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  1. I guess they will dance again for ES tho prove that he is Aramun.. spirit dance plus few other things to prove that he is indeed Aramun Haesulla. Wudnt that be awesome Could also be saya wanting to learn the dance from Tanya n hence the backhug in that place.. Loved reading all your theories..My theory is this Es n his supporters will plan a coup on tagon .Tagon is saved by Taelha..n later when they discuss who could have done this, the wahan guy who betrayed ES and is now a soldier tells that it was ES who attacked since he is the only one who knows ES face n has seen in battle...n now there would be rumor abtb the horse as well Saya hears this n either confronts Tanya or decides to kill ES n finally sees ES while trying to execute his plan My guess is Tagon knows that Saya is Asa Hon's son and that's why he saved.. he probably saved Saya since he thought of Asa Hon as his sister or because he planned to use Saya to control Asa clan if required.. Tagon also seems to have some affection for Saya. In episode 3, he writes him a letter n thinks of him with an affectionate smile.. Any idea why Saya name is Saya? He chose the name.. the sid be a reason for it right? Also as much as I like the love between Taelha n Tagon, I dont think they will survive in the end.. they have done far too many cruelties to ppl..Saenaraes death, death of other innocent ppl, they don't think twice before killing someone Saya won't die hopefully.. he is a heavenly object as per prophecy n he also wants to live in a just world.. so the series might end with Saya n Mubaek n ES together ruling/ guiding the tribes.. Also, even though Saya wil not like to lose Tanya, he knows what its like to lose a loved one, so he will not kill ES especially after he finds out that's his twin.. that's double whammy
  2. With subs, loved eps 12, loved the deep understanding between Taehla and Tagon!! Mihol - a mastermind, no matter which way, he saved his life fr now!! No one trusts the other in Arthdal - Can we blame Saya for wanting to be selfish, he grew up watching this world and yet he hates the greed and wants to be free!! Saya can go either ways , he obviously cherishes Tanya too much so will not cause harm to her and knowing the person he saw in his dream all the time was his brother - that itself is a very deep connection..both ES and Saya will know how the other person felt all the time growing up ! Really tough decisions for Saya - feel sad for him - he grew up in a golden cage and he never knew happiness and without Tanya, he will never be happy ( Unless Senarae comes back alive - which is unlikely??). Also, why did Tagon want Saya to call him his father - is he trying in his own skewed way to right the wrongs done to Neanthals by making Saya his heir? Is he really planning to make Saya his heir? Now, obviously its advantageous to keep Saya alive since he would want themt to be married and under his control - but his heir? Tanya - by the preview, looks like she will not tell Saya about ES? him being alive and being his twin..Why? Am curious to find out!! But yes she is def caught up!! Maybe Saya knows and still wants to woo her? Also, I think there is still hope for Tagon, he wants to avoid the killing of his people at any cost, his heart lies with his people, maybe Tanya with her just ways may make Tagon to be considerate? He did save baby Saya and he loves Taelha too much!! Even Taelha is who she is because of her Father. The key Arthdal characters ( Tagon, Taelha and Saya) have some good in them! And Taelha is too strong to die in anyone's hand but ES..Cant wait for season3!! And I think Nunbyeol will eventialy go with Rottip. Yeseoroboo is too old for her! Seies may end with Neanthals leaving Saram to go live peacefully wherever they want Yes, the lady in preview is Satanic's wife and now ES has an army to help him!! I think the preview is for Ep 13 and 14 , so hopefully it will move fast!! Too many questions!! And to wait till September for it!! Not fair!! PS: When will Mugwang finally die ..Tanya predicted him dying twice and he is yet to die lol
  3. Was this scene in the preview?? Also the wahan guy who betrayed ES appears as a soldier Daekan warrior in preview.. Tanya dancing n the finding the bell was great beautifully done!!! The highlight of this episode!!
  4. Yes this seems to be the reason Tagon is not killing Saya now!! The preview was more promising than today's episode!! If the preview is just for the first 2 episodes then it's going to be very good next season. Coz there is lot more to happen n they really need to pick up the pace if they want to wrap it in the next 6 episodes.. Looks like the tribes are going to fight each other!! Saya will clearly do anything for Tanya..I wonder if Tanya will tell him that her heart is with ES n that he is alive.. !!
  5. Judy watched ep6 ending to reconfirm..Tanya gets the bell in ep 6 ending when she looks into the mirror..has she forgotten that? In ep 7 beginning, she still has the bell when she sees Saya.. my guess is the bell is in Sayas room ( as Tagon knocks out Tanya n takes her in ep 7) and he will find it out in today's episode n maybe use it to his advantage to stay alive!! Just rambling!!
  6. Definitely deaths of few key players..I don't see Tagon surviving st the end..Neanthals wil want revenge..if Saya isn't killed, then he might as wil be the new ruler of the new world as he has all the brains to be one with Mubaek at his side.... With so many tribes, unless all the tribe leaders die, I don't know how they will make everyone believe that ES is Aramun.. even if Tanya says.. unless Tagon agrees it's highly unlikely that ppl will accept 2 new faces as their leaders So my guess is Tagon wil be forced to acknowledge to the ppl that Saya or ES is Aramun
  7. Idon't think it's Mihol she ends up with coz we see Taehla with Tanya in preview . So she ends up with Tagon.. it might be after Tagon threatens/ harms Saya.. and anyways Tanya wants to go to Tagon now to save Wahan tribe.. With Tanya part of Asa clan now, her chances of meeting ES seems very slim for next few episodes... I guess ep 12 ending will be ES meeting Saya or ES meeting Neanthals!!
