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  1. The way he tries not to create “coincidences” with his recent Instagram posts, is a coincidence in itself .
  2. I am sorry to say this, and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the photos of PMY and all. But isn’t it unprofessional on behalf of Phuket Intl airport for their employees to be taking pictures and asking for autographs from celebrities? When I worked in the hospitality industry and had brushes with celebrities, we were not allowed to invade their personal space and ask for picture or autographs and then be uploaded to social media. Our jobs would be in jeopardy. I just hate to see her personal space invaded like that and now the worlds eyes will be on PPC. I hope the can still enjoy their vacation.
  3. On the topic of knetz = they don’t call it Korean drama for nothing. I hope PPC is able to enjoy Phuket. I was there early this summer and it was monsoon season. But then again, more of an excuse not to leavw their hotel (room). *cough cough
  4. We got our wish of him being MIA. Maybe he heard the fans wondering where he was? By now, I think he is out of F's to give and posted something similar to PMY! He is the biggest captain of our ship and such a media troll. Also, a big fat 'ha ha to' the face of those IGers who use their IG to put things together as evidences......Now he's like, you want something to troll, I'll give you more "coincidences". PSJ---you are DA man!
  5. How can they resist one another? Just looking at their latest airport photos, what a gorgeous couple! Match made in heaven. Their style is even the same. If they’re not already together , they sure put dibs on one another during the interviews with their open ended answers.
  6. Ahhh seoJoon! Just when we were wondering where he’s been, he comes out with all that swagger. And how did he get voted the ugliest member on 1n2d? I still didn’t get that episode l. PMY, you best unbutton that crisp white shirt you love so much! What a power couple for real. They just both gone and made me couple envy. @evaemix I know what you mean? Especially when he said “so what? You don’t like?” That part was so natural and you can just feel the vibe that he thinks she’s the most adorable person ever!
  7. Just get together already. The world is ready, they’re ready, we are ready and eventually other shippers will have their grand funeral for their ships . All these denials and reading between the lines probably creates more attention to them than if they just flat out admitted. No more paparazzi stalking them, no more media hashing it out...everyone will be happy because I think by now everyone already suspects.
  8. Squeeeeee so there is a possibility and she considers him chivalrous and considerate! So much conspiracy surrounding the release of her interviews. If there is nothing to hide, there is no reason to go to such great lengths
  9. How much coincidence is too much until you throw in the towel and say “aight, we soulmates. Let’s hook up.” And how often in your life do you come across your soulmate? PP, please don’t pass up this once in a million opportunity of finding your soulmate!
  10. Funny that he knew about the rumor before everyone! Everyone’s response to their dating rumor has me more suspicious. Has any of the casts said “definitely not” yet?
  11. I hope they ALL can join! It would be so tragic if PSJ couldn’t join because of what people might say due these rumors. He worked so hard on being LYJ that he deserves this vacation. The entire cast seems like a fun bunch and I can imagine all the fun & laughs they’d have together! Even if just for a day, I hope he’s able to get away and just relax before his movie
  12. I am sure you’ve all seen this post on IG. If true, congrats to PSJ and thank you Chinese fans for showing him utmost love during this time period. They’ll get over these rumors in time with the love and support of their fans! First Korean actor to be shown in NYC Times Square. I’ll remove this if it’s already been posted. Because of certain people’s, I’m almost afraid to post anything IG here nowadays. @pikachu92 maybe the media does have something that’s why they keep being so aggressive about it @cheryl295 she looks gorgeous and glowing for someone who’s upset. I was surprised to see her so happy and bubbly during the weibo interview. Like I said , what PMY said in her interviews and PMY actions don’t line up to me. Makes me believe more that her interviews were edited after seeing how much hate PSJ was getting
  13. @eva21 that’s what makes me really super sad is that now we will see less IG posts from them. They’re probably super traumatized to post anything now. Way to ruin it for the rest of the fans. @saved2K I don’t get what they’re trying to present either. It looks like separate pictures of PMY and PSJ and maybe their vans. But they’re not together in any of the pictures. I hope we will get more insight later
  14. @addikorean16 JiSung and LBY are married and doing better than ever in their acting careers. From a CF standpoint, I am not sure how many they have but does making one married mean that they’re less marketable? As an actor, isn’t it better to be known for your talent vs commercials? I know from a money standpoint , the CFs are where the money is at but it gets to a point in ones life where money is less important than love, starting a family, children , etc. SongSong couple denied dating even though they were still seen going out together (holding hands at award show, arriving together, etc) because SJK stated he did not need to ever answer to the media about his relationship status and even when they were caught together in Bali, her agency still denied it. He left their status to the interpretation of the public without ever admitting to it. It wasn’t until nearly their engagement that they went public (if memory serves me right). And so convenient that after they admitted, Dispatch had old dating photos of them that they held on to. In a way, I kind of see ParkPark in that direction although it is tbd to see if theyre brave enough to be seen out together (airport, award shows, Phuket etc). @baby.hae I agree that perhaps him moving to a different agency has to play into this. He left Keyeast at the peak of his popularity and we never know what kind of shady business goes on behind closed doors in the entertainment business. Because in terms of popularity, isn’t Kang Dong Won as popular, if not more? Or maybe like some theories here that this news is to cover up some bigger political news. For instance during the korean president fiasco, the TOP controversy was taken out to slaughter even though that news was already old news but that was what I had learned. oh and I just love KKY as President Park! He definitely added some jazz to the entire drama and I always looked forward to his screen time to laugh my you know what off! So happy for his dating status and so lucky he can openly admit! And P.S. notice how his kissing scene differs than PPC cause now we know he’s in a relationship! Even though that scene was meant to be more funny than anything but still...the kisses weren’t as reciprocated
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