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  1. Thanks for the translations on the articles. @twoparkcouple I'm a little perplex here... you posted in p.176 something like (PSJ said) they are not dating but could possibly be a couple later... where exactly in the translated articles above did it say that PSJ was qouted saying " they are not dating " ? Because I cannot find it. He NEVER stated any dating denial actually... He just DIDN'T mentioned it at all... What he ANSWERED according to the question asked was the POSSIBILITY of them being a couple later... which to me is a really open-ended answer that is preparing the way for them later. Please let us put things in the right context here. I know some of you are overly excited and all, but it wouldn't hurt to be sure of what you are writing before posting it.
  2. @parkparkloveu I don't think she's gonna post any selfie or pic of her and SJ in her IG ... I've given up on that myself but it's fine because other co-stars in other dramas posts selfies of each other all the time and yet nothing happens, too ... so it's fine with us ... whatever floats her boat, right ? @minseojoon Right, I kind of understand where you guys are coming from also. Since some of you have shipped her with so many and nothing really materialized out of those... so as MY has her walls... some here are quick to put up walls, too, so as not to expect too much because expectations always hurts BUT be that as it may... this is a shippers thread and there is always a 50-50 chance that it may happen or it may not ... since NOTHING is confirmed on both sides that they are in relationship with whoever yet... can this thread continue HOPING and BELIEVING for now ? ... I'm sure everyone here is not that delusional to the point of no return... I'm sure we will be able to accept the truth later whatever it may be... because it is just NOT a nice read when some in this thread keeps on being swayed and keeps on vacillating and swinging back and forth between hoping and believing and doubting and questioning all in the same breath. The push and pull of opinion on ParkPark in this thread is real... and it's really tiresome, I'm sorry to say. So I hope everyone here will have the heart not to be afraid yet to get their hearts broken again @strymeek I'm on the same line of thoughts, too. I think MY really has interests on SJ as well... why else would she go to such length to watch so many of his previous works ? ... if she was just curious... watching one of his work would have sufficed in my mind. @saved2K May I beg to differ again ? I don't really think that she did that kiss scene in the closet that way just because it's a tvN drama or because of professionalism. She has been professional in her work eversince but never crossed that line. I'm pretty sure the director in the script would just tell them to kiss but not the how to's in doing it. It's always on the discretion of actors how to execute it. Which brings me back to my nagging question... what is so special exactly with SJ that had made her so comfortable and trusting to do that closet scene and respond to him in that way ? hmmmm...
  3. @mushforbrains Shipper's will always see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. If it is based on fingers alone... no matter how distinctive, all fingers will look quite the same at some point. I'm not saying it's not but I'm not inclined to say it is either. If MY's in a secret relationship now', say the one you are implying and speculating with her Healer co-star (this is the one you're implying, right?) ... I don't think she would cross so much line and transcend a lot of her boundaries (e.g. closet kiss: too much physical closeness and proximity to SJ at press con and whatnot}. She has always been a stand-up girl who works hard but has always maintained a certain line and limit on how she does her work. So what and how she was and is in WWWSK, is certainly a new level that everybody has seen and not everyone can deny that if everyone just be honest. So my thing is... if this is just all work and professionalism...then let's see if in her next drama she's still going to do the same and maintain this new level she has opened for herself especially in kiss scenes. Although, I hope not, because if she's or I'll say, she'll be in a relationship, I hope she will not go that all out again in her kiss scene just like what she did in the closet scene... even if in the name of professionalism... because there are other ways to do it. This is the first time she did that and in that intensity ... so it's kind of hard for me to believe that she's happily sailing in a relationship with whoever, to be honest ... Its just kind of hard to wrap my head around that. I'm not you typical definition of a fan BUT ... I just like to say... to all PMY fans, I mean those who are TRULY her fans... Can you guys NOT FORGET that during her interview while doing QF7D's, she explicitly said that SHE IS NOT DATING... in fact that she's like a scaredy cat when it comes to dating. So please .... unless it is confirmed facts... let us NOT make her a LIAR just so in the name of Speculation. I'm always wondering why you guys kind of always forget the things she had said especially in her most recent interviews. Sometimes, it is a little bit ridiculous already, with all due respect.
