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  1. it's for a game CF, i forgot which game. and i can't find the account who wrote about this either i wish it was for comeback tho. they suit uniform perfectly.
  2. YG Electronics will be aired in 5th Oct. @taeunfan i remember Taemin once said that he was into design interior lately. so he was giving hint huh.
  3. Naeun at Incheon airport. i forgot to post this one. all Apink members are in Taiwan now. Naeun for Elle behind the scene. it's funny how Naeun still wears Adidas. well what do you expect from hardworking model like Son Naeun?
  4. Naeun for Elle Korea. she could kill anyone with her gaze only. and i love how different makeup look makes her image seems different too. it's like Naeun is a chameleon but suits to any of makeup look anyway.
  5. Naeun gets busy these days. apart from her own schedule, she has schedule as an Apink's member and there's Apink Asia Tour too. stay healthy Naeun
  6. i always get confused everytime Taemin acts cute then remember that he's the same guy who exudes sexy charm while promoting his solo performances. i mean, the hyungs clearly state their name as it is but Taemin refers his name as 'Taeminie'. good God Taemin, stop making me confused! (but he's really cute tho)
  7. @watermelon2512 she's surely enjoying her visit. Paris is her favorite city and finally she's living her dream. i'm happy seeing her constantly updating her IG story and quite envy because of lots of good food she ate while she's there lol. (i'm amused that she updated that once it was raining in Paris. you know, Apink was famous among their fans and themselves for being a rain attracter lol)
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