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  1. I personally prefer that they changed it to cellist because a woman playing the cello can be filmed more cinematically. I'm also excited to see PMY and her small frame carrying the big cello bag behind her back
  2. @twoparkcouple Judging by the way PJJ called PSJ as "unnie" and PMY as "oppa", I think it's really an inside joke between close friends. However, whenever PMY says "oppa", the first thing that pops to my memory is this:
  3. I really feel like ComZia's graphic artist and/or social media manager is one and the same person and knows how to bank on the power of PPC. Even the layout of the posts are very similar. Power couple, indeed. And they haven't even come out yet at this point
  4. HAHA I LOVE how our captain -- who has no business about the race (LYJ is up the bleachers in this scene) and was not even needed in figuring out how PMY and Chansung will do the race -- intentionally went to them just to tease PMY. TRUE LOVE
  5. Well teasing is usually a way to get a girl's attention, but it seems to me that PSJ knows what exactly to do or say to tease PMY...especially in the scrambled eggs scene, where PMY shot him daggers when he pretended to choke and spit the food, pretending that they didn't taste good. Because he knows that PMY takes pride in her cooking skills lol His constant teasing makes me think he likes to stir her up -- because he smiles so wide when he manages to do so.
  6. Hahaha he is, eh? 6 foot 1 inch vs 5 foot 4 inches She literally fits right under his chin when she's not in heels. My boyfriend is 6 foot 1 and I'm 5 foot none, and I wish I had PMY's height instead.
  7. He really likes to tease her because of her height AND YET he still thinks that their height difference is THE IDEAL height difference. PMY I think is not that small but she does look very petite because of her frame now. Also she has quite a small face (just the perfect size IMO but when she's beside girls who are non-celebs her face looks much smaller. See photo below) @twoparkcouple thank you for sharing, as always. BTW I just saw a photo of PMY reaching to PSJ (when she was on the chair during the failed kiss) for him to pull her back. Also that one at the teambuilding where they were standing on the side (they were on standby I think), talking, with PMY looki up to him and smiling while he holds her by her wrist. Can't risk her falling on the mud, PSJ? Maybe he knows she always falls to the ground (remember Busted??) So he wanted to make sure she doesn't fall that time? Anybody know what really happened there?
  8. And I wondered why this thread suddenly jumped two pages when there wasn't anything much to talk about. Apparently there's been a commotion lol. I have been keeping mum about other shippers even when they have been very impolite and overly delusional over instagram (to the point where PMY felt the need to turn of commenting on some of her posts). But with the latest "intrusion" I felt the need to speak up once again on behalf of us here. This is not to be defensive but just to remind other shippers what PPC shippers here in soompi are truly made of. Listen, "lurkers" from other ships -- If you come here to say that our ship has "faltered" because of something your OTP has posted, then clearly you do not know anything about us. Our thread, which is 1,045 pages of ups and downs, is our history. Our fandom, who had enough presence so as to give their drama good ratings -- a presence felt enough to warrant OFFICIAL Korean AND Japanese DVD releases of their drama (despite delays) -- is our strength. PSJ is our captain, and our lovely goddess PMY is our co-captain and PSJ's muse. And never would a REAL PPC shipper ever post anything that would make any of them -- especially Park Min Young -- feel bad. Soompi PPC shipper thread tries to be polite, levelheaded, and grounded with our shipping. We even "police" ourselves and call out one another when one is crossing the line, being overly intrusive over PPC, being overly delusional, or being impolite to other ships. Our ship has sailed through numerous storms -- including a major dating rumor that shook the entire fandom, which your relatively new fandom has never had to face by the way -- and we have made it through, more than a year since the fandom started, 1,045 PAGES STRONG. We may not be as active as before. Our thread may be slow these days. And we may have lost some sailors along the way. But we also gain new ones -- and I believe we will gain more as the DVD continues its sales and as long as WWWSK CONTINUES TO AIR in different countries and platforms (Netflix, Viu, etc.). And we will continue to ship them together and have new friends on board for as long as both PSJ and PMY are publicly single. You may suit yourselves as you wish, but you should stick to your own threads and leave other shippers (not just PPC but PMY's other ships as well) in peace. P.S. Thank you, admin, for the quick action!
  9. I thought I was the only one who noticed how he automatically reached for her and must've caught himself so he reached for the back of her chair instead and let go right away. THESE TWO ARE GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF ME. Also, look at this handsome bbdog: Leon sometimes smiles like a human it creeps me out
  10. I guess she already got home and updated her IG right away On a side note, homegirl really looks so beautiful in white.
  11. Compagna - ZioZia on instagram gives me life ComZia is real, you guys EDIT: OK COMPAGNA JUST DELETED THE VIDEO HAHAHA
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