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  1. Their shoes and bracelet is the same. I don't know how to share the pictures here. But I think it's not coincidence. It's too much to say it is coincidence again, isn't it?
  2. @saved2K You have done the shipping for so many times. Talk about supporting her remind me with her office colleague who are so loyal to her. Let's learn to be a wish shipper from you. It's still their life, so let's just support their decision (PSJ and PMY)
  3. I'm so agree with you @minseojoon Even Dispatch also denied it, the more suspicious it become. My delulu mind, Dispatch just denied the "3 years" hahaha, but it might be different in the future. Everything can be changes, just wait and see
  4. @saved2K They way you said "I'm gonna slap him", it's so funny LOL Btw, he is a gentleman, PSJ always do what he said. So don't worry. Hehehe
  5. Let's be a wise shipper guys. The denial could be the way they protect to the relationship. Let's be positive, support PSJ and PMY as we love them so much. If they really dating, just waiting for the wedding announcement and let's us still discuss about them as what we usually do. Happy shipping
  6. @MeritaG From YouTube post I shared above. Someone made the webtoon translation and concluded from that. But it's just my guessing so far
  7. Hello guys, I'm a newbie in this ship Some spoiler from the webtoon Please open directly to this link,. don't share through other social media because someone is working hard on it Hope you like it guys https://youtu.be/aMzO9HMKuZo https://youtu.be/RLNyyR2XVVg https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_hjsxewBV0k#dialog The real name of Lee Young Joon is Lee Sung Yeon meanwhile his brother's real name is Lee Sung Hyun, but their parents change Lee Sung Hyun's name become Lee Sung Yeon. That's why when Kim Mi So called Lee Young Joon with "Sung Yeon Oppa", he said "yes". Then, the scene when their mother is talking with Kim Mi So about the kidnapping accident, their mother called older brother with Sung Hyun (older brother real name) not Sung Yeon (his current name). It's my conclusion so far Sorry for my poor English and explanation
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