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  1. True... now my Monday off gone to waste since I thought I can stream live today. You don't do that to my babies KSH and JDY... Haaayyzz... time to sleep and hope tomorrow is just gonna be fine than today ...
  2. And yet even Lady Kim cannot do anything about it.... KB- uh, the tree isn't budging . It just ruined her/his dress too... lol... Go Knetz~!... look at those angry emojis
  3. You, KBS and sports... I'm glad to know Knetz feel the same way too. Hope KBS will see all those angry comments and let the eps 9-10 air tomorrow...or else... ha ha.. as if... just or else.. only if us international fans can directly tell what we feel also... aigoo... But I agree, they should have given as a heads up. Maybe they didn't expect this to happen on their part, thus no early notice given. But still EDIT: And here's the article from Soompi... even the comments are disappointed... they thought it's canceled because of Sulli but it's because of the baseball...
  4. Nope... it was just updated that it's canceled. Aigoo... one episode this week won't quench my thirst.. ha ha.. but anyways, yeah, at least the cast and crew can take it a little slow in filming and won't get pressured. Since it looks like they are only halfway or almost through it
  5. Lol... I shared it but didn't read carefully . I saw someone posted it will air 10:35 KST, I think. It's in Thai so I just guessed it thru the numbers written.. And for those who doesn't have a link and want to livestream, you can PM me^^.. as it's not allowed in here .. Happy watching later, chingu deuls~~
  6. I actually don't since it doesn't affect me, but since I love this drama, I want it to be well received in Korea so I hope and wish for increased ratings as it's very significant in any drama's success .. Anyone live streaming? For those who wants to read a recap, dramamilk will be doing one for eps 9-10... https://www.dramamilk.com/the-tale-of-nokdu-episode-5-9-10-live-recap/ EDIT: ...wait is it not airing?..I checked and it's true that it's a baseball game... ugh.. I didn't read any cancellation so why
  7. Ratings are based on how many Koreans tune in live on their TV, while that rank 3 is about the most buzzworthy dramas. For me...
  8. hahaha.... idk but for me, I was rooting for Jisoo in that Page Turner :)) but yeah, still YoonHyun for me too.. hehe Now that you mention again that scene, it seems she is flustered... ha ha.. and maybe that's why JDY is just staring at her (and ahem his gaze is just something.. haha) and probably thinking what's funny . Also, I just read a comment in YT of the full radio interview they just had, saying how JDY remembered the username of one commenter who said i love you to KSH who commented again after like 20 plus mins... haha.. and I played the timemarked parts and it's true. JDY being attentive, huh .. here's the full vid and the time marks are at 19:17 and then 41:36 ^^... So excited for eps 9-10 ~ ♡♡♡♡♡ Look at JDY copying KSH ... ctto
  9. Omg... so they didn't get to sleep yet before the radio show. Still, good to know they don't look that tired and KSH is just as happy as she is off cam ^^. JDY's pic update ... ctto I think it's about time Jang Dong Yoon opens a social account.. an IG maybe?^^..
  10. I'm only familiar with Fight for My Way^^. Didn't finish it yet but I started it before and have watched some of its clips. And I really love the comedy there and the romance, of course. Ahem...then I'm expecting some intense kiss scenes here too then? ... lol.. like I watched those of Seo Joon and Ji Won's.. MWAHAHA.. However, it might not fit well for JDY and KSH but I just hope it will not be a statue kiss again just like many other Kdramas...:)) ...omo..ottoke, I don't think I can handle a kiss between our OTP.. just this scene makes me squeal... ... how much more a kiss?
  11. And before that scene, he already displayed his jealousy, probably unknowingly, in this... He feels intimidated by Yulmu's possible high-rank status that he comforts himself by saying he's more handsome .. yes, yes, you are. You're even pretty too :-) hmm... "will reach a turning point in episodes 9 and 10"... love it~!
  12. LOL... that would be a... weird twist^^. Can't imagine him disguised as a widow Very true~ about all the positive comments about this. I've been reading lots of comments everywhere and there's like 3-4% maybe who aren't that positive, or 2-3% (?)^^. But like almost everyone is enjoying this sooo much I can see that most of TTON's vids uploaded in DramaKBS and that other channel KBS한국방송 has the most views as well. I hope that these positive feedback will be channeled to the ratings...sending all the positive energy to Korea Sending sexy Nokdu vibes...:)
  13. I am curious too what the scene in the boat is all about. I wonder what episode they are filming now. Seeing that photo, I'm kinda relieved they might not dwell too much about the palace issue. However, I remember JDY saying he didn't have much scenes with Jun Ho during the first half, only the second half. Nevertheless, I still believe they'll keep the palace thing at a minimum and maintain the pacing. Regarding the rating promise, glad that they'll be doing the radio show together again, despite the fact that it's originally a promise on JDY's part. So are they going to pour Dong2 Ju to the fans then?
  14. @kshuuuuuw .. if you're using your phone, just Copy link to Tweet and paste the link here and wait for it to embed...
  15. LOL... that is true.. and the list is gonna go on and on from now^^.. and I agree that she has chemistry with everyone. I concur~ can't imagine anyone playing their characters. They totally nailed it! HEHE... lol.. "dethrone".. hope she does post interviews later on. I kinda wanna see a photoshoot of them for a magazine too, like Elle or something. Most couple of dramas do it so hope they do too. Just wanna see some more interactions between them ^.^ I never actually shipped her with any of his costar except for Sungjae... ha ha.. I did start Let's Fight Ghost but I think I didn't manage to finish it, it's just one of those list of dramas I start but always end up abandoning^^.. So I didn't know she even update her IG with him in it. And she also usually doesn't post a behind-the-scene pic with any of his costars, does she? I follow her in IG but I think I don't see it much. Who sent him the coffee truck though? HAHA... only ship her with Sungjae and I'm still waiting for a reunion drama with them as leads because I can't accept that they didn't end up together in School 2015 ....until came Jang Dong Yoon.. haha.. he just skyrocketed at the top of the list^^.. I'm sorry, Sungjae, it's JDY for me now Oh yeah, love this pic too... I love how careful his hand placement in KSH's waist even after they made an NG ♡♡♡ ...THIS, right?^^ which @Breeze also posted... I feel like KSH is always smiling behind the scenes... lol... from the teasers when she was teasing JDY.. even during their pre-interviews... she's always laughing besides JDY or laughing at JDY ^-^ I have a feeling she might use it when she plans to enter the palace? When she seeks revenge for her family. Remember she said that the only way she can be near the king is to enter the palace. But idk, I could be wrong. Maybe she'll use it as an accesory or whatever.
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