  8. This show will be over after 18 episodes.. no sequel/ extra episodes. 12 episodes as of today and the remaining 6 will be in September.. that's it!!! Exactly.. while Saya as SJK is there to keep us happy , with ES being projected as the main protagonist, this last 6 episodes there is hardly any action from ES Yet to watch this episode with subs yet, but am really not interested in watching ES struggle in that cave prison for like 5 episodes.. while it's important for character growth they could still have cut down on the prison part!! Keeping these miserable sad scenes of ES short would make the viewers happy..i mean we are waiting for 5 episodes for ES to escape.. let's get to it already.. I hope season 3 better show ES much stronger n more knowledgeable abt his true self.. though i think it will happen only by episode 13/14..
  9. Just like i said.. but how is she younger than ES and Saya this episode was good but didn't move as fast as I expected.. expected lot of interactions between Taya n ES . Will wait for the subs to get the full understanding.. Tagon two timed Saya as expected.. Saya knows Tagon isn't trustworthy so why did he believe him!! ES part is moving slow.. and finally trow Tanya will be become part of Asa clan.. Looks like season 3 episodes wil be fast paced since since all the cards will be revealed to everyone then!!!
  10. Yes this is what I think so too.... though it will be torturous for us!! not sure if there will be a preview I guess they will have some major previews n charts or interviews in August to build the momentum Counting the hours for tonight..
  11. I think saya is alive coz tagon plans to use him as a trump chip against the neanthals .. for his survival I read that they finished shooting on may 30th.. given thst they started thr series in June first week..i think they pbly need more time for thr special effects CGI n everything.. that cud pbly be the reason for pushing season 3.. still a risky move
  12. I also wasnt that keen abt the show till Saya showed up.. he is the most interesting n unpredictable character.. the rest are clearly defined.. good vs evil.. but he can go either way Yes the show doesn't hesitate when it comes to violence .i couldn't watch ES scenes in episode 9..i even skipped the violent scenes in episode 1 when i saw for the first time..i guess most ppl wouldn't like it especially in the 1st episode.. too dark.. I watched ep 3 again n i thunk Nunbyeol is a Neanthal.. 1. When Chaeun sees ES blood she says " am seeing this color blood for first time"..if her sister were an igutu.. she wud have seen that color sometime.. 2. Also when Nunbyeol wakes up in ep9 she says I saw Neanthal..i know when i saw them"..i think only Neanthals have such a highly perceptive sense.. the Neanthals have come for her.. Nunbyeol is in her early teen so my guess is when 10yrs back the war ended.. Chaeuns father found her.. Also in ep11 preview.. she is learning to use a sword.. so i guess Nunbyeol is being trained to fight
  13. Yes its September.. another drama is starting from mid July and after that AC will resume.. am really curious why they have pushed season 3 to September instead of going with the flow... the drama is pre-produced right? I believe the shooting is completed? Very mixed reviews in Korea.. partly due to the unique theme but now with the divorce.. not really sure... I was also not mitch much into this show after the first 2 episodes ..too many characters n plots but the show picked up pace once ES came to Arthdal and with Saya in season 2 it's really amazing.. I watched episode 1 again n noticed that Aramulla tells in Asa Rons dream that the child is cursed and will end Arthdal.. even the prophecy says that .. I dont think this drama will have a typical happily ever after ending... we can expect death of many key characters n the name Arthdal being disbanded (tanya already cursed the city).. ultimately the consequence of the greed for power.. May as will end with ppl ( tanya) shunning power n living the simpler way like the Wahan tribe !! Wonder who will ES meet first..Tanya or Saya or Neanthals
  14. Ep 10 was just awesome.. loved all the interactions between Saya and Tanya.. very impactful .. loving Saya's character.. wow what a discovery it is to find out his various shades.. a skilled strategist n manipulator yet a needy child when it comes to Tanya.. he will not be willing to give up Tanya to ES. And I wonder how he will react when he finds out that Tanya is still not honest with him.. he believes Tanta dreamt abt him.. and Tanya has still not told abt ES esp the face being alike.. she almost told him. N wonder why Says didn't try to find out what she meant... can't wait for Saya to find out all this!! And while ES seems like childhood sweetheart for Tanya.. the attraction n the vibe with Saya is powerful.. whom will she choose.. ? I hope the series doesn't end with Saya dying though it seems likely... looks likeSaya may go to abby extreme for Tanya.. like how Tagon wants power..Saya may want Tanya... In season 1 we had saya suffering for 3 episodes n her growth in season 2..now ES is suffering in season 2 ..season 3 we will witness his growth in strength.. We still don't know the real reason why Tagon took Says..i doubt he wants him as his successor.... maybe he wants him not to live in shame like him..? Too many thoughts ant season 3..Neanthals.. wil share in next post.. PS: why is season 3 in September? Despite the agonizing wait.. isn't it too risky as ppl may lose interest in 2 months ?
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