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  1. Probably true about after wedding to early 2018 she wanted a baby before she got Encounter offer in April 2018, but definitely not after Encounter in 2019, they already broke up by that time. VIPSong uploaded a cryptic and angry IG story (HE POSTED A CURSE IN CHINESE CHARACTERS) in first week of January 2019, it means they already broke up earlier that date and his family already knew, that was long before Encounter ended. So, the rumor that Kyo wanted a baby AFTER Encounter was definitely NOT TRUE. I also heard they didn't spend the Holidays together in December they already broke up that time. Kyo had a party with UAA Squad at a Hotel in Christmas 2018, way back Christmas 2017, ex was with them playing bowling. They had been on the rocks for sometime but probably the final move on stage was towards the year end. Kyo also deleted some photos of him last December 31. Encounter finale was January 24 and the next week, already Lunar New Year, she spent it with friends in Japan. She also deleted several photos both public and private instagram during this time. This was the time when some Kyonatics got the hint that something was not right between them.
  2. So it was my thread anniversary the other day. I joined after Episode 8 kiss and seeing AAA 2017 pics
  3. Some shippers keep fabricating stories giving false hopes to their followers. If you are a real SHK fan you should realize she is very private and only opens up to her closest friends, none of her closest friends like to be interviewed by media. They are that loyal to her because she is a lovable person. This is why I wish the other side will stop talking. The other day news was his father did not know and only saw news, but then today another neighbor or something said his father knew and drank a lot on the day he filed divorce. Can his side stop talking.
  4. She will spend more time in China she has agency there. By the time she comes back to Korea maybe she can join YAI agency. I doubt UAA future plans if this rumor is true because Hyungsik is now in the army only Kyo and YAI left.
  5. I posted here a few months back about wearing no wedding ring is not a basis for divorce because many Korean couples do not wear it. I also said something like if they're meant to be, its their private lives ... Etc.. Because while it was true wedding ring is not a gauge for couples relationship status, I noticed these things before: Nov 19, 2018 - SJK private ig deleted all photos. But SHK mentioned him (of course because she was asked) during Encounter press con two days later so I thought there's nothing to ig deletion. Dec - SJK in an event with media for Arthdal mentioned "there's a new TVN drama please support" he did not mention Kyo's name. (Probably started the public pretense this time) The video of this event was released only in January. Jan 2019 - his brother deleted all support for SHK first week January. (Made me think he finally told them during the Holidays of course she was not with him so the family was bound to ask why.) SHK Elle interview last week of January (released mid February) where she gave a lot of hints. Feb - Lunar New Year is family time but SHK was spotted in Japan. Next week in Seoul, she was spotted in Conrad Hotel yes its true. Shippers said before its fake because a false account reposted the sighting and posted copied hotel photos. Kyonatics who saw the original source believed the sighting. SHK deleted her private instagram. Valentines Day - SJK filmed CF Feb 15 - He was drinking with Kwangsoo and another guy who posted a pic. March - SHK extended stay in SG only went home on the same day SJK left for Brunei. April - SHK signs with China agency for movie and tv projects. It made me say "hmmmm if she was happily married and planning a family, why did she sign in China" Went to Phuket, Bangkok and had vacation after every schedule. Phuket bonding pics of squad shouts as "Single Ladies" in my instincts. May - spent a long time in NYC and Bali. Bali trip was the one which FULLY CONVINCED ME SSC WAS OVER. Arthdal has wrapped so supposed to be, time to get a vacation together after being very busy. But they were apart. On top of all these, SHK always posted meaningful IG stories, shippers may be living in fantasy world of happy ever afters, but , it made loyal Kyonatics believe something was amiss with her personal life. I never expected though that the divorce will happen this soon. I thought they will officially divorce when she will be working in China. Whatever was his reason for making this public sooner. I hope his camp will stop talking soon. What they are doing is only creating more hate for Kyo and bitterness towards all involved including warring fans. THEY ARE NOT HAPPY WITH EACH OTHER SO BETTER IF SJK SIDE SHOULD AVOID INTERVIEWED BY MEDIA. HAVE A PEACEFUL DIVORCE WITHOUT BITTERNESS.
  6. @Maie W There is no need to fear that what happened with SSC will happen with PPC. I am familiar with both ships.
  7. She may be silent but she has not told us lies. All these months if you are just observant, she has been opening up to fans how she feels deep in her heart through her IG stories. She read that book featured in Encounter which has collection of short stories of people dealing with broken hearts, she has posted several sad songs and movies on her ig story too. She is a woman who feels deeply. That's why it pains me alot she's been misjudged.
  8. His camp: SJK wants to divorce quietly and quickly Reality: - Korean celebrities who divorced usually announced it on the same day that divorce becomes final. If he wanted to have QUIET divorce then why did he let his lawyers announce it one day after filing and therefore on the media headlines for ONE MONTH BEFORE FINAL PAPERS ARE SIGNED. How QUIET RIGHT? - if he wanted a quite divorce his statement should not have been worded like that, leaving room for doubts and judgments against Kyo and dragging other persons as third parties. HIS CAMP's REASONS ARE NOT LOGICAL WHEN YOU COMPARE ACTIONS vs WORDS. They better be prepared to answer the consequences of the defamatory statements against Kyo. She has won cases before against slanderers.
  9. Yes she needs us and this is not the time to stop. On the contrary, this is the time to unite and be strong together to show our love for her. I heard some fans in weibo want to go to Korea or send something to her. I hope we can do that for International fans.
  10. She is like Cha Soo Hyun who remain silent despite people spreading harsh comments about her. My heart goes out to her. In Korea's divorce system, the party who filed the divorce will be deemed as the innocent party. So for sure, that guy anticipated Kyo will object thus he issued warning "Don't object don't produce evidence against me or else I will also say something about you to the public" The innocent party will be paid alimony. But in their case I think I heard he will not ask for alimony. Well I hope this is true. Let's continue to pray for her strength to go on and survive all these with flying colors. WE STAND BY YOU KYO.
  11. I am SSC shipper although I am more SHK fan it's fine. Yes about Chinese media they are sharp.
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