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  1. Wonder th13teen make me wonder what project is this? Why so much actrees and actor involved in this project? Any idea guys??
  2. i don't think so that drake would be able to join the auditions because i think that drake and the other actors/actrees that called "GMMTV ROOKIES" had already signed an exclusive contract
  3. yes you are right that krist and singto gains the highest popularity among the other couples, but sometimes high popularity doesn't affect so much on the tv ratings when to series goes to a bad story but in this case would be different because it just only have one episode, so i agree with both of you that sotus will be the series that have the highest tv ratings
  4. before i continue, please take note that what i post earlier before and this one is totally my random thought, not a news / fact from what i saw from the youtube comment, the tv ratings and shares performa of sotus s was not as good as their prequel, so do with puppy honey 2 (but i don't know the tv ratings about kiss me again and cause your'e my boy, any info?).. about the couple popularity i just saw drake and frank just begin to give fans service, tonight frank give a birthday surprise to drake (please check on frank ig story), so we still have a small hope, i wish they will continue this to develop their couple fansclub so later we could compare them apple to apple
  5. yes... i even think it is too short to develop the conflict of the story if it just has a 45 minutes single episode... what i thought about this project is it just a market test to determine what project they should do for the next year BL series, maybe gmmtv had a plan to make one of the series in this project a sequel, but they choose what series that will be made based on the tv rating and shares from this project. The series that has the highest tv rating and shares will be chosen as their next project
  6. yes the part that i hate for sure in this series is we don't get to know exactly about so many many things that what we could just do is only ASSUMING almost everything... i understand that maybe they were planning to make so many thing unanswered because they gonna answer it in the sequel of the series, but i think it is too risky as if they got a bad tv share and rating, it will never been to be made onto sequel and that will be really really terrible!
  7. noo... what i mean in that post it's not that... i just stating my dissapointment toward the series in that post, not asking someone to answer what illness was mork suffering i just feel dissapointed because they left us with so many many questions unanswered until the end of the series and just made us assuming the answer for all of the questions, i really hate it! so what is the point they give us hint and clue, but at the end they just made us assuming the answer...
  8. anybody please translate this... by the way after watching the last episode, altough it came into a happy ending but honestly i disappointed with the whole episose 12.. first, there was a lot of sound mulfunction (or it is just me?) : at the opening song, gold ring scene, and bed scene then it is unclear about mork's disease. they just say it is a serious disease and mork just temporarily recovered because it could coming back again... but what disease was it? or they really intended to hide that and left us with so many question unanswered? and the last party scene, how could we say that's a party if it just a few people that attended and it is too quiet for a party? it seems they ran out of the budget to shoot the last episode
  9. i hope my tee international fanpage will sub the last chapter as soon as possible, i miss their side note on their sub
  10. just a little more time to the final chapter, and i'm not too excited to watch it, i'm not giving a high expectation for the ending, eventhough it would give us a good ending i think i would be still unsatisfied... i just wondering one thing on this chapter finale, will p'som aka blossom appear on the last chapter? because her name was already put on the credit title, i think it would be a waste if she doesn't appear at all on the storyline LMAO..
  11. shiittt..... neo just coming to the basketball tournament at stadium near to my house and i'm too late to know this information..... uwaaa..... i wanna cry so loudd.....
  12. yes... just 2 episode left and still give us too much thing unexplained... 1. p'som aka blossom that never appeared 2. tee's parent's conflict, still wondering what happened behind their divorce... it was said by tee's dad that it's just an misunderstanding but as a viewer, we never really know what happened for real 3. mork's childhood (the scene with his mum that seems to be deleted from the series). still hoping that it will be aired, at least just a minutes at the 2 remaining episode left about the ending, i think it would be an happy ending from the spoiler pic that revealed from twitter.... and from drake ig, there was seems a scene that they would be aparted but later being reunited again... but if we think that it would be just 2 episode left... maybe all the spoiler could be removed and changed with a new script..... maybe
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