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  1. AH, sorry, I wasn't trying to insinuate at all that you were justifying GH's actions with her good intentions - my inquiry was directed at everyone, I was just building off of what you had previously articulated . Sorry about that, I should be more clear next time! This is really really cool stuff! I wonder if alternatively, it could be argued that along the hierarchy of Dom's needs, the need for love could triumph (or at least challenge) the need for trust? I think the way they've written Dom is that he is very emotionally starved in that he actively wants love and affection from those around him. He doesn't really get that from his mom, his family, and at some point, not even from Dae Ju (because his resignation is seen as a personal insult towards Dom and their relationship). I remember that one scene vividly where homeboy actually grinned at the idea of getting married and starting a family!! (It stays fresh in mind because when was the last time a k-drama chaebol ACTUALLY wanted to settle down ?? lmao). Anyways, I guess what I'm trying to say is that if Dom's need for love is used as the main motivation behind his willingness to forgive, then I would feel doubly cheated and exploited ?? on his behalf. In my eyes at least, there's a huge difference between Dom forgiving out of love vs. the average (emotionally sated) person forgiving out of love. In Dom's case, it's unfair because his forgiveness is contextualized by a history of deep, deep yearning and fear of remaining unloved for the rest of his life. And that doesn't really feel healthy or authentic? to me. And so while I'm already anticipating that this is the route the writers will go down (for the reasons you've elaborated above), I would feel doubly wronged because forgiving out of love is already a questionable cop-out, but then doing that with a character who is emotionally vulnerable takes this to a whole different level of hell LOL. Anyways, hope this rant made sense, lemme know what y'all think
  2. ouuu! I find conversations about intention so fascinating! Does it matter if the person meant to do well if eventually they caused more harm than good? Should intention be acknowledged or thrown out the window in the face of actions that were objectively harmful *in the end?* I don't think there's one definitive answer, but I'd love to hear any of your thoughts on this matter ~ Personally, I believe that regardless of intentions, the individual has to take responsibility for their actions and acknowledge what they have contributed towards. So, for me, it makes a lot of sense that GH would be fired and forced to critically reflect on what she ultimately did, because regardless of her *intentions*, the reality remains that trust was breached and that Dom is hurting, very very deeply. If Dom does decide to forgive her, I really really hope that he does so because GH actively and intentionally works to regain his trust again (which in reality would probably take years but w/e LOL). Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I don't want Dom to forgive GH simply because he *loves* her? He's coming from a place of deep longing for love and affection in his life, and forgiving through this vulnerable (and yearning?) state feels really disingenuous to me? It feels almost exploitative (towards Dom ofc) ??? Idk if that makes sense LOL but lemme know what y'all think ~
  3. They're on Viki!!!!!! They're under the Clips section on the right-hand corner! (https://www.viki.com/tv/36570c-the-secret-life-of-my-secretary) Their banter is adorable
  4. You right, friend LOL. I guess it was a plot-hole after all Or maybe he's had a look through her past employers? It is curious indeed Also, hello hello folks, I've been lurking for some time but I wanted to thank all the re-cappers Your work is very much appreciated! @turtlegirl @ktcjdrama As a side-note to one of the ongoing conversations, I also don't condone deceit any more than the next person, but I appreciate that the drama/writers don't use it is a comedic tool. At least, it's never felt that way to me. It's been made clear from day 1 that GH is aware of the fact that what she is doing is wrong, and that's only been reinforced as the drama has progressed (to be fair, their first encounter was definitely framed in a more light-hearted manner, but that tone quickly shifted after their second meeting). I think I would have been a lot more peeved if the writers tried to glamorize deception as a valid tool for forging relationships, but that hasn't been the case. I don't think that the moral undertones of this drama have been compromised in that it doesn't encourage intentional emotional manipulation - in fact, it spends a great deal of time detailing the emotional labor associated with a spiraling lie (for both the perpetrator (GH) and the victim (DOM). Also, personally, I appreciate when characters are flawed because it feels a lot more humane and natural? I find that k-dramas often make their characters out to be 'perfect heroes' who are tasked with overcoming external obstacles, and that's totally fine and valid, but I lose interest shortly because it ignores the other side of the coin whereby a lot obstacles in life arise out of internal conflict / character shortages/mistakes (as is the case here). Like a lot of you folks, I'm also anticipating GH's character arc in which she grows to be a more self-assured individual who does not have to rely on wealth/fame (reasons for which she impersonates VP) in order to feel competent and confident. In fact, I think that one scene in yesterday's episode where GH begs VP to let her end this charade was particularly poignant because it illustrated that GH has started to think critically about where her identity as GH ends and where her identity as fake VP begins. In all, I think it's important to show characters making very questionable yet realistic choices so long as you don't try to justify them as valid or healthy (or comedic). edit: please don't tell me I'm the only one who was looking over her shoulder for the entirety of the hand-washing scene in fear that someone would barge in and ask WHY I was watching explicit material so early in the morning That scene was ............................ out there LOL
  5. Ah, I think Dom definitely knows GH used to work for VP - that entire scene in one of the earlier episodes where he's begging GH for VP's phone number comes to mind
  6. LOL I finally got access to my old account (I am the same poster/person as floreyn). @zashi23 You're free to scroll through my old contributions to this forum if that's what it takes to cement my credibility.
