a fan of them before but they are truly talented actors and I will love stanning them from now. They are such a beautiful couple with an amazing chemistry. I am so happy that this thread is so alive. Ps: sorry if I make mistake I'm from France.
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