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  1. I'm not sure but I think last week of October. She didn't wear it anymore during the promotion of her movie.
  2. at 1:07:11 they're talking about "OUTRO" Taemin stammered and said I want to give spoiler about "Outro" then Eunhyuk ask what is it about then Taemin said "I just want to say it foreshadows something" then he smiled and said "I'll stop here. It could be and "Intro", not an "Outro" then he smiled again and said "I'll stop here. I could get scolded for this." For me, he meant something about the "intro" thing. Maybe he wants his fans to be prepared for the "Intro" of his "Out-ro" about the things that we all been waiting for sooo long.
  3. It's the first time that that Shawol posted Taeun pic but she get bashed by those psychos but I'm glad there's a lot of Shawols supporting her and TaEun. They also told her to post whatever she wants because it's her account and the next thing she did, she posts Minho and Jong's pic with girls maybe to annoy those retard fans.hahaha
  4. There were pics of him arriving from Singapore day after the event but he wore the same outfit as his departure that's why some people think that there were no pic of him arriving @chantaljaey girl, we're breathing same air with the BFFs
  5. I also saw it before girl, but I think the one who posted it is a TaEun fan. This time it's Shawol and look what she/he got from some psychos for posting it... Also, another Shawol posted the same pic of TaEun today and that account has more followers than the first Shawol who posted it. For sure she/he will also be bashed by the psychos.
  6. Good thing our couple are ninjas. It's really early for JenKai to reveal their relationship. Kai could have asked his bestfriend some tips on how to not get caught by Dispatch. I guess Taem already mastered it @xoxo_yanna98 I think he went to SG but I'm not sure if it's for Kiehls event.
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