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  1. I was a new fan of him, i wanna ask i'm so curious that it seems like he often holds fan meetings in Japan, no? Is it because he doesn't have many fans in Korea or is there a reason? *sorry for my silly question btw i can't acces sidushq website don't know why
  2. i'm so scared to facing the next episodes serious problems has begin, I am afraid that JC will fall for the umpteenth time because of the pill
  3. I am curious if a drama holds a production presentation does that mean that the drama has a big budget or a big scale drama? no?
  4. no wonder she and jaewook can easily be friends, this two have the same interest in music really hope jaewook's wishes can be fulfilled playing in the romcom drama with hana and yeah i'm looking forward for her next role let's move on from voice 2
  5. looking forward for this drama i've totally love the actors line *and the 2wook bromance tho* I ventured to watch this even though it's so creepy and dark, they use the same director as voice 1 so, no wonder
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