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  1. @Berou In that case I have edited my post too cuz I dont wanna be misunderstood either ( cuz my point too was that he isnt self suicidal, just rebellious / tryina break free from his past image etc etc). I was not spreading rumours, I know some of the history yes, I was only presuming that things might not be well as of late with his previous agency (cuz agree or not Korean agencies are dark, so many stories out there about so many of them, we arent there we dont know and if we exclude the manager hyung we dont know what exactly things were like with the whole agency off camera ). I was only presuming the possibility that maybe things werent well lately, he needed change and thats why he left the agency when contract ended. To be clear I am not/was not spreading rumours, it was/is not my intention, just my presumption. Lets just hope YSH finds stability soon and separates his personal and professional lives , gives us a good project in near future, his career doesnt suffers from suicide and we all enjoy years of his talent/acting happily everafter. We are all worried, even I am, you already know how I wasnt in favour of him doing INR and MSH but we shouldnt let all our hopes go. He said he wants to play a villain. That ought to give some hope that he is willing to change the way he is walking on/ willing to change his choices if something worth it comes his way. Its a new management company he probably has more freedom now and hopefully things might work out in his favour in future. I dont wanna see him play a 2nd lead or an OTT villain but a strong grey character like that of LJG from Moon lovers with a happy ending wont hurt. LJG got international stardom even tho the show didnt do well in Korea. Lets just hope something like that happens for YSH, he gets the opportunity, luck and stroke of enlightment soon and his career soars. Fingers crossed.
  2. Sigh. Dont cry Some endings are just sad like that and hit us really hard. Harry and Yeo Woon's endings were sad and painful in their own ways. I'm afraid I dont think Harry Yeo Woon deserved the endings they got because I understood their motivations ..both had different ways of reaction to their negative circumstances , one turned psychotic and lashed out in pain, other gave his life but yes you are right poor Jin Woo only got bad luck. True I also feel Harry was faking to lose his memory in the end but Jin Woo wasnt.Not entirely i think. Jin Woo wasnt hated by everyone though, he got justice and In Ah chose to follow him. It was really sweet of In ah to follow him even with his memories gone..he wasnt left completely alone atleast. In Ah was so sweet and loyal I'm sure she'd have loved and comforted him till the end, the ending was an open one and both walked the same path together . Well that was the only bright part I could find in that sad ending , maybe u see it too? Cheer up and think that Jin Woo forever had someone beside him who did not hated him and loved and supported him forever.
  3. Oh thats ok Yes looks wise Hwan Hee was similiar and beautiful too. When I started the movie I was like omo my wish of seeing Woonie alive again one more time has come true but ..sigh that wasnt the case. Hwan Hee wasnt like Woon. Even in Arang and the Magistrate he played Jade emperor who was similiar in looks, he even caught me off guard in a couple of scenes where he looked/gave expressions exactly like Woonie and my heart stopped. I tried to convince myself this is Woonie all white pure beautiful angel living happily and peacefully in heaven but oh well the conviction didnt last long. Guess I'd probably just cry over Woonie's beauty and sad fate forever he just hit me really v hard unlike any character I have seen till date so ...apologies for all the rambling I guess. As for your choices I like them too! So many times I wanted to push Bu Gil sshi/ kitty out and wanted to sit in her place so that he would look at me instead and I could look into his eyes LOL sorry I'm a crazy fangirl like that, his eyes are too captivating and the kitty got to see them a lot so I was like shoo kitty shoo let me see his eyes lol. Just kidding I liked Imaginary Cat and his love for the cat. He and Cat both were sweet. It was a cute show. As For Jin Woo. Sigh. That was another sad sad character. That egg scene you mentioned was so sad and heartbreaking! Also when he went back home instead of going on the date and waited for his father as if he was alive It was sad to see him lose his memories bit by bit and struggling to remember he has yet to get justice for his father.. It was a relief though that he managed to retain his memories till he got justice but it was heartbreaking that his father had already died and he didnt get to live with him again He did get justice but it wasnt of much use, his little world was already destroyed
  4. Yes its true the movie director tried to make the movie aesthetically more appealing (its a movie afterall) and I dont mind flawed characters if they have some sort of depth in them. Hwan Hee did had depth but just not of the level of Woon I guess...Yes Wbds was a drama, definitely longer than the movie but I remember fast forwarding through so much of it cuz it was long, writing was sloppy at many places and most importantly it had so less of Woon in it and I had eyes for Woon (and his dynamics with Heuksa Chorong and others) only. Maybe he was the second lead thats why? They gave him less screenspace, less dialogues and YSH's accident during the time of shooting didnt help things either so I dunno if I could say there was ample time to fall for Woon in the drama and less time for Hwan Hee in the movie. Movie though short was focused on Hwan Hee because he was the lead. Woon on the other hand was 2nd lead, drama wasnt focused on him and to add to that they just killed him off when they couldnt torture him anymore/ didnt needed him anymore /simply to get it over with (or whatever the reasons maybe, dont know, dont care ) . Sigh I dunno maybe I am just biased for the visual, character and beauty of Woon more, but you can fully support Hwan Hee if you want, he was beautiful in his own way and yes scenic/ natural beauty etc etc was also better in the movie I think, I dont mind your opinion at all, to each their own
  5. Oh Wooniieeee.. Quoting again cuz woonie pics werent quoted smh. Its always nice to see his face but he looks serious in these pics. I do wish I could see YSH in a similiar character again swinging swords and all. I'd love to see him in action again I wouldnt mind contemporary action thriller either but his character should be strong, layered and ending should be happy.
