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  1. Press conference of Busted will be held on Nov 8. It seems that pmy will be very busy in Nov. Can't wait smart&pretty detective Minyoung.
  2. "he hold too tight" was not what pmy said. A female staff(Ah-ra) said like that so psj said to her, complaining "who are you?"
  3. According to SKJ, Pmy new drama will start shooting next month(early November). pmy is also going to be busy with filming soon like psj. Looking forward to beautiful Hae Won in autumn&winter.
  4. Don't be jealous, Seojoon. You attended the awards and events with many other actresses. honestly, when i see psj is with other female celebs, i'm a little jealous. but i like to see that pmy interacts with male celebs. I'm also looking forward to seeing pmy with lsg, yjs and sehun in the press conference of busted2. maybe because i'm a girl.
  5. The caption says "I should have asked why secretary kim(pmy) was like that." pmy is still called "secretary kim" by not only reporters but also ppl.
  6. @ryuxuri sorry, if my answer was fierce(?). i really really hate the ppl who make and spread false info about psj and pmy. so i cannot help saying in a rough manner(?). anyway, welcome to join ppc thread.
  7. pmy solid fan?who? Is she a korean? did she attend pmy Seoul fanmeeting? If she is a Korean and attended the fanmeeting, she can't say like that. because it's not true. ahh.. i really hate that kind of fake information made by someone(haters? or other shippers? lol)
  8. ??i went to PMY's fanmeeting in Seoul. pmy didn't cry because of the dating rumor. she cried after seeing the thank you video made by fans and while reading a letter she wrote to fans to express "thank you". i don't know where you got the wrong information, but please don't spread this kind of wrong info about pmy. and about ppc denying dating rumor.. the reason why k-ppl didn't believe ppc's denying was that "just denying" is the common way k-celebs use. before marrying, ssc denied their dating rumor 2 times(even their agencies said "if someone keep spreading false dating rumor, we will take legal action"). and before admitting the relationships, Lee Jun Gi-jhb denied their dating rumor even 3 times and Soo Young-jgh too... "just denying the dating rumor" is the common way so many k-celebs are using to protect their relationships. this is why most ppl don't believe ppc denying.
  9. ?? Ppc answers were the same. Both denied that they're dating for 3 years.(i also don't believe the 3 years dating. Ppc first met 3 years ago(in 2015). maybe it was to be misinformed.) but both said "there is a possibility to date in the future". https://m.vlive.tv/video/83011 In this vlive efact, the two reporters interviewed ppc in person at that time. reporters said ppc had planned and prepared the same answers. "3 years dating is not true. but we can date in the future." i recommend you watch the video. it has eng sub. so..comparing pmy's previous interview about the dating possibility.. QF7D interview http://m.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201708071546470710&r=1 reporter: PMY firmly answered "No" of the question about the possibility with YWJ. Q: "Is there a possibility of dating with Yeon Woo Jin?" PMY: "Never. He is just a good oppa(brother). He is the oppa who I just want to watch and research on. and here are pmy's annswers about "Is there a possibility of dating with PSJ?". http://www.sporbiz.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=266755#_enliple PMY: I say "no comment". Everyone is asking about that. but I do not say anything. http://www.topstarnews.net/news/articleView.html?idxno=462371#_enliple PMY: I can't say that there isn't a possibility of dating with PSJ. so in my opinion..ppc always answered "no" for sure about the question of possibility with their fomer co-stars. but they didn't in wwwsk interview. I think ppc were interested in each other for years. and seems that the two developed feelings for each other during wwwsk. (but i believe the theory "ppc already started dating before wwwsk" although i think it's not for 3 years.)
  10. psj called pmy "Miso", "Secretary Kim", "Ya", "Neo", Munyoung ssi and pmy called psj "Vice President", "Neo", Seojoon ssi on the bts, commentary, couple interview in the dvd. i think psj calls her "Minyoung-ah" in real life. or Chocochip?
  11. Interesting things in jp dvd set2. 1. in the mud scene bts, psj really looked to be into pmy's cuteness. he kept smiling, looking at her. and in the mud scene, pmy said to a director, cutely complaining of ppc countrified fashion "we(pmy&psj) are being praised by viewers that (wwwsk) is a visual drama..but.." (※if both male&female leads look so handsome and beautiful in the drama, k-viewers call the drama as a visual drama.) Surprised that Pmy already knew ppl called wwwsk "visual drama", praising for ppc(ms&yj)'s handsome and beauty at that time. 2. In the bts of the scene with cameo Jung Yoo Mi, psj called jym "Noona". he always called an older woman than him as Noona. but why he never called pmy as Noona? 3. In that bts, the box filled with caramels was heavy. so, as soon as director said "cut", psj quickly carried the box from pmy. how gentle. 4. in the wedding bts, it was cute that psj was holding the bouquet for pmy during a rehearsal.
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