  4. This ! Thanks @Sum Babe and @eva21.. Saw the post on instagram ... was it screencapped (not sure if it should be two words or one) from their stylists IG again ? ... at least they do go out and eat together after filming... (and don't say yet, it was just their teams .... their teams are like their tails, where the head goes, the tail follows .... so very possible until proven otherwise.)
  5. @luvsjcwpmy Oh no ! hehehe... I was just kidding with that whole post Really, your username is fine ... Lol...don't worry too much about it ... I seldom post anyway ... looking forward to reading your posts again
  6. Yes, why all pics from blockbuster date exactly ? ... love it ... is it because what's memorable to her is memorable to him as well kind of thing ? ... Lol
  7. Thanks @saved2K ... Yes, she's been more focus on her "smile" lately ... I guess 'coz somebody said that what's perfect about her is her SMILE
  8. Ok, so I'm back. Though, I'm a bit hesitant to really post what my thoughts really are. I reckoned, I'll just give it a go just the same. Reading all your posts a few pages back already... I've come to realized that my flow of thoughts are not really on the same lane as some of yours are sometimes... and I say that with all due respect to every one here . I'm sorry that I have to digress and swerve from the current that this thread is going... I guess since this shipping thingy is not really my thing... and this is the first for me.... and this is not really my natural habitat... I, in turn tend to be more simplistic in the way I see things between SJ and MY. My thoughts that follow are just my own, alright ? I'm not asking anybody to espouse and adopt them. So, what I think about the post of @nargyz ? .... Comparing is not wrong per se ... but if you gonna keep on comparing something to another, at some point you just gonna have to stop.. because something's gotta give in the process if you continue doing so. I think personally, it is FUTILE to keep comparing SJ's interactions with his FFMY co-star (BTS) and same goes with MY with her Healer co-star (BTS) as well, to whatever interactions they have now with each other in WWWSK. It's not gonna be the same, it is unalike, dissimilar, period. Aren't we here because we feel something different watching them ? ... so question is... why compare ? and what's the point of comparing ? And another thing, I keep wondering about some of you here (pardon me about this but this really bugs my mind)... if you really want to make a comparison because you can't help it... why keep comparing what SJ and MY have right now with what SJ and his FFMY co-star and likewise, with what MY and her Healer co-star had before ? .. both of these ships never even sailed...nothing has ever been confirmed...and up until now, the shippers of these two ships are still hanging in a balance... so what gives ? why are some of you guys making them a standard of comparison ? ... If you really want to compare, should you not instead compare SJ and MY's interactions now with the Song-Song Couple ? At least, that ship sailed a long time ago already and happily sailing and dancing with the waves so to speak. Also, although I enjoy watching BTS interactions between SJ and MY, I have to admit and be honest that I don't put a lot of stock on BTS... why ?.. for the reason that because they are actors, and they know the cameras are always rolling for these BTS even when they are not actually filming.. they are aware and conscious of it. I've come across some BTS of other actors working together acting all sweet and affectionate that you'd think something is afoot but in the end, nothing... does it sound familiar ? ... cause it happens often, that is why there are so many shippers thread. However, it can also be the other way around... if something is really happening and developing between them, they can also be guarded somehow at times ... that is why we get all these push and pull moments at times watching BTS. So what I'm actually saying is ? .. the BTS is not the be-all and end-all of everything and not the standard by which one has to based things always. And, why am I here ? in the midst of all this here I'm gonna share, for the first and last time ... I'm here because watching them I just feel and sense that something's different. I'd like to think that I'm pragmatic in a sense. I'm always being pulled back to rationality and logic... but I want to be rational supported by facts instead of just being rational for the sake of it. So not casting aside SJ and MY's BTS ... here are my facts : 1) SJ booked and paid for that hotel where they gathered to watch the first broadcast of WWWSK. He paid it with his own money... went to such length to do it eventhough it's only the first broadcast, when he did not have to.. but he did.. and he has not done this before in his other previous dramas. He and MY sat close together watching it, when they could have sat apart because it is really not the norm to sit so close, but they did. (we don't have to rationalize this, right ? because if we rationalize this, we have to rationalize it with another fact, since none is available... if we keep doing it, then it is merely an excuse). -- this happened June 6th. 2) Press