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  1. Omg!!!! Is this true? Please let this rumor be true. Yang mi and Hu Ge in novoland as main leads? https://www.jaynestars.com/news/hu-ge-rumored-to-be-starring-alongside-yang-mi-for-novoland-pearl-eclipse/
  2. I'm totally saving ever night until it is fully subbed. It looks great. also di, I have no problems with older actresses acting with younger actors. you make too many assumptions. I find it hard to appreciate the series when the actress "looks" older and is suppose to be much younger compared to the male lead. yang mi doesn't have to act with older actors for me to appreciate. i just want someone who is compatible with her in terms of looks. i still don't understand your hate for ethan as yang mi's costart to this day but to each her own. ever night is a fine example of me having no problem with the leads although the female lead actress is 5 years older than the male lead in real life since she looks incredibly young for her age and looks younger than the male lead too.
  3. I'm glad yang mi will still have fans supporting her series no matter what. I don't mind if the story is written so that yang mi's character is older than deng lun's, but I will take issue if yang mi's character is written to be the same age or younger than deng lun. as much as i love yang mi, in no way does she look the same age as deng lun or younger. as much I loved watching you from another star, I took issues still with the main female lead looking older than the male lead even though he was an alien who is much older than her (but I suppose aliens maintain a more youthful appearance compared to humans). also, while watching fuyao, I did cringe at the thought of yang mi playing a 17 year old character but because ethan ruan looked age appropriate for her, I was totally fine with the pairing and wanted more of them. again, I'm glad yang mi has some great fans here. I do agree that if men can be paired up with much younger actresses for similar aged character, then yang mi should be able to as well. but I also cringe when the male leads look so much older than the female leads. anyhow, yang mi is going to star in a hugely anticipated movie "assassins in red." I'm not sure how big her role will be as this appears to be more male centric based on the plot and not romance base. I'm very excited about this movie as this is another big opportunity for her although i prefer her to stay in drama land. this is not an idol movie at all. it's a movie that has been 3 years in the making prior to shooting. =) click on the link below for dramapanda's article. http://www.dramapanda.com/2018/11/yang-mi-and-lei-jiayins-assassins-in.html
  4. Yang mi’s new series....i’m actually am unhappy with the coupling. I’m a yang mi fan but even I have to admit that for an Asian celebrity, she looks more mature for her age compared to other actresses in the same age bracket. Anyhow, this is for @di~ As I know she’ll be excited by this further speculation (almost confirmation). I know den Lun is now a successful star but I can think of other actors who are more visually compatible with yang mi. https://www.jaynestars.com/news/yang-mis-latest-tv-drama-to-star-deng-lun/
  5. here is the link to yang mi's the great craftsman with wallace huo.
  6. @lovecarnation @rinkyu you can read lost you forever here. the translation is amazing! the person who translated it has mastered the art of language. she inserts a lot of her thought at the beginning of each section and although wordy, they are fun to read. sometimes there are minor spoilers. you can skip them and go straight to the chapter without sacrificing anything. https://www.novelupdates.com/series/lost-you-forever/?pg=4 for the complete novel. for some reason, koala never hyperlinked chapter 50 onto her site so you may not get a complete novel by starting with her site. click on the highlighted c0 under release to start. it will take you to koalasplayground.com where the translation was done. koalasplayground has a lot of ad so it takes a while to load sometimes. the prologue (c0) isn't so interesting but i read it just because i like to complete novels the proper way. here's the link to the first chapter (on the novelupdates website, it'll be c1): http://koalasplayground.com/2014/02/18/lost-you-forever-chapter-1-life-is-short-like-a-temporary-stay/ @nna125 i agree, xiang liu is a fun and complex character but
  7. it's actually a happy ending. it's basically a love story where gods and goddesses are not immortal and live among human beings. there are three male leads and there is a huge ship war; so depending on who you ship the main female lead with, it might just be a bittersweet ending for you. fortunately, the main female lead ended up with the right guy for her and he was the one i rooted for the entire way. the guy who ended up with her is not as complex as the other two male leads, but he can provide her with the happiest ending. i was able to download the entire book from asianovel. you can also read it from novelupdates.com https://www.novelupdates.com/series/lost-you-forever/ the epilogue (translated by another fan as koala kind of lost steam near the end due to her busy life) can be found in the comment section. reading the epilogue caused many people to jump ship but i got lucky for shipping the right guy..so this book made me very happy.
  8. thanks! i completed it already hence my interest in getting hamster's version as i heard it was from ye hua's point of view.
