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  1. Im currently using Numero 10 Essence by belif
  2. True love will stay just like true friendship will. I lost many friends to love and i lost love to friends. Only real ones remain.
  3. I really enjoy playing games in general such as " guess the drama" or " alphabet games " etc.. is there any thread dedicated to these kind of games?
  4. Laying in bed on soompi app while listening to my be snoring lol
  5. I try my best to clean my skin but after a hard day of working it's just too hard for me.. Recently my bf bought me some mask sheets and essence, so now I'm doing 5 out of 10 from the routine.
  6. Regretting many decisions I made
  7. After watching episode 6, I've found my self a new OTP.. They are just too adorable together. I thought I wouldn't be able to ship park min young with another man after watching her in Healer, but omg this is another lever of OTP lol. i truly enjoyed the scenes where he was trying to pick that stuffed doll. Ah my feels. I can't get enough of this drama, please give me more!
  8. Welcome among us I hope you'll have a lot of fun here;)
  9. Laying down while watching immortal songs on tv.
  10. Coffee+ toast+ eggs and cheese!
  11. I'm fasting rn so I'm craving many things, but mainly pizza..
  12. Fighting with my bf lol
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