  6. Oh I missed this post earlier. Yes I liked him in the Magician. He WAS beautiful but...more than Woon? Sigh. I'm afraid I'll have to disagree. Woon was something else as a character...someone with more depth....more sorrow...more helplessness..someone who was denied love from childhood, someone who was misunderstood no matter how hard he worked behind the shadows/scenes to make things right ..someone who tried and tried yet he could not free himself from his destiny...someone who was good at heart yet considered bad cuz of his actions during the daylight which had hurt others...but he had to do what he had to do even if it killed him inside cuz he was just..different i guess? Sigh he was just a misunderstood dark prince imo..there were many layers to his character which YSH's character in The Magician did not had. I am not saying he wasnt good or beautiful in the movie I am just saying Woon was more deep intriguing heartbreaking and beautiful as a character. Sorry for such a serious post tho lol...it came out more serious than I thought but never mind. The good part was that atleast his movie's character ended on a better note.
  7. To be fair we have not seen the script yet but the sound of webtoon definitely sucks and yes no matter how good looking or sexy the actor is, the shallowness of the character wont be erased. I dont mind if the lead has one or two past relationships, got cheated/ hurt and turned bad or vengeful. Its natural and anyone would be able to relate. However, sleeping with every woman right left and center (just for the sake of it or whatever), demeaning them, treating them as objects that too without any particular serious reason definitely sounds trashy. Being playboy due to a troubled past is one thing, being spineless and characterless is another. I am sure general public isnt gonna like it either. It sounds like a cliched story, rich shallow characterless guy falls for the oh so poor hardworking pretty n silly damsel in distress with strong character apparently and since the body swap is gonna take place so its gonna be a bit of a nasty shocker when he finds out the truth that the woman he loves isnt pretty afterall and is just an average looking employee at his workplace. Sigh we can already predict some of the story I guess. By the looks of it the Female Lead of the show is gonna be more of a central character because she is swapping bodies so she'll have to display her acting skills more. This doesnt sounds like a show where Male lead would be focused much. It'd probably be the female lead and her struggle of adjusting into the superstar's body while being just an average employee on the inside but lets see. The whole concept of the show seems cliched / half baked and since Ruler's team is backing it so I wont be surprised if this show turns out to be as much of a mess as Ruler was (just like an empty vessel with a shiny body)
  8. Exactly. There is no shielding our favs from shallow characters like that and if the powers that be are reading this forum and the Korean fans have already sent them mails etc etc then Im sure YSH and his agency would be feeling all the glares too lol. Not that he wont be able to pull it off but l dont want him to play an OTT villain cuz he wont be the Lead then. He should be the lead ( tho strong grey character would be an added plus for me) but a well written one, not a shallow spineless one like this web toon. I thnk he can play any character, this one too cuz he is very good at acting, he'd be able to pull it off cuz by the looks of it he wouldnt have to do much effort anyway. However I dont want him to play this character cuz like you said it looks like a sleezy disrespectful shallow man. Yes I like good well written villains having depth and given his eyes and talent YSH can pull them off with grace too but that doesnt mean he should play just any villain. The villain should have some spine depth and standard atleast. Not every other disrespectful sleezy shallow guy/ villain is likeable. Oh I loved it too. The initial half atleast. I got tired by the body swapping in the end but then usually all kdramas lose their steam by the end of it. Writers, actors, everyone did a good job there . The strong stunt woman concept was also new I think. Anyways yes if this drama is similiar to it then the similiarities are bound to be noticed, comparisons are bound to be made and all this is merely gonna add unnecessary pressure to it (and if this drama.isnt well/ carefully written, which I think it wont be but its just my opinion, then naturally its gonna turn to the pile of another YSH's dramas that couldnt/ didnt do well. I dont wanna say this but at the end of the day only YSH is gonna be blamed and called a failed actor . Only some sensible people blame the script, mostly people see ratings and success is decided upon ratings mostly)
  9. Hi Rachel, welcome to the forum ( I shouldnt be the one welcoming you here since I myself am not a regular member lol I merely dropped in yesterday and before that I wasnt able continue My Strange Hero to be able to provide input but welcome anyway ) . Thankyou so much for taking time out to write this insightful post. Since you are part Korean and understand the language fully, we are lucky to have you here Your post does clarifies a lot of things for us cuz we were curious about the webtoon and the whole deal about it. Now I see why Koreans arent very happy about it. Noone would be. Afterall who likes the kind of guys who treat women like objects? No wonder everyone is against this project. The writer no doubt can do anything, he is the master of the story afterall, he can tone everything down but he'd have to be extremely cautious because one step outta the line and its gonna create a wave of fury. You are right, I have seen this with many Koreans, they see actors for what they are onscreen and if Yoo seung Ho chooses this project then based on what you have said above we can all guess what kind of an image he'd be creating for himself. From what I have seen subtlety, good manners, purity, strength and goodness of characters mean a lot to Koreans otherwise they usually flip. Far too many of my favourite 2nd leads, leads, grey characters have been shoved to the grinder cuz of their moral compass to make me say that and if YSH chooses this then all his fangirls there are gonna flip for sure. I understand he wants to show he is nothing like old Yoo Seung Ho anymore but since he already did two romcoms so imo it was enough to break his old image but continuing the streak and choosing projects based on characters like you described in your post? No its so not done
