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  1. http://m.ilyo.co.kr/?ac=article_views&toto_id=&entry_id=320378 How about this? @cheerkoo Im really curious.
  2. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=421&aid=000375133 @cheerkoo if you don't mind what it says?thanks
  3. @cheerkoo can you check this out if this is a new news or not. http://m.ibhnews.com/4609
  4. Will Hyesun be the cover of Single Magazine this December?
  5. @loveukoo oh really?I thought she accepted to appear on the show...pssshhh...but I really wish that she did.
  6. Maybe @loveukoo .I'm waiting for her variety show with Gamja,if I'm not mistaken it will aired this December? So far,she's doing well!
  7. Hello!Have you seen the event Koo attended? She presented an award at the 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards.And,if you heard about the news that Jiyeon joined Partners Park and Hanyeseol having an upcoming drama.Haist!I'm wondering why Koo still haven't a drama offer yet isn't because no ones offering her?I'm so sad about it.No wonder if Jiyeon will receive first a drama offer soon.
  8. @rizu28 If I'm not mistaken it was on NJTTW5 episode 1 and 3;and NJTTW6 episode 1 and 2.
  9. Hello! Have you watched New Journey to the West? I'm so happy because so far Hyesun was mentioned for almost 4 times now.kekeke. I appreciate the editor and the PD's of the show.
  10. Is it cool if Hyesun,Barbie Hsu,Mao Inoue and Shen Yue meet in person.Like I'm hoping even its impossible to at least they would have a magazine photoshoot.hahaha
  11. Is there a recorded reason why Hyesun sold the Cafe Mandolin?I'm just curious.
  12. Hey to all Sunnies in the Philippines, BLOOD will be aired in Asianovela Channel starting November 29 at 7am/1pm/8pm. Yey!I'm so happy!!!Hope they will reaired ANGEL EYES too.keke
  13. Ku hyesun as the ambassador for Korean Fine Arts Association will be participating in with Art Fair 2018 which will be held at Songdo Convencia from 31st of October 2018(preview day) to 4th of November 2018.Ku's booth will be located at booth no.21. And,'MYSTERY PINK' will have a special screening at the Seoul Independent Film Festival (SIFF) which will be held from Nov.29 to Dec.7 2018.The film was selected under special invitation- a section which introduces controversial and New Korean Independent Film. credits to sun_bits Congrats Koo!!!
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