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  1. Tagalog dubbed Encounter teaser shown before the start of Park Bo Gum's fan meeting in Manila. It will air in the Philippines in early August.
  2. Blog owner is a guy who travelled to LA. I read all his posts. It's not an obsessed delusional PPC shipper making false Park Seo Joon sighting It's a legit sighting. The blogger does not know what his simple sighting post meant to a lot of fans.
  3. I disagree on the age. KPop Idols are young but this seems to be not the criteria for actors and actresses they get as covers. Recent covers in Korea's top magazines from last year to present includes Jennie of Blackpink, Jisoo of Blackpink, Song Joong Ki, Lee Dong Wook, Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, Kim Go Eun, Song Hye Kyo, Han Ji Min, Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin, Jung Hae In, Shin Min Ah and Park Seo Joon. Note that most actresses are in their 30's. I'm talking about worldwide top magazine that has Korean edition like: -Marie Claire -Elle -Harper's Bazaar -Esquire -Vogue -Grazia -Allure -Cosmopolitan -W In Korea, they usually have magazine photoshoots before or after a drama or a movie. It is not all about CF endorsements, because many of them on covers have nothing to do with a CF, like for example SJK last September was on cover for his birthday month and to officially announce his comeback as during that time he was scheduled to start filming his drama.
  4. Laughing at some delulus I've read. Park Seo Joon has been called Leon long before HPL script was written and that's a fact.
  5. He makes time to visit the place featured in the painting for the drama during his birthday trip with friends
  6. If this is in response to what @parkparkloveu said about she hoped PPC would be sweet to each other, I think what she meant was sweet in public. SSC were sweet before during award shows they attended and attending FMs of each other. They were also sweet privately based on past stolen shots and stories of people who saw them having a date. Both of them are also down to earth and SHK's bestfriends are her stylists and makeup artists. When @parkparkloveusaid wedding kiss was awkward, yes I agree it was awkward because they are shy to show affection in public but there were many sweet moments at the wedding. It is only now, almost 2 years after the wedding that they've become super private, especially SHK side, causing a lot of separation rumors. Other Korean couples show sweetness in public from time to time despite being private like Rain and KTH holding-hands at the airport departing for their honeymoon, JiSung and LBY appeared in Award show together as a couple. AhnGoo posts sweet photos together in social media from time to time. I'm kinda apprehensive what kind of couple PPC will be if hopefully they end up together. They are like SSC who avoids sweetness when they knew they are being watched. In fact, I think they are more afraid of being seen together than SSC before, as they avoided to attend Korean Awards Show together and looked like strangers on stage in Cosmo Awards. While they acted normally if with other people.
  7. I belong to that fandom but I am not really a hardcore shipper. A solid SHK who happens to like whoever she likes. Just like many solid PMY. Being detectives has not ended in that fandom too, especially as it has been almost a year since there was a legit sighting with pics of them together in public. But anyway, this is not the place to talk about SSC (just DM me if you want ) but yes I agree with you, PPC should not be always compared to SSC. They are different individuals. "Shippers" are not really necessary to Korean celebrities since they do not have permanent on screen partners and they value privacy so much. That's why after their drama, they very seldom recognize shipper groups from their previous dramas, only their solid fans. But their being very private also challenged shippers to investigate more and continue to be active.
  8. Why can't we talk about BED SCENE? IT IS IN THE DRAMA AND NOT INVASION OF PRIVACY. Our "visitors" are stricter than Soompi Moderators. Won't even let us post bed scene
  9. I think writer did not go. Yes cameramen were there but they stayed on the main resort. Some crew posted pics of the vacay. PPC stayed at the private villa which is also owned by the resort. A crew posted views from the resort and shippers made fan edits like this when they did not join island hopping with the group. It was later known they didn't stay at the main resort but at the private villa.
  10. I do not like FFMW I dropped that drama, not really a PSJ fan before WWWSK. I watched more PMY dramas before but I do not like Queen for Seven Days. I knew her from SKKS. I tried watching HPL but corny dream sequences made me drop it. I still supported it by watching clips. At least I have added views to HPL videos. Not keen to watch the whole drama because it's too much WWWSK alike and it pales in comparison. It's not about a specific actor or actress. My drama preference is based on story and genre and not on the actors and actresses in it. It's not compulsory that fans have to like all dramas of their favorite stars even if it isn't passable based on their own personal preferences. Don't vent your frustrations here now that you can no longer connect your LaBit with any delulus. I have online friends who loves LaBit, fine with me, whatever makes them happy. Be mature enough to accept reality that not all people share your opinions.
  11. I think they are also looking for clues on PMY's whereabouts and at the same time nervous that maybe the delulus on this thread are true.
  12. @TheRoadtoPMY The problem with you is that you are a LaBit shipper but always reading this thread. It irks you? Then why do you keep reading? Maybe deep in your mind you also think that PPC are dating? And they are together now somewhere out there. because that's what people here are always talking about. News for you: Your issues for shippers here are not exclusive to PMY PSJ fandom only. You blame shippers here for many things which are normal for fans in many fandoms. You cannot force others to like what you like. The fans of SHK and SJK are quarreling for not liking / supporting the other's drama. Normal for any fandom. LESSON FOR YOU - DO NOT READ HERE. I DO NOT READ YOUR SHIP'S THREAD WHY SHOULD I? I ONLY READ TOPICS I AM INTERESTED IN.
  13. I'm guessing GS will turn bad after being dumped. I can't wait for Netflix. I can't sleep with so many questions on my mind on what happened tonight.
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