  10. Thankyou I agree with you. As fans we can only offer our well wishes/ support and can merely express our opinions on different online portals. Choosing or not choosing something to do is entirely up to him, we, unfortunately, cant do anything about it ( cuz we arent Koreans anyway so our opinions dont matter much or are merely secondary to Koreans ) but yes if he keeps on disappointing his fans especially the native Koreans then it would be a problem for sure. I am not against his hobbies, as long as he remains within safe limits. I see no harm in bit of an adrenaline rush. Same goes for his choices. He should do everything within safe limits. Any more drawbacks might not be good for his career. He went ahead, enjoyed doing what he wanted, now I think he should separate his personal opinions and professional life a bit and see what works best for his career rather than choosing everything emotionally. Ofcourse I would never want anything which is too hard for him emotionally/ physically, but like I said everything can be done within safe limits. I dont want him to completely sideline his interests or emotions, all I ask is for him to be a bit more practical about his career choices. I hope that made any sense lol. I was also happy when I heard he left his last agency but I wasnt too over the moon when I saw he joined this one cuz when I saw the actors associated with this agency...they seemed to be on ...I dunno too many breaks/ hiatuses so I was a bit worried about him but yeah I still hoped that the agency would treat him as their prized posession or something and might get better projects for him than the previous ones. I never hoped for him to do any reality show, he was too into other hobbies at that time? I dunno I just had a feeling he wouldnt do it anytime soon and it turned out to be true, he didnt do it. I also think this is his choice not BS'. Now we can only hope for some miracle to happen otherwise this project seems almost confirmed, doesnt looks very good and yes again I am not very happy about it.
  11. I second you on this. He must be knowing about this when he went for the FM and maybe he was offered a doctor's role too? thats why he said he was too young and probably rejected the offer? I do think he can easily pull off a doctor's role though. The character could have been changed to a med student or an intern. Its the 3rd year and final year residents who are mostly a bit older or those who have completed their residency / Head of departments etc etc. Not exactly sure about Korea but usually interns and fresh graduates are pretty much around his age group and he would have been able to pull off his role easily. He has done that in the past too. I never felt awkward seeing him play characters older than his age. He pulled them off easily with grace. Every fan wishes him luck and wants the best for him. Some of us just get disappointed sometimes but doesnt mean we dont wish him luck or sucess I for one have been very disappointed with his choices lately but I always wish the best for him and I always wait anxiously if the next project he does comes out to be good or not.
  12. No I wasnt underestimating them or anything (never underestimate the power of angry fan(s) it can get dangerous lol) , I just didnt knew the extent of power they had or the extent to which their pleas would be heard. I didnt knew about this fanclub incident either or what was the reason behind it but 5/6 days?! Woah they sound some pretty serious fans. As for the project you are right, if he has already signed the dotted line then nothing can be done about it and by the looks of it the deal seems pretty much done and very much according to his own choice (well apparently). Earlier he did serious roles, lately he opted for mostly cutiepie roles. Seems like he is an extreme, either/or kinda guy. Either he picks too sad projects OR he picks totally fluffy ones with no in betweens. I understood when he did INAR that he wanted to breakout of his previous image but he has done 2 romcoms already which is enough to break an image imo. Going for the third isnt gonna break his previous image more than the last two ones. Trying different genres and seeing which one he excels at (although I do think historicals and melos are his forte but thats just my unpopular opinion) is gonna give his career a boost and his image the much needed change. Truth be said acting is a very very competitive business. Things just cant and shouldnt be taken for granted that too after repeated drawbacks. Not everyone this good looking, this talented gets the chance to act. I know poor guy has some past issues related to being part of the industry and he has my full sympathy and support but if he is to continue then he has to try his hands on different genres too otherwise his career looks bleak (unless some miracle happens and his romcom with no strong backing does becomes a huge unexpected hit)
  13. There we go again with the *poor performance* and *only* career plans. The news seem authentic and it doesnt seems like he is gonna give up on it unless the plea works or he gets offered some miraculous project which gets his eye. Btw have you watched secret garden? The story mentioned above sounds similiar to it. The ML and FL body swapped there as well and it was a hit too but I dunno if this team would be able to pull off something that has already been tried and dusted.
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