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  1. I hate to say this but I'm feeling a dulling of my spark for WWWSK so need a back-up (blasphemy I know, don't kill me!) So this is not the right place to ask so my apologies! But you're a fresh binge-er... Can you rec some nice romcom C-drama? The last one I watched is A Love So Beautiful and I want something similarly feel-good-ey and uncomplicated.
  2. Actually he has admitted he has been in a relationship/ dated about 10 times lol. You can check it out on YouTube, it's the one he did in the backseat of a car.
  3. Nice catch, it truly has moved! I'm (happily) surprised by how comfortably the 2 actors are in each others' personal space.
  4. I'll jump in and add that he may also have meant that after 3 failed attempts of his to kiss her, she just went in and smooched him herself lol. Maybe he meant she was *eager * herself as well. Lol.
  5. I may or may not have replayed the butt gif more than the kiss gif. I think Sam Heughan just might have some competition in my unwritten butt ranking list.
  6. Yes please! I'd love that. A nice breakdown under the spoiler tag...whether chapter wise significant events or only pointing out chapters with romance and/or significant story events! I'm sure others like me would be equally grateful. Also, this is my FIRST POST EVEEEEEEEEEER in Soompi. Been a lurker for years and neither DOTS nor SWDBS nor FIS made me post lol. Thanks again!
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