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  1. I was told , women tend to be attracted to versions of their father.
  2. F4 Ducklings in Seoul is the best thing that has ever happened to kdramaland! I don’t mind the break knowing that we are up for some major entertainment.
  3. I wish the writer can give her more depth now that she knows between her and JH is a loss cause—or does she know its a loss cause? Right now she is still the bitter and hateful jaded fiance.
  4. A man that can cross boundaries , defy his parents for you, and protect you at all cost is the man for you. I hope SR believes in destiny now because their love surpasses any distance or time. Even if they are separated, destiny will find them back together. Each episode keeps getting better than the last. Just when I thought episode 8 was the best, episode 9 showed up and Proved me wrong. This writer is just too good. I really liked JHs dad and the writer did a good job portraying a parents love for their child—even if he is the top NK military person and could have tortured SR and made her disappear (as what the typical NK stereotype would be) but instead we get warm loving parents, even though papa was so flabbergasted by their affection, even NK parents are just like any one of ours. I cannot wait to see our ducklings in SK! I can imagine SR spoiling them and returning the favor. At this point now, I still cannot guess where the writer is going to take the ending but I know/hope she will not disappoint.
  5. But does he meet them abroad to go grocery shopping and play golf with them?
  6. He does look smitten with her, doesn't he? He is always glancing her way and looking at her. I don’t know if we can conclude he is a ladies man based on his public liasons; but I know you can be a ladies man until you find THE ONE.
  7. Like someone mentioned earlier, If Vast specifically addresses the issue , it will make it sound defensive on HB side. It’s a catch 22 with netizens and haters , they will never be satisfied until someone is hurt or dead. If HB and SYJ are close friends like they say, I am sure SYJ is well aware that the VAST release has nothing to do with her and everything to do with protecting HB.
  8. I love @stroppyse theory on how it ends. I have watched most of this writers dramas and honestly have hated how they all end. I hope she does not go the MLFTS route because I still am not yet over that wormhole or piehole DMJ goes through. I hope she has more creativity than to recycle that type of ending. And I hope it’s more a blockbuster ending than lackluster to keep up with the vibe of the drama so far. I don’t mind if it isn’t too realistic because the entire basis of the drama is already unrealistic. I am one of the viewers who are invested in the NK characters that I don’t mind if the show stays in NK. At the point in this drama, we don’t have much time to see how JH will adapt in SK and there really are no characters in SK that pull me in. Rather, I want to see how the “rat” story ends, how the baddie gets his day, how the murder of JH brother gets resolved, how SD breaks the engagement, and the ahjumma squad! If it truly does end in Switzerland, does that mean the crew already filmed the ending?
  9. Yes! We just need to be calm, ship on, and have lots of fun doing it.
  10. You nailed it. The industry has definitely given the fans too much power where they’ve created this unhealthy ownership of the artists. I understand that without fans, entertainers would not be where they are. But to give them so much power that artists have to live in a bubble for fear that their every action is watched and critiqued, that is too much. Sometimes I understand why these artists resort to depression, anxiety and worse yet—suicide. One mistake (or even being in a relationship) and their careers are over, it shouldn’t be that way because at the end of the day, they’re still humans and have the right to live like normal folks. Therefore, as a HB fan , this type of rumor doesn’t phase me and I will continue the support and love cause that’s what true fans do!
  11. I am sorry if this offends anyone but I don’t understand netizens and their bullying ways of wanting their biases or idols to maintain a pristine image. It sounds like HB is indirectly involved in this scandal, but because CLOY is doing so well, they have to drag his name through the dirt. After 3 deaths of popular idols this year, enough is enough. As a fan, I appreciate artists for their talents and not for their personal life, because we won’t ever get a glimpse of that anyway. And if any of the rumors are true, well that goes back on the artist personally if they want to mess up their careers. I don’t think it’s netizens job to ruin someone else’s life—or put an end to it. Quit giving these bullies so much power and let justice and karma handle itself.
  12. They look so natural and comfortable together! I love how HBs eyes crinkle whenever he bursts into laughter; he seems to be genuinely happy around her.
  13. The ratings news is awesome. I can see how hard they’re working and can only imagine how the cold conditions they are working in. CLOY fighting! They deserve all the accolades!
  14. I wouldn’t let rumors get in the way of shipping them. Just enjoy these two beautiful people and this beautiful drama! I look forward to what happens to after the drama too. I had been following them since their Negotiation press days & just thought to myself “wow, they have that husband/wife” look and vibe.