  7. I was referring to Snow Flower (Yuki no Hana) if that's what the Japanese fans claim she sang? But I see how it could get lost in translation in that maybe she sang "Wildflower" after all ... Regardless, her efforts are much appreciated
  8. I think (?) the song is originally Japanese and it went on to be covered by a Korean Artist (PHS). PMY is honestly such a sweetheart for constantly striving to experiment outside of her comfort zone for the sake of her fans. Discussions revolving around her ability to hit the correct pitch, etc., frankly feel irrelevant when it's really her heart that matters I know this has been shared before but imagine stanning a celebrity (queen) so pure and genuine
  9. Kim Jae Wook was just offered the lead role! https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002874513
  10. Ohh, I was under the impression that the true lead was the new museum Director (Ryan Gold?), but I may have misinterpreted .
  11. WOAH. PMY is already considering her next project? A rom-com supposedly???? https://www.soompi.com/article/1273755wpp/park-min-young-considering-offer-star-new-romantic-comedy
  12. I'm really sorry if you felt targeted! This should be a space that allows everyone to safely voice their opinions without the fear of being met with hostility. As a friendly reminder, not everyone ships in the same way, and so someone being more cautious in their approach does not invalidate them as a PPC shipper! I think we can all exercise some more patience with one another - that would encourage everyone to contribute and keep the atmosphere more light-hearted too (Just as a side-note, I hope you didn't take anything too personally! In our earlier days of the forum, some 'antis' masqueraded themselves as shippers and urged everyone to stay 'level-headed', etc., and so I think it might be a conditioned response of a sort to 'protect' the integrity of this forum Hope that made sense!)
  13. I still think /part/ of the 'hovering' had to do with 'manner hands,' (it's especially clear to me when she's pressing his face down to hers near the end and he awkwardly continues to hover, lmao). At the same time, 'seductive' is honestly subjective - I'd personally want my partner to end their hovering at some point and come down to earth eventually, however, we can agree to disagree respectfully . As for the bulldozer part, the 'punishment kiss' and the 'closet kiss' both felt ... (tastefully) aggressive to me? But that might just be what the actual scene required of them, and PMY and PSJ, both being so skilled at their craft, just delivered it so organically (which goes back to your original point about performance ). Although, PSJ didn't realize his hands were ~roaming in the BTS for that 'closet kiss,' (was not in the script or part of the directors' call) so make of that what you will! But I do mostly~ agree in that everything was probably meticulously calculated - having followed PSJ for quite some time now, I understand that he respects his lead's boundaries! I don't think either of them were doing anything that the other party wasn't comfortable with! I'm just trying to communicate that there might've been times that they both went above and beyond what the script asking for (as evidenced in the closet kiss BTS). In fact, we had a discussion about this in the earlier days of this forum about how PMY being comfortable with PSJ's roaming hands spoke volumes about their (budding? ) relationship.
  14. Woah, good catch!!! I remember that Namoo heavily filtered the first batch of interviews that came out for PMY, and so I wonder if they blocked these kind of questions too? I guess it would make sense because of the timing of the dating scandal, but man what a missed opportunity! And that's very fair! I guess I'm just on the fence because there were times when PSJ did 'hover' (for instance, during the bed scene, he made sure not to actually press his body against hers), and other times, when he went full bulldozer mode The 'mixed signals' had me feeling inclined that they were probably lost in their feelings for one another ~
  15. Hmm, that definitely makes sense, but I still have reservations because there's a very distinct culture when it comes to 'korean drama acting.' I think if it was any other entertainment medium, your argument would apply, but I think his actions have to be appraised and contextualized by the culture that they belong to! I remember watching a BTS for some drama a while back and I realized that the main actor wasn't actually cradling the actress' face - he was hovering it just an inch over her face to sell the illusion of intimacy. I was FLOORED LOL. But being the veteran kdrama addict that I am, I've now come to realize that it's expected of the actors to use such 'manner hands' and be extremely cognizant of where and how their bodies overlap. Therefore, PSJ taking small liberties (although subconsciously) is a fairly huge deal (in my humble, thirst-driven opinion ). The following is probably PSJ's internal monologue :
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