Con interview. The way they were acting and looking at each other is suspect for me. I'm seeing it so that makes it is a fact for me. The closeness and level of comfort is just way too natural to fake it away. I prefer this better than the BTS because here they are just being interviewed so they are actually focusing on the questions asked but, for their non-verbal cues and actions being that unconsciously... it's actually gold. For MY's part especially, she is always so on-guard when the camera is on but with these interviews... our girl has let go of her boundaries (we've all seen it, so we don't have to rationalize it either) and was she even aware of it at the time. --- this happened May 30th. 3) What they said during interviews... He said, he'd been wanting/hoping to work with her eversince watching her in High Kick series (and it took an indefinite period of time hoping mind you guys before it actually happened in WWWSK); that she's left a good impression on him since then; that she's around his own age; he keeps on praising her to no end and to cap it all : He said, " She is an inspiration to me. " I don't know about you guys, but for somebody to say that she or him is an inspiration to them... is way, way beyond just the ordinary interaction... it just makes it so special just saying it to someone... and that happened in such a short time of working together yet. With MY, she'd been praising and defending him, too. It's like they both belong to the mutual admiration society. And when she leaned over to him and asked him, " What's perfect about me ? " ... for me you don't ask that to just anyone... you ask that question to people who are closest to you. So that's a fact for me because it can't be erase. 4) Lastly (there are still others but I'm gonna stop on this), don't think I'm being too hard on our girl... but haven't I said on this thread I'm watching her more than SJ ? ... well, this is the first I've seen pictures of her going out with cast members outside of filming... in fact, I was surprised she even stepped out of that line that she has always maintained. And did not LTH kind of squealed on them when he said in his recent interview that he got close with PSJ and PMY while drinking with them ? So they do go out and drink together in groups, yes.... just the two of them... that we won't know. Ok, so this is a long read ... I'm not into analyzing and micro-analyzing actions and gestures... when I see something, I depend on my gut feeling more... if that feeling does not go away and persist, I stay on it because sometimes one's intuition can't always be wrong, right ?
  9. @saved2K I'm here albeit shortly I'm on an errand like now... cannot post long... but promise, I'll post later about what I think with the whole thing see you guys later...
  10. And this, too... SJ was not avoiding her touch ... where did that thought ever come from not every action has meaning... sometimes you just have to take it as it is.
  11. Oh my goodness hehehe... I can't even with all the over analyzing some of you guys are doing... Lol... his arm was getting WEARY because of the weight of the coat that's why he put his arms down ... but her touching his hand and the look that passed between them before he lowered his arm.... that... I think should be where you guys should be focusing on instead ... it was a look brimming with meaning only they know what
  12. Quite right the way I see it... there was no push happening... she was actually using him as a brace and support so she can stand up... it's only natural that she's gonna use some weight or leverage to pull herself up and I think that is the movement that some of you are actually seeing.
  13. @saved2K You really want to have some fun Ok, so SJ went to LA for a photoshoot last Sept 2016 you say ?... what do you know ? MY's first post on IG when she was in LA was Sept. 15, 2016.... and her last post while there was Sept. 20, 2016. So do the dates (if you know the actual specific dates, that is) when SJ was there last Sept. 2016 coincides with the dates when MY was there, too ? If it does, you guys can have your fun and go full-on delulu mode... Lol
  14. @tan10can Not sure about not holding back with skinship in her other dramas before ... I far as I have observed, she always maintained a delineated line as to how far her skinships gonna go... she doesn't go that all out even in her kiss scenes, though they all turned out well ... but this one she did with SJ is way different ... ok, I don't really want to say it ? but I'm gonna say it once ... like opening her mouth to reciprocate the kiss ? ... if it's not going all the way then what is ... she'd never done this before in her dramas... the way that kiss scene with SJ went down like that .... that's why it's different ... let's not even subtly down-play it because everyone who has eyes to see, really, can see it for what it was And no, SJ did not kiss her like that just because he had watched her dramas before and knows she does not hold back on skinships .... that's a little off ... the kiss between them happened that way because MY reciprocated that way and way beyond what she had done before in her previous dramas.
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