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  1. Agreed. Not gonna tag anyone, but saying this as a general response to whoever may be reading this and misinterpreting the intentions of the people in this forum. I, like a number of us here, personally dislike the drama and its poor writing and execution, but never ever disliked PMY and the rest of the cast/team and their efforts, talents, and all the heart that they have poured into the show. I am a viewer and I technically am the end consumer of the product which is the drama/show so I think it's normal to feel disappointed about how its potential wasn't realized to its full extent. Because I'm pretty sure that PMY chose this drama because she BELIEVED in its potential and I also remember some of us here who were excited because we also believed in the potential of the project and in PMY' choice. And this is why we feel bad for her and the rest of the people involved in the project. Now because its potential wasn't realized, who gets backlash from non fans (aka regular viewers who don't give a damn about fandoms and ships) when a show is bad? The actors, mostly. Because they are the face of the drama. So it's normal for fans, shippers or solids, to feel bad about a project that could possibly give a not so good rep to our biases. And no matter how many people think otherwise, I think that a silent majority of us endure, power through, and still watch it as much as we can because of our love for 1/2 of our favorite couple.
  2. @Nusrat.mitu Idk why but she really looks small beside him lol and the edit I shared really feels off when I imagine her without heels. When she wears heels, the top of her head falls right below his ear so the edit makes sense when I think of it that way. Meanwhile, when not in heels, the top of her head fits right under his chin. This is her without heels but standing on a 2 or 3 inch apple box during this scene: Minus apple box but with 1 inch boost from her sneakers: Their height difference makes me swoon even more, though. I love how they seem like they just fit together.
  3. This edit (Although the height difference is a bit off lol she is way smaller when beside him)
  4. @rubiflorie BuBi etymology came from the first syllables of their work designations in WWWSK: 부해장님 BuHaeJangNim -What Mi So calls LYJ 비서 BiSeo (Secretary) -KMS character title
  5. PMY exudes a classy and sophisticated aura yet you feel that she's a very grounded person. She also feels very genuine compared to other K-Drama stars (both male and female). On the looks department, PSJ said that he likes her smile. And we know that her smile has never changed from when he had a crush on her (during High Kick). Also, PMY mentioned in an interview that she's prettiest when she's happy. So I guess you can say that she was VERY happy during WWWSK. LOL Her body, on the other hand, is something else. LOL She used to be a bit chubby especially during her early to mid twenties, and the slimmest I've seen her is actually now during HPL. She was slim during her WWWSK days but she got even slimmer now and I think that the small of her waist even became smaller. Her becoming this slim actually highlighted her asset (her bust size) and also her hips. My head canon is that she likes working out more now because someone close to her inspires her to do so *ehemPSJehem* and maybe they work out together sometimes.
  6. PMY Manager and PSJ both attended Parasite premiere night today. @LurkerNoMore you're alive! I think I wrote my thoughts on the physical closeness between PPC many pages before, but for the sake of a new discussion for the newbies, here are my thoughts. I think that PPC's nonverbal language during WWWSK (like everything, from the eye contact to the subtle touches to the tone of their voices when they talk to one another) screamed intimate. PMY I think is somehow one of the boys, so her being blatantly touchy with her work oppas is already a given. With PSJ, however, her "touch" is on a different level -- and by this I didn't mean she touches him more. What I mean is that their body contact is more intimate despite the fact that they try to avoid it as much as possible. Those nudges when sitting side by side, the tight hugs where PSJ pulls her closer by the small of her waist, the very light taps on the arms to call each others' attention -- all of these scream *familiarity* to me. To be specific with what you were asking: Personally, if a friend hugs me tight by my shoulder blades, it's fine. But if a friend hugs me a bit too tight by my waist, I might feel harrassed. LOL On another note, I speak with my SO with a more hushed voice and speak more enthusiastically and use a louder voice with my male friends. I observed that PMY always spoke to PSJ with a deeper voice and a more calm, more hushed manner (like they understand each other even if they don't say too much). The BTS where PSJ told her to eat slowly (BTS of the Yoomi scene where Mi So was shoving spoonfuls of pasta in her mouth out of jealousy) spoke to me as an assurance of some sort about their relationship, simply because it reminded me so much of the tone my SO uses to talk to me (aside from the fact that PSJ obviously said it out of caring and used informal language). It's a very underrated BTS moment among PPC shippers, but it's one of my top favorites. LOL It'a been a while since we last saw them together, and it will take a long time to see them together again, so I cannot say for sure if it's still the same now. It's just nice to look back at those times that made me believe 100% that there's something there that's more than friendship.
  7. Ahh @Nusrat.mitu, you liking my previous posts from paaaaages back (almost a year ago!!!) makes me miss the time when this thread was at its most traffic and when I still had time to elaborate my thoughts in a long post. Nowadays I just enjoy reading other people's posts, and react with senseless comments thereafter. I'm too tired for this world but not too tired to forego checking on you guys every so often. And every so often someone pops out of nowhere with a misplaced opinion, but the reactions I read from you guys are gold. So proud of everyone here for trying their best to be levelheaded and for trying to laugh off negativity. This is why I'm still here almost a year into this ship, be it in turbulent or stagnant seas.
  8. Sorry, I just have to say I'm too distracted at the "castrated cat" comment I couldn't even backread further than this
  9. Throwback to this precious scene in WWWSK, which BTS showed PSJ singing "Oppa-reul, saranghae" when he was asking Mi So to call him oppa. Still remember PMY's reaction to that *adlib*. I thought she would choke.
  10. PSJ can actually ask her to teach him English, since he seems very interested and eager to learn English like he said in one of his recent interviews... Maybe a private tutoring session in his home will do? She can just cross the street.
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