  9. i love this couple. i just finished love O2O which i found more amusing than secretary kim but still not as addicting as fuyao. all these series were so much fun but the chemistry cannot be compared to wufu. i heart them. and i just finished reading lost you forever....le sigh...it's such a great story and i would love for yang mi and ethan to collaborate again. this is also my home and i come here to check in on this thread daily in case someone surprises us with news about our wufu starring together in another series again. i cannot remember who said it, but i'm glad fuyao came into my life this year. it has been a rough year and fuyao offered the distraction i needed to not dwell on the negatives and hardships found in life. there are still great series i haven't started, but i find it hard to move on from fuyao. will be checking out the rise of phoenix and ashes of love eventually, but right now, i'd rather read novel translation so i can use wufu as the main leads.
  10. if anyone has a copy of hamster's translation, can you send it to me? i've tried to look online and have already purchased the ebook from amazon, but i heard hamster's translation is better. thanks
  11. i'm still a huge wufu fan! life has been busy and i managed to complete what's wrong with secretary kim. i see so many parallels between the relationship between both otps...i have so much to say but too little time to say it as life has been hectic. i have so many posts i need to respond to but i've likely forgot my response by now. anyhow, despite what's wrong with secretary kim's popularity, i have to admit that i enjoy LOF so much more despite the terrible ending. i find wufu's chemistry so much greater. secretary kim was highly enjoyable with better flow throughout the series and a much tighter storyline with a better ending, but LOF has my heart. i keep on coming back to this thread to see what's going on and i'm so glad it's alive. once life calms down, i need to address some posts (if i can remember what i wanted to say the first time i read those posts). i'm so glad this thread is alive. despite the series' choppy ending, i hope other fans can enjoy this series as much as we do. wufu has insane chemistry; it's too bad the ending couldn't deliver well enough. despite all it's flaws, LOF has brought me back to dramaland (c drama and now k drama...lol) and it's the only series i've ever started watching before it completed airing online. and it has brought an otp that trumps all OTP's for me.
  12. there's been a few post about the happy ending being in their current lives as wufu. the pair did not die. go back and read josephine quino's post for a more detailed analysis. after watching the final episode, i think there are certain messages that were lost in the sub. it wasn't until i read her post again that the ending made sense as i felt the translation didn't fully portray how wuji was able to get his power back to survive and help their friends survive. also, the conversation at the end took place in tianqian and it appears that fuyao was continuing their conversation about wuji's poem. she is still harboring some jealousy for the possibility of wuji writing that poem to a sect sister and is probing further. they look like they have been comfortably living with each other for a while as fuyao is no longer as shy with wuji's affection and is openly displaying affection towards him too.
  13. i agree that there will be wide difference of opinions. even when the articles tend to be neutral or positive towards various stars/series, over the years, what i read in the comments sections have been mostly negative towards yang mi. more recently, based on articles on fuyao and the great craftsman, i see many repetitive comments along these lines: her acting is static. which i disagree on. her acting has improved. previously, i thought it was formulaic although acceptable for an "idol" actress, but her performance in fuyao proved to me otherwise. she is in every series. dilireba has been in more series than her last year and probably more this year, but no one on jaynestars is complaining about that to the same degree as yangm i. for a while, lss was in every tang ren series and churning out more series than yang mi, but i didn't see the same complaint. she has had too much plastic surgery. i cannot comment on this, but i have to admit that i do see some changes. i prefer her the way she was previously but this could be due to aging and pregnancy. so i don't really take issue with this, but i don't find it relevant to many of her articles. i don't expect people to think she's the greatest. i just think it's ridiculous that the same set of people who praise lyf, lss, and suzy from miss A for their "acting" will bash yang mi who has demonstrated a much wider range. i shouldn't be surprised but somehow i am. but i'm not fanatic enough to go out of my way to defend yang mi against a group of anti-fans. i'd rather invest my energy communicating with like minded people. i didn't bother to comment there as i'm not there to change anyone's opinion. i understand haters will hate unreasonably, and it's futile to attempt to influence others' opinions. i'm just giving my view that there's been quite a bit of negative opinions towards yang mi compared many other chinese (non-hk) actresses.
  14. It’s horrendous for sure. I’ve seen much better hairstyles for republican era. It looks terrible even on the poster but somehow yang mi can pull it off. It gives her an Audrey Hepburn feel. Anyhow, yang mi gets a lot of hate on jaynstars.com. Even Ethan...it’s strange because I though Hong Kong loves Yang mi, but posters on jaynestars tell me otherwise. She gets so much bashing on any article related to her. People are complaining about her acting in fuyao when it’s obvious they didn’t even watch the whole series. I also admit that it took a couple of episodes for Yang mi to get into character, but she totally wowed me in so many episodes as did Ethan. Oh well, haters are going to hate.
  15. That's great. I thought she was already so popular in China so I didn't think she'd gain that much more. For sure, I thought Ethan's number would be higher than yang mi's because now all of China will keep an eye out for him. I'm so happy for both actors...well deserved. Any updates on the great craftsman with yang mi? I'm happy for yang mi too because despite the series’ shortcomings, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It knocks all other otp chemistry out of the park ...I didn't think it was possible for me to obsess over an otp like I do with wufu.
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