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  1. oh my god i said i was gonna wait patiently the chapter everyweek but i saw the firs two and coudnt help it I got vip memebrship haha i new they were gonna make the mortal ream arc longer im not a fan of it either but watching the dance scene in the trailers fo episode 14-16 im thinking maybe they are gonna put thingsthat happen when they are donghua and fengju also happen in this mortal arc in anattempt to make the story more endearing maybe? we are gonna see first all the love and all the bad thing fengjiu lived before the real donghua sets his eyes on her , i remember when this happens fengjiu already ahev given up and didnt want to meet donghua maybe when donghua learns all the truth he es gonna remember everithing even the mortal arc ? i dont know i hope so anyway, Im diying to see donghua and fengjiu interact as donghua and fengjiu!!!! the only think im not liking is the change in jihengs character it seems they are writting her as a victim of manipulation and not as the b++ she was in the book or maybe they are gonna justify her evilness with more background and im sure this is a petition of the actress (maybe a in the negotiation when they bought her the drama rights) this way her character is not as evil and doenst gets alot of hate and she gets more screen time
  2. Omg!!!!!! our demon princess and sixteen from ten miles of peach blossoms are are dating in real life!!! http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/07/its-confirmed-liu-ruilin-and-dai-si-are.html
  3. yes! im worriwd about that too, maybe they are wating to see who release the date first and think wath can they do?
  4. Hello!! welcome!! 1: im learning chinese so i was searching chinese drama to watch and practice my listening , i usually look contemporary dramas im not that into tianxia or xianxia genere on m search TMOPB currently appeared and everyone was saying it was so good but i heasitate because it was a long drama the i watch a mark chao movie called "so young" and i love it and him to! i searched movies or dramas of him and TMOPB pop out again and he looked so good as ye hua so i decided to give it a try, XD at first i liked baiqian story but when fengjiu and donghua meet for the first time i became more interested about those two i didnt knew their story was gonna end up like that!! after it ended i felt empty?? so i looked for fanfics and i learned there was a book!! so i read it even if wasnt the same story i loved it ! but the end also left me a little unsitisfed after i read it i was like " oh! if only they can make a drama of this story with vengo and reba as leads" all of this happend on the beginig of 2018, so imagine my surprise when a few days after i finished the pillow book, the announced the drama ! and with vengo and reba as main leads !! i was so happy my wishes came true! 2: i dont think they know about this forum specific, but imagine they know there are some internationall fans who like them specially for ten miles of peach blossom
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